Hotel Jadran Rijeka: A 4-star hotel for sea view lovers

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Hotel Jadran Rijeka Croatia with sea view

Hotel Jadran Rijeka is one of the most famous hotels in the city. Over the years, this hotel has established itself as a fixture in the city's hotel landscape. It attracts travelers from all over the world who want to explore the Croatian coast. We were invited to experience the hotel and its facilities ourselves and spent several days at Hotel Jadran Rijeka in Croatia. During our stay we met guests from German-speaking countries, the USA, Belgium, Hungary, Asian countries and other Balkan countries. You can get an initial overview here*.


The Hotel Jadran Rijeka – Hotel Review and our personal experiences

The main focus of our hotel review is therefore on aspects that are important for every traveler. They are based on our personal experiences. This includes the location of the hotel, the quality of the accommodation, the room options and of course the service you can expect. We also talk about the views that the rooms offer and the swimming options right at the hotel.

Location is a crucial factor when booking a hotel. The Hotel Jadran Rijeka is strategically located so you can reach the city center of Rijeka can easily reach. You will also learn more about the quality of the hotel, which is reflected in the number of stars and guest reviews.

The rooms are another highlight. Of course, the service should not be missing. From the reception to the restaurant staff, you will find out what awaits you at Hotel Jadran Rijeka in Croatia.


Sea view from the balcony of our room at Hotel Jadran Rijeka Croatia
Sea view from the balcony of our room at Hotel Jadran Rijeka Croatia


The location of the hotel

If you are looking for accommodation in Rijeka that is both centrally located and close to the coast, then Hotel Jadran Rijeka in Croatia is perfect for you. The hotel is located directly on the coast and therefore offers quick access to the sea. However, the hotel's location offers other advantages.

Right on the coast

The Hotel Jadran has the advantage of being located directly on the coast. This means you can do it within a few minutes Beach be. This is of course a big plus for anyone who loves the sea. The sea view rooms also have their own balcony from which you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Kvarner Bay can enjoy.

Proximity to city center

The hotel is also not far from Rijeka city center. By car or taxi you can be in the heart of the city in about 10 minutes. This gives you the freedom to enjoy both the natural beauty of the coast and the urban life of the city.

Taxi costs

The taxi costs from the hotel to the city center are quite moderate. You should expect to pay around 5 to 7 euros (one way). That's a small price to pay for the convenience of getting to the center quickly and easily. This also saves you parking fees in the city.

Walk to the city center

If you prefer to travel on foot, that is also an option. The walk to the city center takes around 30 to 40 minutes. The path is mostly flat and easy to walk on, so you shouldn't have any difficulties.

Neighborhood and residential area

Hotel Jadran is located in a pleasant area characterized by a mix of modern buildings and older villas. The neighborhood to a residential area right on the coast is particularly interesting. Wealthy Hungarians once built their villas there directly by the sea. Many of them have been preserved to this day, and even if some of them need to be restored, the charm of this residential area can still be felt today. This gives the area a special flair and offers the opportunity to explore other parts of Rijeka.

Stars and quality of Hotel Jadran in Rijeka

If you are looking for accommodation in Rijeka that impresses in terms of quality and comfort, then Hotel Jadran is worth considering.

Number of stars and their meaning

Hotel Jadran is a 4 star hotel. As a rule, this star rating represents high quality in various areas. These include, among other things, the service, room facilities and general amenities of the hotel. A 4-star hotel offers more than just a bed to sleep in. It's about providing guests with an all-round pleasant experience.


Double room with sea view in Hotel Jadran Rijeka
Double room with sea view in Hotel Jadran Rijeka


The service completely convinced us. The front desk, room service and restaurant staff went out of their way to accommodate all of our questions and requests. Our double room was modern and functionally furnished and offered enough space for two people. We stayed in a sea view room on the 6th floor of the hotel. What we liked best about it was the magnificent view of the sea and the large balcony, where we had a lounger, a small table and two chairs at our disposal.

We also really appreciated the direct access to the sea and the swimming opportunity on the lowest floor of the hotel. Stairs lead to concrete sunbathing areas with deck chairs and the hotel's own jetty into the water. There you can swim almost privately and enjoy the sea.

General quality of the hotel

Cleanliness plays a big role at Hotel Jadran Rijeka. At Hotel Jadran you can be sure that both the rooms and the public areas are always clean and well-maintained. Public spaces are also cleaned regularly during the day. This of course contributes to the general feeling of well-being during your stay.


