Hotel Schwarz Alm in Advent - Winter in the Waldviertel

View from the spa of the Hotel Schwarz Alm Winter Wellness Austria

Advent in the Waldviertel Austria

Our tips for a short holiday in Advent in Waldviertel in Lower Austria At the Hotel Schwarz Alm Zwettl Austria we have one Trip in early December collected. We spent two days in and around Zwettl in the Waldviertel. We present you here what we discovered. A stay at the Hotel Schwarz Alm during Advent is particularly nice. Then the hotel is decorated for Christmas. Open log fire ensures cosiness. While it's cold outside, you can relax in the spa.



Our tips for the Hotel Schwarz Alm in Advent

The Hotel Schwarz Alm is an elegant four-star hotel with an intimate spa, which we like very much. The hotel is located a few kilometers outside of Zwettl in the Waldviertel. You can reach the hotel via a narrow tarred road that leads through a wooded area to a large meadow in the middle of the forest. During our visit forest and road were already frozen. The driveway was still easy to handle. Especially nice is that the hotel offers the perfect break from everyday life due to its secluded location. After street noise one listens in vain. Instead, there is a wonderful silence. If you want, you can relax here for a few days. Advent in the Waldviertel you will experience in the Hotel Schwarz Alm very relaxed.


Rooms at the Hotel Schwarz Alm
Rooms in the Hotel Schwarz Alm Zwettl Austria

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The spa is ideal for this, with its pool, relaxation rooms, saunas, steam and brine bath, which are the perfect facilities. It's great to look out from the saunas through the large window panes at the frost-covered grass and the frozen pool. Brave sauna-goers can cool off in it, even in winter. However, we use the spa for the opposite: during the day go on a discovery tour in the area, the spa serves us in the evening as a place where we warm up again from the winter cold. It is wonderful to lie in one of the relaxation rooms and watch the winter outside in the warmth.

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Dinner at the Hotel Schwarz Alm
Dinner at the Hotel Schwarz Alm Zwettl Austria


End the day with a dinner at the Hotel Schwarz Alm Zwettl Austria

Anyway, we would like to return to the Hotel Schwarz Alm every evening after our excursions. There is a romantic dinner by the fireplace on Saturday evening. On Sunday and Monday we eat in the cozy dining room of the hotel. We enjoy the friendly service in the restaurant and let us taste the great dishes from the hotel kitchen. Here is a master at work: the greeting from the kitchen, the soup, the main course and the dessert are delicious every night.


And above all: the food is exciting. It does not matter if it's the chestnut pear soup, the fillet from the Austrian fattening ox and the orange parfait with Grand Marnier from the first evening, the beef carpaccio, the frittate soup, the calf's liver and the poppy dumplings from the second evening or the wild boar ham, the creamy cream soup , the entrecôte and the strawberry parfait from the third evening - everything tastes great. So we enjoy our stay at the Hotel Schwarz Alm in Advent even in the evenings.

A detailed impression of the Hotel Schwarz Alm is provided by Petar's Video:



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Winter Wellness in the Waldviertel
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Source: own research on site. We thank the Hotel Schwarz Alm for the invitation. As always, our opinion remains our own.

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Hotel Schwarz Alm in Advent - Winter in the Waldviertel

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  1. Hi monika,

    I have already made many of the excursions from Vienna. The hotel looks absolutely great, if that was not so close to Vienna, I would book immediately :). LG and a happy new year!


    1. Hello Anke,

      well, for a weekend excursion from 2-3 days from Vienna, that would be nice: D. Especially when it comes to a few days of rest and relaxation, you do not have to go that far.

      Best regards,

  2. Hello Monika & Petar,

    Wellness, snacking, strolling ... What about other activities around the Hotel Schwarz Alm?

    Is there any way to let off steam while hiking, biking or other experiences? And how is it there with snow?

    For us, the Waldviertel is still a blank spot on the map.

    Greeting Mario

    1. Hello Mario,

      There are a lot of hiking trails there for hiking. The landscape is hilly. As far as the snow is concerned, there was already snow on the heights at the beginning of December - that was more than we have here in Rupertiwinkel (that is, none at all). But of course I can not give general weather forecasts.

      Best regards,

  3. Dear Monika, dear Peter,

    a hotel to my taste. Probably nobody would have gotten me out of the hotel anymore. It looks too cozy. :-) For a wellness holiday it seems very suitable. And peace and relaxation can be found there too. It's almost impossible. Thanks for this tip. I have to remember urgently.

    LG Daniela

    1. Dear Daniela,

      If we had not researched new information for our blog, we probably would have been the same: D. The spa area is so inviting that you just feel comfortable there. I would have loved to spend there every three days.

      Best regards,

    1. Liebe Sabine

      Yes that's true. It is a region off the usual tourist routes with a lot of history. Even those who like arts and crafts are in the right place. We liked it a lot.

      Best regards,

  4. I have never been to the Waldviertel, maybe I should take with me on my wish list. I also like the time in Advent for such a little break, because there is a very special atmosphere everywhere. Especially the gingerbread exhibition I would like. The hotel also looks very inviting. Absolutely my taste.

    1. Dear Antje,

      Granted, the Waldviertel is not a tourist hub. But that is exactly what we like there. There are many small and idyllic places, castles and palaces. And the forest landscapes are lonely and beautiful. The Hotel Schwarz Alm is the perfect starting point for the region.

      Best regards,

  5. The cheese maker world sounds interesting, I have to go there once!
    LG, Hermann Paschinger

    1. A trip is worthwhile. We were surprised how big the Käsemacher Erlebniswelt is. During the week, however, is better because then worked in production. We were there on the weekend, and only saw the empty warehouses - even if we were shown in a separate room, as milk becomes cheese.


  6. Dear Monika, dear Petar,

    a nice hotel, which is certainly worth a visit. I would have enjoyed the sauna with enthusiasm.
    The visit to the cheese factory would also be something for me as a big city kid. Here is the cheese in the refrigerator;) and who knows today how cheese is produced.
    That was a great weekend, thank you for letting us participate.
    Greetings, Susanne

    1. Dear Susanne,

      yes, that was an eventful and relaxing weekend. I always find it interesting to see how something is created - whether it's cheese or something crafts or art. Creativity is fascinating, no matter in what form.

      Best regards,

  7. Dear Monika,

    That sounds like a perfect Advent break! With frost, frozen lakes and gingerbread scent. Too bad that you could no longer photograph the gingerbread art works.

    Here in Thailand we are very far away from frost and Advent atmosphere. That's why we do not really miss that at the moment. But your report already wakes a little yearning ....

    Best regards,

    1. Dear Gina,

      For me, my advent and Christmas journeys to the southern climes always had the opposite effect: I lacked the snow, the frost and the Christmas scents. However, that took a few years: D. At first I was fascinated by how to celebrate Christmas in hot regions of the world. I have seen it especially in Australia, Central America and Southern Africa.

      Best regards,

  8. Dear Monika, dear Peter,
    After this beautiful report is very clear, next year I will go back to the beautiful Waldviertel. And your pictures make you want to the newly designed house.
    Have you also tested the spa? What about a signature treatment?

    And another question: do you know by heart when Mohnzeit is in the Waldviertel?

    Best regards,

    1. Dear Katja,

      we did not test a signature treatment. We especially enjoyed the spa after our excursions into the surrounding area, to experience the winter through the glass: D. The poppy blooms - if I remember correctly - in July.

      Best regards,

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