Find inner peace in Bavaria

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Places of silence in Bavaria

Yesterday on Shrove Tuesday it was still going well. It's much quieter today. The quiet time after the carnival hustle and bustle begins on Ash Wednesday. The wild festivals of the carnival season are over. Petar and I don't have it that way. We prefer the quiet time afterwards: then you generally focus on the essentials. Many plan not to eat candy or meat for a few weeks. Others rely more on “digital detox” and for a while do without their cell phones or the information overload from the Internet.

We do it very differently: we are looking for inner peace and opportunities where we can relax from the hectic pace of time. The motto of Bavarian tourism advertising this year fits perfectly: it is about “Stade times” (silent times) - places, Accomodation and experiences in which you perceive yourself and your surroundings more intensively and concentrate on them. There's the perfect accommodations for that in Bavaria.

You can find peace of mind in these places in Bavaria

We did some research and found the following accommodations where you can find a perfect escape from the stress of everyday life - a place where you can find your way back and rediscover inner peace. Maybe there is one or the other place where you take a break for yourself and seek your inner peace.


Bavarian forest
Bavarian forest


GutsAlm Harlachberg in the Bavarian Forest

Just below the Harlachberg peak, situated on a clearing, are the historic and new buildings of the GutsAlm Harlachberg in the Bavarian Forest. Since 2012 the property in Eastern Bavaria is a special place for inner retreat and recreation. In the natural simplicity is the art, this principle is reflected in the award-winning architecture of the building, in the loving restoration of the court orchestra and the Art Nouveau villa, but also in the food and in dealing with each other again.

Whether you want to go skiing or want to relax in the forest landscape of the Bavarian Forest, in the GutsAlm Harlachberg you will find a place in the middle of nature that guarantees peace and quiet.

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Hotel Prinz-Luitpold-Bad in Bad Hindelang

To the 19. Back in the 19th century you feel at the Hotel Prinz-Luitpold-Bad in Bad Hindelang. At that time people did not think about cell phones or laptops. You can feel it in this hotel until today. The deceleration sets in as soon as one sets foot over the threshold of this hotel: the antique furniture and the view of the Allgäu nature and the mountains take care of that. In the hotel's spa you can indulge in massages and beauty treatments and so find your inner peace.

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The Graseck - my mountain hideaway

From this mountain hotel, which can only be reached via a hotel-owned gondola, an 360 degree mountain panorama opens up, the view of which alone ensures inner peace. No hint of car noise or other everyday noises! Here at most once arouses the ringing of cowbells from the restful sleep. And what's better and more relaxing than being pampered in a wellness and spa area, from where you can look out onto the surrounding mountains.

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No matter if you are looking for a retreat in the Bavarian Forest, in the Allgäu or in Garmisch Partenkirchen: you will find it in these hotels. You can book a stay in one of these hotels directly through our partner, if you click on the respective link to the hotel. There is also more information about the individual hotels.

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Find inner peace in Bavaria

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