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Blossoming mountain meadows in the Kleinwalsertal - in June the most beautiful

Colorful mountain meadow
June in the Kleinwalsertal


A stay in the mountains has its charm in every season. In our opinion, it is most beautiful in the Alps when the mountain meadows bloom. That was reflected in our four-day short trip to the Kleinwalsertal in Vorarlberg confirmed again in the first half of June. Kleinwalsertal Tourismus invited us to the Walser Pleasure Days, an extended weekend on which the connoisseurs, the hotels and the agricultural producers of the delicious senn cheeses, ham, bacon and sausage products from beef and game, which are the pleasure region Kleinwalsertal bring forth, celebrate themselves and their goods. We take the opportunity and follow you Tip of the friendly service in the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel, who serve us a menu from these same ingredients every evening, and take a detour to "Wäldele", a green side valley that runs from the road to Ifen, the highest mountain in the Kleinwalsertal valley Austria, branches off to the right.


Margarites bloom in the "Wäldele"
Bear Claw grows everywhere on the mountain meadows


Already on the way there we drive past lush flowering mountain meadows, on which margarites bloom just like the white bear claw, whose large, but filigree blossoms cover whole slopes and give them a magical appearance, especially when the sun comes from the side and lit up the mountain sides with their morning light. Gentian, orange-red hawkweed and the fragrant hellebore provide blue, orange and purple spots of color on the meadows, making them a real eye-catcher. We can not get enough of the color play in the middle of the green, which brings other colors to the foreground every few meters, because in some places certain flowers feel particularly good and grow in masses.


On the way in the Kleinwalsertal


We drive past remote mountain huts, in front of which hikers prepare for their day hike. Hiking poles are brought out, windbreakers tied around the hips, because the sun already shines warm from the sky, the solid hiking boots attracted and the backpack with a hearty Brotzeit made of spicy country hunters, strong bacon, spicy cheese and fresh bread on the back. Then off we go, past the colorful meadows where bees and bumblebees now enjoy a feast and diligently collect honey, which is later on the markets of the region for sale.


Horses enjoy the fresh green of the mountain meadows
A piebald on the edge of the forest


Deeper in the "Wäldele" we pass paddocks, on which spotted piebalds can be tasted the fresh spring grass. They belong to the Hammerer horse breed, which offers horse-drawn carriage rides in summer and sleigh rides with their stocky horses in winter. Maybe we'll come back soon and treat ourselves to such an exit? Who knows? In any case, the horses obviously have a lot of fun in the spring on the meadow, because they are full of energy romping over the hilly meadows and enjoying their lush greenery.


Flowers in pink
Crimson Cranesbill


The further we drive into the "Wäldele", the more intense the mountain meadow bloom appears. We are here at just the right time to experience it in all its glory. I would like to hike through the meadow to pick a thick bouquet of flowers for the living room at home. But the delicate flowers would probably not survive the several-hour drive back in the summer heat. So I prefer to let them continue to grow on the mountain slopes and take a few more photos that I can show you. Aren't they beautiful, the blooming mountain meadows in the Kleinwalsertal? How do you like yourself?


flower meadow
Flower meadow in front of foggy mountain peaks
mountain meadow
mountain meadow
mountain hut
Mountain hut, surrounded by flowering mountain meadows

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Source: own research on site. We would like to thank Kleinwalsertal Tourismus for their kind invitation to this trip. Our opinion remains our own.

Text: © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
Photos: © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline


  1. Karen
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    Hello you,

    that seems to be a magical area.
    Thanks for the suggestion. :-)

    Kind regards
    Karen and Joyce

    • Monika Fox
      | Reply

      Oh yes, that's her. We did not know her before our visit on the weekend and we are very excited. Especially the blooming mountain meadows have done it to us, and of course the culinary specialties :)

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