Hot chocolate in the Burgcafe in Bad Belzig

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Castle Cafe Bad Belzig

Hot chocolate in the Burg Café Bad Belzig

“You should definitely try the hot chocolate in the Burg Café Bad Belzig in Eisenhardt Castle! ”I didn't have anyone tell me this twice after our hike in the Hoher Fläming Nature Park. Hot chocolate always sounds good, especially when it is made from real chocolate. In any case, this is what the host praises. After a look at the cake counter, chocolate does not only play a role in this tiny café in drinkable form.




The Burg-Café Bad Belzig

First of all, we have a hard time finding the café. Our navigation device points us to Wittenberger Str. 14 in Bad Belzig. There stands the imposing Eisenhardt Castle, which is still surrounded by a moat today. In the gate a door leads to the museum entrance. There you can also pay the entrance, if you want to climb the castle tower. We are after ours Hike through the castle park of Wiesenburg Castle and on the Art trail through the Fläming however tired. Therefore we give ourselves the ascent. Instead, we are looking for a good cup of hot chocolate, which was announced as particularly delicious. Of course we do not want to miss that.


Castle Eisenhardt
In the Burg Eisenhardt you will find the Burg Café Bad Belzig


When we enter the castle courtyard, we immediately notice the set tables in the square in front of the castle hotel. However, we don't see any guests there. Rather, a young man is busy cleaning the tables. When asked where the castle café is, he points to an inconspicuous little house on the other side of the castle courtyard. There are a few people sitting at a few tables in front of it. All are occupied. So we try our luck inside the café despite the sunshine that still warms the castle courtyard in mid-September.

Plush, cozy atmosphere in the Burg Café Bad Belzig

The two rooms that the castle café offers its guests are tiny. Inside we have a choice. We can either sit on a plush sofa or have an entire room to ourselves. There is a table with numerous chairs. However, I wonder whether these are ever documented. Because it's tight in here. It will be difficult to fill all the seats. Once you have sat down, you have to wait until the room empties if you want to go out again. However, since no one but us wants to go in here, we take a seat on the two chairs at the entrance.


Nostalgic charm Burg Café Bad Belzig
Nostalgic charm in the Burg Café Bad Belzig


Just as in the other room, it exudes an atmosphere of bygone times. A thick blanket lies on the table, waiting for the artistically carved chairs to score. The lamps on the walls are reminiscent of Art Nouveau times. The candlestick, which stands in the middle of the table, fits in with this.

Nostalgia in the Burg Café

The innkeeper looks in briefly: "Have you already ordered?" We deny and order two cups of hot chocolate. We have to choose cakes at the cake counter. Here, too, it quickly becomes clear that chocolate is not only served in a drinkable form in this café. I order a piece of chocolate cake that looks particularly tempting.

It only takes a few minutes and the landlady brings us two thick-walled cups, which alone are worth a visit to the café. A porcelain elephant stares at me as I turn the handle towards me. I only know cups like this from flea markets or old antique shops that sell everything from the past. I find her wonderfully quirky.


Hot chocolate in an elephant cup
Hot chocolate from the elephant cup


Immediately afterwards, the landlord comes back a second time and puts a huge piece of chocolate cake in front of me that makes me swallow. I'm glad we only ordered one of them. So Petar can help me to consume this calorie bomb.


Chocolate cake goes well with hot chocolate
A huge piece of chocolate cake


The finest hot chocolate at Burg Café Bad Belzig

And then comes the moment of truth. The first sip of hot chocolate from the elephant cup! What a poem! Now I'm no longer surprised why everyone raves about this cafe. Melted chocolate runs thickly down my throat and warms my palate. It leaves you with a feeling of happiness, as chocolate is always said to do. Until now, however, I have never felt this as intensely as I did at this moment. Pleasant well-being spreads through me and I could sit here for hours just to sip this divine chocolate. You can taste the fact that real chocolate is used in every sip. The usual cocoa milk doesn't flow through my mouth here. Instead, a thick chocolate crema caresses my tongue and flows gently and slowly down into my stomach, warming it pleasantly. It almost feels as if she wants to make me aware of every inch of the way through this pleasant feeling.


Enjoy your meal!
Enjoy your meal at Burg Café Bad Belzig!


Hot chocolate recipe - make it yourself with real chocolate

Since we rarely get in Brandenburg Since we got a taste for the Burg Café in Bad Belzig, we often make our own hot chocolate. With real chocolate, because that's the only way it tastes so tempting. At Good kitchen we discovered a simple recipe for it:


  • 250 ml of milk
  • a pinch of cinnamon
  • half a teaspoon of brown sugar
  • 50 grams of dark chocolate


Break the chocolate into pieces.

Heat three tablespoons of milk, brown sugar, chocolate chips and cinnamon in a saucepan until the chocolate melts.

Stir until the chocolate has melted completely. Then add the rest of the milk and slowly heat it up. Then pour the chocolate into a large cup or tall glass and sprinkle it with a little cocoa. If you like it very seductive, add some cream to the hot chocolate beforehand.

Conclusion: a must for chocolate lovers

The Burg-Café Bad Belzig is a must for all chocolate lovers! If you're in the area, don't miss out on this treat. The café may be tiny and a little quirky, but the taste of this chocolate is unique and worth a visit.

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Hot chocolate in the Burg Café Bad Belzig
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Source: on-site research. We would definitely like to thank Tourism Brandenburg for inviting us to hike in the Hoher Fläming Nature Park. However, as always, our opinions remain our own.

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Hot chocolate in the Burgcafe in Bad Belzig

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  1. Sounds very tempting. Especially now that it's already cold outside, I can't think of anything better than drinking a real hot chocolate (where else can you get that) from an elephant cup (which is probably unique) in a Burgcafe.
    Thanks for the tip

  2. Moin your two,
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    1. The cafe is quirky nice, but the chocolate is absolutely delicious, Götz. Something special!

    1. Tiny and quaint I would call the cafe, Michaela. And for chocolate fans a must! : D

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    Nice photos, thanks for that.

    1. Give up sugar for a whole month? That would be very difficult for me :), but I try not to overdo it. I once told a nutrition specialist that it was all about versatile food. And I try to keep it as good as possible throughout the year. I treat myself to a cup of chocolate once or twice a year, when it comes up.

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