Rhineland Palatinate travel destinations

To Aschaffenberg am Kirschgarten - one of Mainz attractions for the eyes

Rhineland Palatinate travel destinations

Which Rhineland Palatinate travel destinations are suitable for slow travelers and connoisseurs? Here we present the destinations in Rheinpfalz that we recommend.

Have ships ever been lashed here? - Deutsches Eck - Koblenz what do you have to see

What do you have to see in and around Koblenz?

Koblenz what do you have to see? To the question "Koblenz what should you see" we answer: "the city and its surroundings". Because not only the city at the confluence of the Moselle and Rhine is worth seeing. There are sights in the surrounding area that are well worth a trip. The city on the German ...
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The cathedral of Mainz from the market

The Rheinische Kaiserdome - excursion destinations with historical depth

The Rhenish Imperial Cathedral Guest Articles - Anyone traveling in the central Upper Rhine in Rhineland-Palatinate will hardly be able to avoid some of the oldest cities in Germany. Its historical heritage is shaped by hundreds of years of history and still fascinates people today as it did in the past. We're talking about ...
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GHotel in Koblenz

The GHotel in Koblenz - a modern hotel to feel good

There are many positive things that come to mind when we think of the GHotel Hotel & Living in Koblenz *, where we spent two nights on the way back from the travel blogger conference TBURTM in Rotterdam. The hotel is centrally located just a few steps from the main train station and bus station of the city of Koblenz, ...
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Rhineland Palatinate travel destinations
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