Excursion destinations Baden-Württemberg


Excursion destinations Baden-Württemberg

On this page we present which excursion destinations Baden-Württemberg offers. Discover excursion destinations in Baden-Württemberg for yours Trips to Savor on this page.

Heidelberg Christmas market Tobias Schwerdt

Christmas market in Heidelberg 2024

The Christmas market in Heidelberg 2024 The Christmas market in Heidelberg is worth a trip to Baden-Württemberg in 2024. Christmas is romantic there. Heidelberg is one of the university cities in Germany. With its old town, the location on the Neckar and the castle in Heidelberg on the hill behind the old town, it offers a backdrop that romantics ...
The island of Reichenau on Lake Constance

The island of Reichenau on Lake Constance and its sights

Time seems to have stood still on the island of Reichenau on Lake Constance. As soon as you step onto the island, you get the feeling that little has changed here since the time when the monastery was founded by St. Pirmin in 724. Time slows down on this little patch of land in the lake. At forty...
The museum in the Kornhaus in Bad Waldsee

The museum in the Kornhaus in Bad Waldsee

It's raining as if the floodgates had been opened that day in Bad Waldsee. We are glad that the Kornhaus Museum in Bad Waldsee is on our tour program today. As travel bloggers, we are invited by the Bad Waldsee tourism authority to get to know the city and its sights better. That is ...
Bad Waldsee St. Peter

St. Peter in Bad Waldsee

The Baroque Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Bad Waldsee On our city tour through Bad Waldsee in Upper Swabia on the edge of the Allgäu, we discover the Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Bad Waldsee today, a true gem of baroque architecture. No wonder, after all, Dominikus Zimmermann was - one of the "star architects" of the Baroque - ...
Bad Waldsee town hall

Bad Waldsee in the Allgäu - on the move in the land of the drumlins

Bad Waldsee im Allgäu We are invited to Bad Waldsee in the land of the drumlins in the Swabian foothills of the Alps, in an area that we have always passed on our way to Lake Constance, which is less than an hour away when driving on country roads. This time we want to explore the area ...
Praga Piccolo Cabriolet

History of camper voyages

How did RV travel start? In the Erwin Hymer Museum we learn the history of motorhome travel. When the invitation to the Erwin Hymer Museum in Bad Waldsee fluttered into our house, I first thought: "What should be interesting about a camper museum?" I have to admit that I'm not a car geek ...
Emmendingen old town

Short breaks in Emmendingen and Freudenstadt

Ad - Admittedly, we haven't been there yet: we haven't yet taken a short break in Emmendingen and Freudenstadt in the Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg. However, if Goethe raved about the city of Emmendingen 200 years ago, then this place is certainly a travel destination that is interesting for us as pleasure travelers. Johann Wolfgang ...
Trinity jug in the Bad Schussenried Museum

Bad Schussenried Museum for the beer mug

In Bad Schussenried there's a museum for the beer mug When the invitation from the Bad Schussenried Museum for the beer mug fluttered into our house, we, let's say, sporadic beer drinkers, were skeptical at first. Up until a few years ago, beer wasn't even on our shopping list - simply because we ...
Clear soup with curry sesame pancakes

Flädle soup recipe with a kick

Flädlesuppe Recipe Eat healthy and enjoyable Traveling is not that easy. That's why we have this pita soup recipe on a regular basis. This recipe differs slightly from the traditional preparation in Baden-Württemberg. We are always very spoiled when it comes to food on our pleasure trips. It doesn't always say healthy food ...
Advent Calendar Gengenbach

Christmas romance in Gengenbach in the Black Forest

The Gengenbach Christmas market in the Black Forest In the Black Forest, there is the Advent calendar Gengenbach in Baden-Württemberg with its changing motifs every year at the Gengenbach Christmas market. The scent of roasted almonds and mulled wine then fills the air in Gengenbach in the Black Forest. In front of the town hall, the Christmas tree decorated with candles shines in ...


Excursion destinations Baden-Württemberg
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