Rhineland Palatinate travel destinations

To Aschaffenberg am Kirschgarten - one of Mainz attractions for the eyes

Rhineland Palatinate travel destinations

Which Rhineland Palatinate travel destinations are suitable for slow travelers and connoisseurs? Here we present the destinations in Rheinpfalz that we recommend.

Museum in Koblenz

Attractions in Koblenz - Deutsches Eck and Ehrenbreitstein

Koblenz sights Rhine and Moselle The rivers are the Koblenz sights that shape the city. Koblenz is located at the mouth of the Moselle and the Rhine. That lies between Rotterdam and Munich. Perfect for a stopover in Rhineland-Palatinate on a trip to the Netherlands. So let's take a look at the Koblenz attractions ...
Mainz to Aschaffenberg

Things to do in Mainz for Connoisseurs

Top sights in Mainz for connoisseurs Advertising - The Mainz sights for connoisseurs are what lure us to the city on the Rhine. The city invites you to take a vacation in a wine region in Germany. Mainz is one of the Great Wine Capitals of the World. So the city joins ...
Rheinhessen vineyards

Enjoy the vineyards in Rheinhessen

Enjoy the vineyards in Rheinhessen Advertisement - The vineyards in Rheinhessen are known for Riesling, which thrives above all on the Rhine in the region of Nackenheim, Nierstein and Oppenheim. Mild temperatures, a lot of sun and little rainfall ensure growth conditions in which this type of wine grows. The grape harvest begins in September ...
real Mainz Spundekäs

Mainz Spundekäs is served with Wine in Rheinhessen

Mainz Spundekäs recipe We tried the Mainz Spundekäs from Rheinhessen for the first time on our culinary journey through Hesse. However, he actually comes from Mainz. There it is on the menu in every wine bar. The cheese specialty comes from Mainz, to be precise. But also in the Wiesbaden area ...
Hiking on the Moselle

Hiking on the Moselle - hikes through the vineyards

We discovered how beautiful hiking on the Moselle is on several hikes in the region around Alf, Bullay and Zell on the Moselle. There are wonderful views of the river along the way. The idyllic places are worth a visit. You can also go on a wine tasting hike in the wine region...
Quiet garden terrace in Bömers Mosellandhotel in Alf

Bömers Mosellandhotel in Alf

Bömers Mosellandhotel in Alf on the Moselle The Moselle valley in Rhineland-Palatinate has a very special charm. On the slopes of the valley, the vineyards reach up to the ridge. Again and again we see the names of well-known wines on large signs that show us where they are grown. A real region ...
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Rhineland Palatinate travel destinations
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