Hotel am Mirabellplatz in Salzburg

Antique cabinets fit into the picture

Central stay in Salzburg at the Hotel am Mirabellplatz

Petar and I love staying in hotels that tell stories. Especially in cities that are full of history. Salzburg is such a city in which you can learn about a different piece of history from virtually every corner Salzburg country in Austria stumbles. And so we were very happy when we were invited on our last visit to the city of Mozart in the Hotel am Mirabellplatz, which belongs to the renowned family of Castle hotels and mansions belongs. These associations include castles, palaces, elegant villas and city palaces, whose owners open the doors of their residences to paying guests who, like them, appreciate the ambience of historic buildings that has grown over generations. And stories can tell them, these hotels. One of them we had already met last year, the Castle Rosenau in the Waldviertel, which is still closely linked with the Masons. The Hotel am Mirabellplatz can also tell stories.



Antique cabinets fit into the picture
Antique cabinets fit into the picture at the Hotel am Mirabellplatz

Family residence of the family of the Salzburg Prince-Archbishop Paris Lodron

Prince Archbishop Paris Lodron was one of the most dazzling and influential figures in the history of Salzburg. He ruled the city's fortunes from 1619 until his death in 1953 and ensured peace in the turmoil of the Thirty Years' War. This masterpiece of state leadership earned him the nickname "Father Patriae" (father of the fatherland). At the same time, despite the political and military conflicts in his day, he managed to shape Salzburg architecturally. The Salzburg Cathedral as we know it today dates back to its reign. And he didn't just have church buildings built. The University of Salzburg was founded in 1622/1623 and still bears his name today. And he promoted a whole series of monasteries and monasteries that helped the spiritual and spiritual life in Salzburg to boom.


We spend the night in the former chapel of the Stadtpalais


For his relatives, he had 1653 set up his own city palace near the home of the Mozart family, directly opposite Schloss Mirabell. The Secondary Palazzo served as a residential palace for his family members. Already 1816 but the building was initially used as an inn, then later as a guesthouse and hotel.


We spend the night in the former chapel in the Hotel am Mirabellplatz


The Kleindienst family, in whose possession the town palace is today, has restored it with a keen sense for the historical heritage, and thus we already feel the charm of such buildings as soon as we enter the house. Under cross vaults and round arch, the path leads us through the ground floor of the house.


Hotel am Mirabellplatz
This is how you sleep in the Hotel am Mirabellplatz in Salzburg

Stay overnight in the former chapel of the Stadtpalais

As we have already learned to appreciate in other castle hotels and mansions, we are also given a very friendly and personal welcome here. The receptionist at the reception advises us that our room is very special. "Our historian found that your room was once the palace chapel," she explains. And indeed, here too we sleep under cross vaults in a room that is equipped with magnificent mirrors and solid wooden furniture. Modern paintings on the walls create the connections to our time. And the ocher-colored walls and the silver-gray color of the vault once looked different.


A large bathroom with shower and bath and a separate toilet give the room a spacious feel and we feel very comfortable in this hotel during the two nights we spend here. The sumptuous breakfast buffet with its extensive selection of breads, cakes, sausages, cheese, fruit, cereals and dairy products will certainly contribute to this, after which we can start our tour through Salzburg in a very saturated manner.


Our conclusion: the Hotel am Mirabellplatz is a perfect starting point from which you can explore the old town of Salzburg on foot, and in the evening offers a wonderful place for relaxation. We can recommend it unreservedly.


Hotel am Mirabellplatz
Paris Lodron Street 1
5020 Salzburg
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Hotel am Mirabellplatz in Salzburg
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