Experience silence in Bavaria

Experience silence in Bavaria in a country hotel in Franconia

At the Bavarian Tourism Day in Nuremberg 2016, Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Ilse Aigner and State Secretary for Economic Affairs Franz Josef Pschierer present the new concept “stade zeiten®”, in which the Bavarian tourism industry focuses on places of tranquility, experiences of tranquility and spiritual travel. It's about experiencing silence in Bavaria.

Experience the silence in Bavaria - the new holiday theme in the Free State

Deceleration is announced in Bavaria, a topic that is becoming increasingly important on vacation. Especially the decision-makers in the upper floors of our industry are looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the management levels. In the few weeks of the year when they do not have to be in constant use for the job, more and more people are looking for peace away from the daily treadmill, both physically and even more for the mind.

The suggestions in this one are suitable for this Brochure particularly good. There are terms like "Relaxation"," Distance to everyday life "," gather fresh strength "," recharge "as well as" be free "," have time "and" rest "or" laze "are very important. Offers such as these are found primarily in rural Bavaria, which is moving the focus of the new tourism topic. Untouched, secluded places are what allow their visitors to come to rest again.


Experience silence in Bavaria in rural areas
Experience silence in Bavaria in rural areas


Already now there are extensive possibilities, how vacationers in Bavaria discover this peace and where they can find the longed-for silence. Why not even live as a temporary hermit? Particularly remote is the forest ropes course Höllschlucht in Pfronten, which is particularly suitable for visitors who are free from giddiness. There you stay overnight on a vertical rock face in 300 meters height. Quite different is looking for the peace in Lower Bavaria, where you return to Tilli's farm in the rural time before 1930, when no cell phone, no car and no plane bothered the silence of nature. There you can make a time journey back in time. Further offers are to be developed.


Experience silence in Bavaria - at the grape harvest
Experience silence in Bavaria - at the grape harvest


At the Bavarian Tourism Day, Bavarian tourism experts from all parts of the Free State were guests and listened to the remarks by Professor dr. Lothar Seiwert on the best kind of time management, the theologian Anselm Bilgri, who introduced the spiritual value of deceleration, Professor Christian Antz and Bianca Keybach, the managing director of Oberstaufen Marketing GmbH, who together with Frank Wagner, the pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Community of Oberstaufen and his Catholic colleague, have already put together a successful event program for deceleration and spiritual travel. At a final panel discussion, State Secretary Franz Josef Pschierer spoke to Anselm Bilgri, Professor Dr. Arntz, Thomas Roßmerkel, the speaker for church and tourism in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria, and Wolfgang Zettler, the director of the Bavarian Pilgrim's Office eV on the topic of the day.

We are curious what the Bavarian tourism industry will develop in the coming year with new ideas for deceleration in Bavaria.

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Experience silence in Bavaria
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