Fläming holidays for connoisseurs

Fläming holiday village church in Wiesenburg Road trips in Germany

Fläming holidays for connoisseurs

On a Fläming holiday for connoisseurs, you can spend days in the countryside in Brandenburg spend. Go for a walk on the art hiking trail and look at the works of art along the way. Then you can try specialties of the region in farm shops. Then a hot chocolate tastes good in the castle café in Bad Belzig. Finally, the Wiesenburg Castle Park is waiting for your visit. Finally, you can relax in the Bad Belzig thermal baths. There is a lot to do in the region.


Castle Wiesenburg

Schlosspark Wiesenburg im Fläming

We discovered Wiesenburg Castle and Park Wiesenburg Castle in Fläming when we were looking for excursion destinations for connoisseurs south of Berlin. There we experienced a couple of beautiful autumn days at the gates of Berlin in the region of Wiesenburg Mark, which made the trip unforgettable for us. Our trip to Germany took us to ...
Castle Cafe Bad Belzig

Hot chocolate in the Burgcafe in Bad Belzig

Hot chocolate in Burg Café Bad Belzig "Be sure to try the hot chocolate in Burg Café Bad Belzig in Eisenhardt Castle!" I didn't have this said twice after our hike in the Hoher Fläming Nature Park. Hot chocolate always sounds good, especially if it is made from real chocolate. On ...
Lehnin Monastery

Discover Bad Belzig and the Hoher Fläming region

Discover Bad Belzig and the surrounding area We got to know Bad Belzig and the surrounding area during a short stay. We used a short stay in Berlin and combined it with a detour to the Hohen Fläming that lasted several days. A good decision, as it turned out, we discovered some tips that we recommend to connoisseurs ...
Cow udder on the art trail

Hiking in the nature park Hoher Fläming

Hiking in the Hoher Fläming Nature Park Hiking alone in the Hoher Fläming Nature Park is good. The flat landscapes between Bad Belzig and Wiesenburg in Brandenburg tempt you to go hiking in the Hoher Fläming Nature Park. Hikes we like lead through flat terrain. You can't go uphill. We don't like crowds either. Hiking alone is a pleasure ...


Fläming vacation
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Fläming holidays for connoisseurs

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