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Gifts for campers and motorhomes

Gifts for campers and motorhomes
Gifts for RV lovers

Ideas for gifts for campers and motorhomes

What gifts for campers and motorhomes are outdoor fans happy? Vacation in a camper and Caravan is trendy. Therefore, gifts for RV fans can be needed all year round. Not only for Christmas or for a birthday, gifts for camping fans make their recipient happy. Perhaps a camping friend is going on vacation? Or someone else is going to retire? There are always occasions to make motorhome drivers happy. Here you will find a gift that suits your interests. Discover ideas for gifts for motorhome fans as well as fun gifts for campers.

Gifts for camping enthusiasts

Choosing gifts for the motorhome is often difficult for someone who does not go on vacation in this way. This gift selection should help here.

Useful gifts for motorhome lovers

Camping chairs

You never have enough seating. Therefore camping chairs are perfect gifts for campers. You get to know your neighbors quickly on campsites. So it's good to have a spare camping chair with you. This camping chair, which can be used both as a chair and as a deck chair, is particularly practical: the stool can also serve as a table for drinks and snacks when visiting. This chair is also good for motorhomes because it is light. In addition, it takes up little space. In the carrier bag, it is also suitable for trips to the beach.

Gifts for camping enthusiasts


camping stove

Even if there is a kitchen in a mobile home, prepare gourmet enjoy eating outdoors on a motorhome vacation. At many campsites there are tables on which you can set up your camping stove. Such a camping stove is particularly practical if it has more than two cooking zones. In the motorhome, the stove usually has two plates. So you are limited in the choice of dishes. If you have four hotplates available, you can prepare more complex dishes.


Oven for the mobile home

Does the motorhome driver like cake or freshly baked goods? Then he is guaranteed to be happy about the Omnia oven. In this one can bake cakes as well as bake rolls for breakfast. If you like, you can even bake your own bread in it. These are gifts for the motorhome, like gourmet you love.


espresso machine

Those who like cake usually also love coffee. With this espresso machine you can prepare your own coffee on the go. All you need is a car cigarette lighter, Senseo pads and water. One of the gifts for campers that connoisseurs love.


gas Grill

A very useful gift for camping enthusiasts is a gas grill. A motorhome often only has two hotplates. Camping holidays are also outdoor holidays. One likes to throw a steak or sausage on the grill - especially on a campsite in a beautiful landscape. Therefore, motorhome drivers are guaranteed to enjoy a gas grill as a gift for campers.


Solar power bank for mobile phones

Anyone who likes to take photos with their mobile phone while traveling is familiar with this. There is nothing more annoying than when the cell phone battery gives up the ghost at the most beautiful photo motifs. Or even if an empty battery prevents you from making an emergency call. This cannot happen with a solar power bank. You don't even need a socket for this. This power bank is charged by solar energy. This has already proven to be a very useful piece of equipment on our travels. It is definitely one of the most practical gifts for motorhome enthusiasts.


Travel planning for the motorhome

RV trips need to be planned differently than any other vacation. There are practical aids for this, which are very suitable as gifts for campers. You can find a selection of them here.

Navigation device for the motorhome

A motorhome has different dimensions than a normal car. In addition, it is not so easy to cross inclines or slopes. A navigation device that offers vehicle-specific route guidance for campers can help. These routes take into account the weight and dimensions of the vehicle. This prevents you from driving routes that contain obstacles such as bridges that are too low or extreme inclines. At the same time, you can use the database to find the most beautiful campsites. One of the perfect gifts for campers.


Pitch guide and campsite guide

In addition, a parking space guide and campsite guide will help you find suitable places where you can stay overnight in your motorhome. We have detailed here for that this is not the case everywhere Germany described. Therefore, these manuals are perfect gifts for RV fans.


Funny gifts for campers

Vintage motorhome

There are some funny gifts for campers. Hardcore campers don't want to do without motorhomes at home either. This vintage camper is suitable for them and can be placed in the living room for decoration. One of the fun gifts for RV fans.

Gifts for motorhome fans and funny gifts for campers


Awning carpet

Funny gifts for campers are awning carpets with funny sayings. If an enthusiastic motorhome enthusiast retires, he will definitely be happy about this gift when he leaves the company.

funny gifts for campers


A voucher from Santa

Wasn't there anything in the gift ideas that you liked? What do you think of a voucher from Santa for gifts for campers? Simply select the amount you want to give and the motif. The voucher is ready. This allows motorhome drivers to choose gifts for camping enthusiasts that they need for their next camping holiday.


Lightweight reading material for the beach is also a practical gift for a motorhome holiday.


Gifts for campers and motorhomes
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