Harderwijk Holland - Things to do in the city on the IJsselmeer

Beautiful cities in Holland - Harderwijk

Harderwijk Holland – things to do in the Hanseatic city

The Hanseatic city of Harderwijk is one of the Hanseatic cities in Holland. It describes itself as a “culinary Hanseatic city”. We tested that during our visit. In fact, there are quite a few things that Harderwijk has to offer for foodies. But read for yourself.

The Old Town is a Pedestrian Zone

You should take your time for the old town of Harderwijk. But you should know beforehand that if you have booked a hotel in the old town, it is worthwhile to clarify how to get there before you arrive. The old town of Harderwijk is not accessible by car, but only on foot. Like almost all Hanseatic cities in Holland (with the exception of Hasselt). You can park your car in one of the parking lots on the edge of the old town. Or you can spend the night in Beach Hotel Monopolies * like us and park your car right next to the hotel.



Make a note of the phone number of the hotel. Because you can only reach the hotel by car, if you have an electronic device, which you get from the hotel. In addition you also have to know the code, that you need to sink the bollards, that block daytime vehicle access to the Old Town. We wandered through the city for a few hours, until we finally reached the hotel parking lot, because we did not know that.


Pavlova ice cream - Harderwijk things to do
Pavlova ice cream - Harderwijk activities are culinary


A stroll through Harderwijk

After we had parked our car at the planned location, we set out to explore the city. For us, Harderwijk is definitely one of Holland's beautiful cities. Harderwijk ventures should include what the gastro scene has to offer. Harderwijk owes its name as a culinary Hanseatic city to several star chefs who run their restaurants at the city's fish market. From our own experience we can make the ice cream of the Ice Cream Parlor Patrijs recommend. Rarely have I eaten such good ice cream creations as there. Strawberry ice cream and mango for me. Pavlova ice cream for Petar. But there are other ice creams like pink panther or blood orange. The ice cream was only after our city tour.


Belly pork with vegetables - Harderwijk activities
Pork belly with vegetables - meal at the hotel in Harderwjik


Hanse Cities to visit in Netherlands - Harderwijk is one of them

We start our Harderwijk activities after our dinner at the Hotel Monopole. The hotel is right on the water. We follow the city wall along the water until an entrance to the plantation park opens. We enter the old town through a private courtyard. Passing the Stadsmuseum Harderwijk we go to the Katharinen Chapel, which once belonged to the local monastery. Not far from there is that Marius van Dokkum Museum. This museum is unique in Holland as it permanently exhibits the art of a living artist. If you are visiting Harderwijk, we recommend that you include the museum in your city tour. Marius van Dokkum paints the people of his homeland with a wink. With a lot of humor he shows the weaknesses of human existence in his pictures.


Grote Kerk - Beautiful cities in Holland
Great Church in Harderwijk


The culinary side of Harderwijk beckons to do something

We continue our way through the Hortuspark and arrive at the market square of Harderwijk. In front of the town hall, cafes and restaurants invite you to dinner on this summer's day. After our good dinner at the Hotel Monopole, however, we leave the restaurants on the left and prefer to continue to the Patrijs ice cream parlor, where we treat ourselves to an ice cream for dessert. You shouldn't miss this when you visit Harderwijk. The owner always creates new ice cream variations from ingredients from the region. My mouth is already watering at the sight. Especially when I let my ice cream scoop melt on my tongue. That is pure enjoyment!


Avenue at the fish market - Holland's beautiful cities
Allee at the fish market - Holland's beautiful cities


Top restaurants in Harderwijk

From here it is only a few steps to the Harderwijk fish market. This has always been important for one of the Hanseatic cities in Holland. Once the Hanseatic merchants fetched their fish here for trade, today it is the city's foodie center. Here are the best restaurants in town under the trees that have stood here for centuries. The two-star restaurant 't Nonnetje at Vischmarkt 38 ​​serves refined dishes in a French-international style. The Basiliek restaurant, which has earned a star, is also located on the Vischmarkt.

Through one of the gates in the city wall we finally get back to the promenade by the water. Here, too, we find one restaurant next to the other. The tourism authority recommends the Chez Brochard restaurant at Havendijk 1, which serves French cuisine. It's a little easier there than in the restaurants at the fish market. In the evening sun, people enjoy their food in front of the fireplace by the open fire. Harderwijk definitely deserves its reputation as a culinary Hanseatic city.


That has to be in the suitcase for your trip to Harderwijk Holland

  • Comfortable Shoes, because in Harderwijk you will mainly be on foot. The old town is a pedestrian zone.
  • If you are planning an elegant evening, then you should bring  comfortable pumps .
  • Fit for a stroll on the promenade or on the beach sandals.
  • A  backpackwhere you can put all the utensils for a day
  • If you want to bathe in Harderwijk, ours will help packing list for the beach vacation while packing.



Restaurants on the water - Hanseatic city for gourmets
Waterfront restaurants in Harderwijk


Harderwijk Holland is a destination for everyone who loves the maritime

The next morning we take a little time to look at the marina. In the port of Harderwijk we meet Holland, as it can hardly be more clichéd. One of the drawbridges connects Harderwijk to the other side of the harbor entrance. A windmill watches over the harbor while in the docks House boats and yachts bob in the water.

If you still have a day, you can visit the Dolphinarium on the beach boulevard Oost 1 on the other side of the harbor entrance. This is a marine mammal zoo that should be great fun especially for kids. You can watch dolphins, sharks, sea lions, seals and walruses up close.



Windmill - Hanseatic Netherlands


Conclusion on Harderwijk Holland

Harderwijk is a city that is well worth a visit for anyone who loves to enjoy. You should definitely try the city's restaurants. We also really liked the port and the city center. You can explore the cute places on a tour. Preferably with an ice cream in hand. Or you can take a break in one of the open-air restaurants at the harbor or at the town hall square.

Questions and answers about Harderwijk Holland

What is there to see in Harderwijk?

There are many sights to discover in Harderwijk, such as the Dolfinarium, the Marienmuseum and the picturesque old town.

What is the best way to get to Harderwijk in Holland?

Harderwijk is easily accessible by car and public transport. By train* you need about 1,5 hours from Amsterdam or Utrecht.

What activities can you do around Lake Veluwemeer?

There are many activities around Lake Veluwe, such as boat trips, fishing, cycling and nature walks.

Where is the best place to eat in Harderwijk Holland?

Harderwijk is known for its excellent fish restaurants. Visit Restaurant 't Nonnetje for a special culinary experience or try the fresh fish at the harbour.

Which nearby cities are worth a day trip from Harderwijk?

The nearby Hanseatic cities Elburg and Zwolle are definitely worth a visit. They offer historical buildings, charming cafes and shops and a relaxed atmosphere.


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Arrival by plane, bus or train*. KLM and Lufthansa will follow Amsterdam. From there, it's best to take a car, because that's the only way you're flexible enough to get to know the localities in the region better. Or you travel by train from Amsterdam or Utrecht to Harderwijk.

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Harderwijk Holland - Things to do in the city on the IJsselmeer

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