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Dürnstein from Hotel Pfeffel Wachau

The Hotel Pfeffel is ideal for a holiday in the Wachau

We have decided on our next one Wine adventures in Austria I chose the Hotel Pfeffel in the Wachau, directly on the Danube. Here in Austria, in the middle of the famous wine region, a perfect mix of wine tasting and wellness awaits us. We have been to the Wachau several times as travel bloggers, but also on private trips. We visited the Hotel Pfeffel several times and also stayed overnight there.

We almost drove past the entrance! It looks inconspicuous, almost like an old gate entrance, and not like the entrance to a hotel. But once you arrive, the Hotel Pfeffel leaves nothing to be desired. It is located right on the outskirts of Dürnstein, clearly visible from Donaustraße and not to be overlooked.



The most exciting thing is that the hotel is also a working winery. Leopold Pfeffel, the winemaker, grows various Wachau grape varieties right next to the hotel: Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, and even some lesser-known ones like Gelber Muskateller and Muskat Ottonell. So there is a lot to try.

Dürnstein is also historically interesting - not just because of the baroque church and the old fortress that crowns the hills. Fun fact: Richard the Lionheart was trapped here for a few months in the Middle Ages. Our stay at the Hotel Pfeffel not only spoiled the palate, but also did a little something for the culture. Really a nice combination of history, culture and enjoyment. Ideal for a relaxed and interesting holiday.

Do you want to actively experience the Wachau? Here are tips.


Our gourmet room in the garden hotel and winery Pfeffel
Our gourmet room in the garden hotel and winery Pfeffel

Gourmet room in the Hotel Pfeffel in the Wachau

Since our time here is limited, we concentrate entirely on the hotel and its immediate surroundings - and that turns out to be a good decision. We chose one of the gourmet rooms, which, at 45 m², is almost more of an apartment than a room. It has a practical niche with built-in cupboards and enough storage space for our suitcases. In addition to an attractive bathroom, there is also a separate toilet and the bed is cleverly placed in its own corner, separated from the living area by elegant columns that also structure the room.

The living area itself is equipped with a comfortable seating area and a sofa - there is really more than enough space here. The room, furnished with lots of wood and comfortable upholstered furniture, makes it easy to feel right at home. Another highlight is the wide window front, which extends across the entire width of the room and leads to the balcony. From there we have a fantastic view of the Danube and the hills behind it. Simply perfect to unwind and let the beauty of the Wachau work its magic on you.


Double room at the Pfeffel Wellnesshotel Wachau
Double room at the Pfeffel Wellnesshotel Wachau


Special rooms in the Wellness Hotel Pfeffel

There is a really great selection of rooms at the Hotel Pfeffel. In addition to the standard, there are, for example, the “Steinfeder” apartment, the “Federspiel” and “Smaragd” double rooms. All are super spacious and offer plenty of room to spread out.

A special highlight is the “Himmelsstiege” double room. What makes this so special? The bathroom area is separated from the sleeping and living area by stairs - sounds exciting, right? Ms. Pfeffel told us that brides and grooms especially love this room. During our house tour she showed us through these unique rooms and I have to say, they are really something special. That would also be worth considering if you want to treat yourself to a little luxury!


Spa with a view of the Danube
Spa with a view of the Danube from Hotel Pfeffel Dürnstein Wachau

The spa at Hotel Pfeffel in the Wachau

We have a relaxing afternoon in the spa, which is located on the upper floor of the Hotel Pfeffel. Luckily it's pretty empty so we have almost the whole place to ourselves. Some guests enjoy the sun on the terrace, which almost has a Mediterranean flair with its plants and the view of the Danube and Dürnstein.

With the pleasant temperatures of late summer, we can't resist taking a refreshing swim in the pool. Afterwards we are spoiled for choice: either we let ourselves dry in the sun on one of the deck chairs or we make ourselves comfortable on a lounger in the spa.

In between we prepare a cup of orange tea at the samovar, which feels really good. The crowning conclusion is a relaxing massage in the hotel's wellness area. This is how we spend our afternoon Garden hotel and winery Pfeffel * – completely relaxed and satisfied.


Inviting, right? The pool at Hotel Pfeffel Dürnstein Wachau
Inviting, right? The pool at the Hotel Pfeffel Dürnstein Wachau.

Relax in the saunas at the Pfeffel Wellness Hotel in the Wachau

If it gets a little cooler outside, that's no problem, because at the Wellness Hotel Pfeffel in the Wachau you can make yourself comfortable in one of the many saunas or in the steam bath. The selection is really impressive: In addition to a heated outdoor pool, there are various relaxation areas, a laconium bench, an infrared sauna, a Finnish sauna, a bio sauna, a classic steam bath and even a brine grotto.

So there is something for everyone, whether you prefer the deep warmth of the infrared sauna or want to really sweat it out in the Finnish sauna. And after a sauna session, feeling the cool, fresh air on your skin while you relax in one of the relaxation areas is simply wonderful. Ideal for unwinding and completely relaxing.


