Falkensteiner Resort Stegersbach - In the middle ICH

Falkensteiner Resort Stegersbach in Burgenland

The motto at the Falkensteiner Resort Stegersbach couldn't be more fitting. "In the middle of ME" - the resort announced to us in its welcome letter. And the first thing that strikes me is the location of the five-star resort on the hills above Stegersbach in the vicinity of the Stegersbach thermal spa. On one side we look down on the town and on the other over the beautifully landscaped gardens of the resort and the public thermal baths to the golf course and the hills of the Burgenland, An oasis of peace - and we in the middle.

The rooms at the Falkensteiner Resort Stegersbach

Our room is an evening sun room. This is facing the forest and hill side. It can accommodate two people with a wall unit at the entrance. There is also the toilet. In the room itself we also have a desk, a sofa, a bed and a balcony on which two sun loungers invite you to relax. From there we have a view of Burgenland. But I like the wellness bath with bathtub and a rain shower. Thus, the evening sun room in Falkensteiner Resort Stegersbach wins my heart.

We meet with Katja Vampl. She shows us more rooms in the five-star resort. We see a suite with the main room and bathroom area similar to ours. There is also a second room, so these suites are perfect for families with children. The sauna and whirlpool suites on the top floor of the hotel are more demanding. As the name of the first suggests, there is a private sauna inside. In addition, the bathing area has been set up as a wellness area with a rain shower that can be reached from the sauna. We think it's very nice.

The whirlpool suite

However, I was impressed by the whirlpool suite. This whirlpool is located in the center of the suite. It is integrated in such a way that you can also see the pool in the suite. This is followed by a tiled lying area. A dream! Only the beds could be a little higher so that it is easier to get up. They remind me of Japanese futon beds, but with particularly thick mattresses. You can sleep well on them.


Whirlpool Suite at Falkensteiner Resort Stegersbach
Whirlpool Suite at Falkensteiner Resort Stegersbach
Sauna in the sauna suite at Falkensteiner Resort Stegersbach
Sauna in the sauna suite at Falkensteiner Resort Stegersbach

Service at the Falkensteiner Resort Stegersbach

The service at Falkensteiner Resort Stegersbach is friendly and professional. We feel welcome. On arrival, we give the concierge our car keys. Then we see our car again on the day of departure, as it is driven us in front of the hotel door. While we look at the hotel, our luggage is brought into the room. So we can relax after our sightseeing.


fruit basket
fruit basket


In the room a fruit bowl awaits us with all that is in season: apples, apricots, strawberries, grapes, physalis, currants. They are so fresh that my mouth is watering. Perfect for lunch on this day in July.

During the dinner we are served friendly and well advised about the regional specialties. Since I do not like alcohol that summer night, the waiter brings us a Uhudler grape juice as a substitute for a glass of wine. We do not quite manage our dinner, which consists of six courses. We refrain from the salad plate from the buffet and the cheese plate to the end. But the starters, main courses and desserts (vegan for Petar, with meat for me) we will not miss. The next morning's breakfast consists of a buffet with a selection of hot and cold dishes, some of which are prepared in an open kitchen, breads, fruits, cereals, egg dishes, sausage and cheese platters, jams and more.

Wellness at Falkensteiner Resort Stegersbach

The motto of the Falkensteiner Resort Stegersbach - in the middle ME - fits the Acquapura spa area best. It is 2600 m² in size with treatment rooms for cosmetic treatments, massages or treatments for couples as well as exercise rooms in which yoga or Pilates exercises are offered. The treatment rooms are separated by Zen rooms. Therefore, each room represents its own relaxation area. In the pool area, guests can swim from the indoor pool into the open air and relax in the relaxation areas. For nudists there is a separate area where you can move freely. To relax after the bath, there are also retreat zones in the garden, which represent private islands. These are surrounded by rose hedges or grapevines. You can hardly relax more beautifully.


Treatment room in the spa of Falkensteiner Resort Stegersbach
Treatment room in the spa of Falkensteiner Resort Stegersbach


If the spa area is too small for you, the bathrobe walk also gives you access to Therme Stegersbach. This is next door. Katja Vampl explains to us: "Above all families with children take advantage of the offer, the youngsters can use the water slides and children's facilities there."

I also found the spa program offered at the Falkensteiner Resort Stegersbach interesting. This ranges from exercise training to active awakening and aqua gym to Qi Gong. Stretching and fascia training as well as golf taster sessions are offered. With the Acquapura Signature Flow program, a mobility check-up precedes a massage, which leads to the stretching and relaxation of the fascia (connective tissue). This body treatment optimizes performance. This helps with acute or chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system.




Falkensteiner Resort Stegersbach - in the middle ICH

With this offer, the Falkensteiner Resort Stegersbach fulfills all my expectations, which it had aroused in me with its welcome letter. "In the middle of ME" - that's how I feel during our stay in this five-star resort in Burgenland. We thank you very much for the invitation and are pleased that we were able to get to know this hotel. This definitely deserves its status in the Premium Collection of Falkensteiner Hotels. We would love to come back!

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Source: own research on site. We thank you Trips to Savor as well as the Falkensteiner Balance Resort Stegersbach for the invitation as well as the support during this trip. Our opinion, however, remains our own.

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Falkensteiner Resort Stegersbach - In the middle ICH
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