Dinner on the restaurant terrace at Hotel Jadran Rijeka
Petar having dinner on the restaurant terrace at Hotel Jadran Rijeka


But the ambience is also important. The Hotel Jadran attaches great importance to a pleasant atmosphere, which is reflected in the furnishings and design of the rooms. This means you can relax in an environment that is both modern and inviting. We particularly liked the restaurant's terrace, where we enjoyed our food in the morning and evening.


View of the bays below the residential area
View of the bays below the residential area


Rooms and view at Hotel Jadran Rijeka: what awaits you?

At Hotel Jadran in Rijeka there are different room categories that cover different needs.

Different room categories

Hotel Jadran offers a range of room categories to suit the different needs of guests. From standard rooms to suites, there is something for everyone. The rooms are modernly furnished and offer the comfort you would expect from a 4-star hotel.


View of an ocean liner in the Rijeka container terminal
View of an ocean liner in the Rijeka container terminal


View of the sea and the container terminal

One of the biggest advantages of Hotel Jadran is the view. There are rooms facing the land side. But many rooms offer sea views, creating a relaxing atmosphere. But that is not all. Some rooms also offer a view of the Container Terminal. This may sound unusual at first glance, but it has its own special appeal. It offers an interesting perspective of the harbor and the hustle and bustle of the city.

From our room we had a direct view of the Kvarner Bay, the hidden bays below the villa district on one side and the Rijeka container terminal on the other side. This particularly fascinated us because it gave us a direct insight into what was happening at the Rijeka cargo port. We even got up in the middle of the night to watch the ocean liners loading. At one point we were also able to watch one of these ocean giants making its way from the terminal out into the open sea. Immediately afterwards we watched as a pilot ship helped its successor dock at the terminal. As landlubbers, this was a real highlight of our visit to Rijeka.



Although the terminal is not far from the hotel, we were not bothered by the noise caused by the work at the terminal. (The work in the container terminal takes place day and night.) On the contrary! We woke up when they fell silent. Fortunately! We were able to watch as the huge container ship made its way to its next port and glided silently past our hotel and out into the Kvarner Bay. Where is his next port? We do not know it.

Special amenities in the rooms

In addition to the view, there are also some amenities that will make your stay even more enjoyable. These include, for example, free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV and a minibar. Our room also offered a balcony where we could enjoy the fresh sea air.

Bathing opportunities in the sea

For many people, a holiday by the sea is the epitome of relaxation. When you stay at Hotel Jadran in Rijeka, you have the advantage of having the sea right on your doorstep.


Tiny pebble beach at Hotel Jadran Rijeka
Tiny pebble beach at Hotel Jadran Rijeka


Access to the sea from the hotel

One of the big advantages of Hotel Jadran is the direct access to the sea. This means you don't have to drive halfway across town to get to the water. A short elevator ride is all it takes to enjoy the waves.


Bathing platform at Hotel Jadran Rijeka
Bathing platform at Hotel Jadran Rijeka


Quality of the water and beaches

The water near the hotel is usually clean and clear. This makes bathing not only pleasant but also safe. The beaches are tiny pebble beaches, so don't forget to bring water shoes. The quality of the beaches is good, so you can spend relaxing hours here. You can also use the bathing platform directly at the hotel. There are sun loungers and parasols available and you have access to the sea via stairs that lead directly into the water. Perhaps in winter, instead of swimming in the sea, you would like to relax in the steam room or Turkish bath available in the hotel fitness center?

The Restaurant at Hotel Jadran Rijeka Croatia: A Culinary Overview

Good food is simply part of a successful holiday. When you stay at Hotel Jadran in Rijeka, you don't have to go far to experience culinary delights. That's a good thing, because there are hardly any alternatives in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

Type of cuisine and specialties

The restaurant at Hotel Jadran offers a diverse cuisine, ranging from local Croatian dishes to Italian dishes and international classics. The fish dishes that come fresh from the sea are particularly popular. But meat lovers will also get their money's worth here. There are also vegetarian and gluten-free dishes on the menu.



Opening hours

The restaurant is open daily for both breakfast and dinner. We enjoyed the breakfast buffet and dinner there as part of the half board during our stay.

special offers

A highlight of the restaurant is the breakfast buffet. Here you will find a wide selection of food, from fresh fruit to hot dishes. The breakfast buffet is very extensive with a large selection of hot and cold dishes. If you are at the hotel in the evening, you shouldn't miss dinner either. There are often special menus that emphasize seasonal ingredients. Our dinner was a la carte and served every evening. We also observed groups who received a buffet in the evening.



