Fabletics men's shorts: The hiking test - comfort meets design!

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Advertisement and Test - Fabletics is known for sports and casual fashion. But how good are the Fabletics men's shorts really? Petar, who enjoys hiking, wanted to find out. He was looking for shorts that provide comfort and functionality while hiking. So he decided to give Fabletics a chance.

The brand promises quality and style at fair prices. That piqued Petar's interest. He ordered two different models and one to match T-shirt and made his way through the foothills of the Alps. His goal: to put the Fabletics men's shorts through their paces.

The focus was on fit, breathability and freedom of movement. Even small details, such as pockets and seams, counted. After several tours, Petar came to a conclusion.

How are the men's shorts? Petar's testimonial

When it comes to size, Petar gives the all-clear. He ordered size XL and was pleasantly surprised. It fits perfectly and is exactly the size 48 he usually wears. No gusseting, no pressing. So, if you're hesitating between sizes, you can decide with peace of mind.

But what about the fit? Here the shorts score twice. First, the Inner pants. It works against sweat and ensures a comfortable fit. Second, the outer shorts. They reach to the knee and offer a lot of freedom of movement. This makes them ideal for summer hikes. They are great, especially in the lowlands, along lakes or rivers. The shorts are also available without inner pants. So the choice is yours.


secure phone pockets in the Fabletics men's shorts
secure phone pockets in the Fabletics men's shorts


The special thing about the men's shorts: A look at quality and details

Petar was immediately impressed by the quality of the fabric. The fabric not only feels pleasant on the skin, but also impresses with its durability and breathability. On long hikes, it is always comfortable to wear.

Another highlight of the Fabletics men's shorts are the details. Petar found the mobile phone pockets in the one shorts particularly practical. Thanks to a hidden zipper, the mobile phone stays safely stowed away. No slipping, no falling out. The Fundamental Short also offers side pockets, but without a zipper. Both models are also available in different lengths. Petar opted for the longest variants. Whether hiking or a spontaneous swim in the lake, the Fundamental shorts were always a faithful companion. He found the One Shorts with their mobile phone pockets particularly useful for summer trips when he has his mobile phone with him for spontaneous photos.


one shorts
one shorts


Differences between Fundamental Shorts and One Shorts: Petar's review

Wondering which Fabletics men's shorts are right for you? Petar has both models tested. These are his experiences.

The biggest plus of the One Shorts are the hidden pockets. They offer enough space and thanks to the zippers everything stays safely stowed away. Another advantage: they dry quickly. A spontaneous swim in the lake? No problem with the One Shorts.


Fabletics One shorts

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The Fundamental Shorts score particularly well with their padding. This ensures a comfortable fit. It is also antistatic and moisture-wicking. This means that the skin stays dry even during intensive activities. The waistband sits close to the skin and does not slip. And the stretch material? It offers maximum freedom of movement.

Both Fabletics men's shorts have their strengths. The One Shorts are ideal for anyone who values ​​practical pockets and quick drying. The Fundamental shorts impress with their comfort and functionality.



Buying options at Fabletics without a subscription: Your guide

If you want, you can sign up for a membership on Fabletics. However, we are reluctant to have such a commitment to a company. But there are other ways you can shop for Fabletics men's shorts. Those are the options.

First, there is the guest membership on Fabletics.de. What does that mean? It's simple: you can shop as a guest without committing to a monthly membership. So visit the website, choose your favorite products and check out. There you select the option "Shop as a guest". So you can enjoy the quality of Fabletics without long-term commitments.

Another option is Amazon. Some Fabletics products are also available on Amazon. Just type "Fabletics" into the search bar and browse through the selection. Or check out the Fabletics shorts in our selection above. The benefit here? If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can benefit from fast shipping and other advantages.

So you don't have to have a subscription to shop at Fabletics. Whether it’s through guest membership on their website or through Amazon, the choice is yours.

Franzi from Coconut Sports also provides that Women's range by Fabletics before. At fashion insiders you will find another report on this.

Fabletics men's shorts
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Fabletics men's shorts: The hiking test - comfort meets design!

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