Grüner Veltliner and Wellness in Dürnstein in the Wachau

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The garden hotel and winery Pfeffel in Dürnstein

This summer we are intensively dealing with the wine regions in Lower Austria, and there you can Weinbaugebiet Wachau im Weinviertel not missing. We were in the Wachau already on the way several times, as you know, but were always on the way to other travel destinations. This time it is no different, only that we are now at least one night in the Wachau before our Journey to the Waldviertel continues. We spend the night in the garden hotel and winery Pfeffel in Dürnstein on the Danube, and we are expecting a gourmet day for wine and wellness friends. We almost missed the driveway to the hotel, because it looks like a gateway from the street. The hotel itself, however, is hard to miss from the Donaustraße, because it is clearly on the northern outskirts of the beautiful city Dürnstein on the Danube, which is famous among other things for its impressive Baroque church and the fortress on the hill behind the city, in the once Richard Lionheart was imprisoned by Hadmar von Kuenring for several months.


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Since our time is limited, we prefer to dedicate ourselves to the hotel and its immediate surroundings. And that's worth it, as it turns out. We spend the night in one of the hotel's guest rooms, a 45 m² room that is more reminiscent of an apartment with its niche with built-in wardrobes and storage space for suitcases, its large bathroom, separate toilet, corner comfy bed with pillars cozy living room with its sitting area and the inviting sofa is separated. There is more than enough room in this room, and we immediately feel at home in the tasteful wooden and red upholstered furniture. The window front, which extends over the entire width of the room, opens onto the large balcony, from which we have a beautiful view of the Danube across the street and the forest-covered hills that rise behind it. A look that keeps us from going to the city!


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We visit the spa area on the upper floor of the hotel and almost have it for us alone. Only a few other guests sun themselves here during the week on the large sun terrace, which looks almost Mediterranean with its lush plant decoration, the view of the Danube and Dürnstein. The pool lures in the still hot temperatures of late summer for a refreshing bath. And then we have the choice to let ourselves dry in one of the sun loungers in the sun or to relax on one of the comfortable loungers in the spa area. After a cup of exotic orange tea, which we prepared ourselves from a prepared samovar ourselves, we are massaged in the wellness area of ​​the hotel and spend a very pleasant and relaxing afternoon in the hotel Garden hotel and winery Pfeffel *.


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At dinner we learn that the Pfeffel family also grows wines next to their hotel, when we are poured a suitable glass of wine from the local winery with each course. And the wines are impressive! Grüner veltliner, Riesling, Zweigelt, Neuburger Smaragd and Muskateller complete our delicious dinner, which consists of five courses but which are so light and wholesome that we are wonderfully full afterwards. No wonder, since most of them consist of vegetables and fruit. There is only chicken for the main course.


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The next morning we join the hike under the expert guidance of Alexander Pfeffel, the young hotel manager and trained winemaker who runs the hotel together with his sister. The father of the two still helps vigorously everywhere and meets us again and again during our stay in the garden hotel and winery Pfeffel. Also on our hike to the family's neighboring winery, we see him driving his electric vehicle up into the vineyard to keep an eye on the harvest of this year's wine. In the meantime, his son explains to us what the wine growing in the Wachau is all about and why the terrace growing in the Wachau has proven so. He shows us the centuries-old stone terraces on which the vines grow and tells us how his brother-in-law, who brings technical knowledge to the family, has simplified work in the vineyard with methods he developed himself, for example, when spraying the vines against pests .


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The family cohesion we not only notice in the winery, but also during our entire stay in the garden hotel and winery Pfeffel. Here you can feel comfortable. And I'm sure that was not our last stay at this hotel.

Garden hotel and winery Pfeffel
To the sky stairs 122
3601 Dürnstein
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Source: own research on site. We thank the winery Pfeffel for the invitation.

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Grüner Veltliner and Wellness in Dürnstein in the Wachau

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