Parking available at Hotel Jadran Rijeka

When you travel by car, parking is often one of the first questions that comes to mind. At Hotel Jadran in Rijeka, parking is well organized and offers several advantages.

Availability of parking spaces

Hotel Jadran has a limited number of parking spaces in an on-site car park. Reservations will not be accepted for this. The parking spaces are right next to the hotel, which provides additional convenience.

Cost and security

The parking spaces are free. When it comes to safety, you can rest assured: the parking lots are well lit. This gives you the security that your car is in good hands.

Alternatives for parking nearby

If the parking spaces at the hotel are full, there are also some alternatives nearby. There is parking on the street in front of the hotel. We left our vehicle in the parking lot during our stay, but we were traveling in the car with locals. It wasn't a problem to find a parking space near the hotel on the street.


At the Hotel Jadran Rijeka in Croatia


Our personal experiences at Hotel Jadran Rijeka: An honest report

A stay at the Hotel Jadran in Rijeka can have many facets. As travel bloggers, we spent a few nights here. Maybe our experiences will help you make a decision.

My own impressions of the stay

From the first moment we felt welcome at Hotel Jadran. The staff was friendly and accommodating, which made the check-in process pleasant. The rooms were clean and well-appointed, and the sea views were a real plus. We were particularly impressed by the view of the container port, where we were able to follow what was happening in detail. That made this hotel a highlight of our Croatia trip. When do you ever see ocean liners being loaded and unloaded?


One of the highlights was definitely the hotel's restaurant. Here we particularly enjoyed the view from the restaurant terrace. The selection of dishes was good and the quality of the food impressed us. Direct access to the sea was also a big advantage. It was just wonderful to get up in the morning and jump straight into the water.

Any vulnerabilities

No hotel is perfect and Jadran is no exception. The rooms were practical, modern and functionally furnished. It had everything I would expect from a hotel room in a 4-star hotel. However, I would have liked a more individual furnishing style. This is certainly a matter of taste, but it conveys even more ambience and well-being. Nevertheless, we would like to stay at Hotel Jadran in Rijeka again if the opportunity arises.

Additional tips for your stay in Rijeka

Hotel Jadran in Rijeka is not only a place to stay, but also an ideal starting point for exploring the city and its surroundings.

Sights close-by

The hotel is conveniently located so you can get a lot points of interest & sights can easily reach. For example, Rijeka harbor is just a short walk away. There you can feel the maritime atmosphere of the city. The old town with its historic buildings is also worth a visit.

Local specialties and drinks

Rijeka offers a variety of culinary delights. The fish dishes that you can try in local restaurants are particularly recommended. As a drink, you shouldn't miss the regional wine or local schnapps. They are a real treat and go well with local dishes.

events or festivals

Depending on when you plan your stay, various events or festivals could also take place. In summer there are often music festivals and open-air concerts. In winter, however, you can experience the traditional carnival, which is very important in Rijeka.

Conclusion: Our impression of the Hotel Jadran Rijeka

After several days at the Hotel Jadran in Rijeka, it is time to draw a conclusion. The hotel scores particularly well with its location right by the sea and its proximity to various attractions. The staff is friendly and professional, which makes the stay pleasant.

In terms of rooms, there is a good selection, and many offer lovely sea views. The hotel's restaurant is also recommended, with a wide range of dishes ranging from local specialties to international favorites.

Of course, there are also a few minor weak points. It would be even nicer if the rooms had more flair and ambience. But that's certainly a matter of taste.

Personal recommendation

Would we visit the hotel again? Definitely yes. Despite the small weaknesses, the positive aspects clearly outweigh the negatives. The combination of location, service and culinary offerings makes Hotel Jadran an excellent choice for anyone wishing to visit Rijeka.

Appendix: Useful links and contact details for your stay at Hotel Jadran Rijeka

A good vacation starts with good planning. To make it easier for you to prepare for your stay at the Hotel Jadran in Rijeka, we have put together some useful links and contact details here.

Useful Links

Hotel contact details

    • Address: Setaliste XIII Divizije 46, Rijeka, Croatia
    • Mobilephone: + 385 51 494 000
    • E-mail:

Social Media

  • Facebook: Follow the hotel on Facebook for current offers and events.
  • Instagram: Take a look at photos of the hotel and the surrounding area to get a first impression.



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