Sauna in the wellness area at Hotel Pfeffel
Sauna in the wellness area at Hotel Pfeffel


After you have thoroughly relaxed in the sauna or steam bath, you can really unwind in the relaxation room of the Pfeffel Wellness Hotel in the Wachau. Sit down, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the calming view of the Danube. There is really nothing better than enjoying the view of the calmly flowing river after a soothing sauna session and completely relaxing.


Relaxation room in the Pfeffel Wellness Hotel Wachau
Relaxation room in the Pfeffel Wellness Hotel Wachau

The wines of the Pfeffel family

At dinner at the Hotel Pfeffel we find out that the Pfeffel family not only runs the hotel, but also grows their own wines. For each of the five courses of our dinner we are served a matching glass of wine from their winery. And I have to say, the wines are really great! Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Zweigelt, Neuburger Smaragd and Muskateller – every sip is a pleasure and goes perfectly with the food.

The menu itself is light and digestible, mainly consisting of various vegetables and fruits. Chicken is only served with the main course. It's the perfect combination to really showcase the wines and end the evening with enjoyment. Simply a wonderful experience, both culinary and cultural!


The view of the Danube from Hotel Pfeffel Dürnstein Wachau
The view of the Danube from our gourmet room

Wachau wine at the Wachau Weingut Pfeffel

The next morning we decide to take part in the vineyard hike, which Alexander Pfeffel personally leads. He is not only the boss of the hotel, but also a passionate winemaker and runs the hotel together with his sister. Her father is also often there and lends a helping hand everywhere, and he especially loves being at the winery next door, which is also part of the family.

We met him several times during our stay at the Hotel Pfeffel, and we also saw him during the hike to the family-run winery. He drives through the vineyards in his electric vehicle, always keeping a close eye on the ongoing harvest.

Meanwhile, Alexander explains to us the special features of viticulture in the Wachau. He explains why terrace cultivation is so ideal here and leads us to the impressive stone terraces on which the vines thrive. He also talks about how his brother-in-law revolutionized vine care and pest protection through innovative methods. An educational morning that shows us the depth and passion with which the Pfeffel family cultivates their wine and their heritage.

Leopold Pfeffel then explains to us during a wine tasting that the family bought the last two stone terraces above his old winery. “The best wines grow there,” he reports. “You also have in Autumn enough sun. This gives them the sweetness as well as the minerals that wine needs to develop its character.” We can then try for ourselves how good the Wachau wines from the Wachau Weingut Pfeffel are.


Bedroom and living room in Hotel Pfeffel Dürnstein Wachau
Bedroom and living room in our gourmet room

We feel at home in the Pfeffel family's hotel

We feel the family solidarity on every corner here at the Pfeffel Garden Hotel and Winery in the Wachau. It's not just the winery that shows the family's close ties; This warm atmosphere is omnipresent throughout our stay. You simply feel welcome and completely comfortable – like part of the family. This feeling that everyone here is there for each other is what makes Pfeffel so charming.

Garden hotel and winery Pfeffel
To the sky stairs 122
3601 Dürnstein
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Have you ever stayed at the Hotel Pfeffel in the Wachau?

Then share your experiences and experiences with us in a comment. Maybe you have special tips on what not to miss there? Or have you enjoyed a dish in a restaurant that you liked? Our readers will appreciate your recommendations.

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The Wachau not only offers breathtaking landscapes and excellent wines, but also wonderful hotels with pools. The Hotel Pfeffel in the Wachau is one of the best. Here is also a list of other hotels with pools in the Wachau that promise relaxation as well as refreshing bathing pleasure:

1. Steigenberger Hotel and Spa, Krems*

location: High above the wine terraces of Krems
pool: Heated outdoor pool with panoramic views of the Danube
Features: Modern spa, regional cuisine in the on-site restaurant and elegant rooms that offer comfort and style.
Ideal for: Wellness lovers and those seeking peace and quiet

2. Hotel Richard Löwenherz, Dürnstein*

location: Right in the historic center of Dürnstein
pool: Outdoor pool surrounded by medieval monastery walls
Features: Romantic rooms with a view of the Dürnstein ruins, an idyllic garden and direct access to the Danube.
Ideal for: History buffs and romantics

3. Loisium Wine & Spa Resort Langenlois

location: In the heart of the Kamptal wine region, near the Wachau
pool: Outdoor pool with vineyard views
Features: in-house wine shop, spa areas with wine treatments, modern design that combines nature and comfort.
Ideal for: Wine lovers and those seeking relaxation

4. Hotel Schloss Dürnstein *

location: Situated majestically above the Danube valley
pool: Terraced outdoor pool with views of the Danube
Features: Historical ambience, luxurious furnishings and gourmet restaurant with excellent cuisine.
Ideal for: Luxury travelers and culture enthusiasts

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