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Discover the island of Texel on the North Sea

Windmill - one of the sights of Texel
One of the Texel attractions in our Texel travel guide - windmill behind the dike, a nice destination for a holiday on Texel

Tip in the Texel travel guide: use the Texel app for download, in which you can see which Texel sights and attractions are currently not crowded during your holiday on Texel.

Discover Texel with this guide

In this Texel travel guide you will find practical recommendations for a holiday on Texel with numerous Texel sights, tips and activities. The island on the North Sea is fascinating. Through their people. Because of the proximity to the mainland of The Netherlands, Because of its location in the sea. And because dunes, waves and wind determine life on the island. Petar and I love the sea. Above all, however, we like somewhat rough, lonely landscapes. When we visited in May, we experienced the Texel attractions in exactly the same way. Rough, windy and few people on the beach. During our stay on Texel we had travel ideas for a day on the island North Sea collected for you.

Arrival by ferry

Getting there on the Texel ferry is super easy. What you should know for your vacation on Texel:

  • If you are traveling by car, it is best to enter the address of your accommodation in Texel in yours Navigation device* on. If you don't have this, then enter Pontweg 1 in Den Hoorn / Texel.
  • You can book the Texel ferry on this page: https://www.teso.nl/de/
  • You do not book your ticket for a specific day or time. Instead, just join the queue you just opened. If necessary, the ferry company uses a second ferry to speed up the ferry service.
  • The current one Texel ferry timetable here.
  • The current The Helder Texel ferry costs here.
  • If you buy your ticket online, you do not even need a ticket. With the number plate recognition you can drive at the time of your choice on the Texel ferry.
  • If you have a printed ticket, you can scan the code via a reader at the entrance to the ferry.
  • Open barriers indicate which waiting area is being filled. There you join and wait until the barriers open when loading the ferry. Then you just follow the lanes onto the ferry.
  • The crossing over the Wadden Sea takes about 20 minutes.
  • On the return trip you do not need a ticket. You simply join the currently open queue and board.
  • Watch for discount offers on the ferry website. There are often early booking offers. If you book early enough, you can even translate for free to the island of Texel.

Texel arrival by train

Of course you can also travel to Texel by train. You also take the train to Den Helder. There you change to bus number 33. This will drop you off at the main entrance for pedestrians and moped / cyclists at the ferry station.

TESO Veerhaven Den Helder
Havenplein 3
NL-1781 AB Den Helder

On the way back to the train station, follow the signs to the bus, which you will find on board the ferry. Bus 33 runs once an hour according to the ferry schedule. (Warning: it does not start from the main entrance.)

You can find a map here.

Waiting for the ferry to drive to the sights of Texel
Waiting for the Texel ferry for vacation on Texel - tips in the Texel travel guide

Texel Parking - You should know that

In Texel, parking in cities and beaches costs money. In some places, the parking duration is limited to a certain period of time. Therefore you should not forget your parking disc. The Parking fee can be conveniently paid online for your entire island stay. This is the easiest method. So you can make your holiday on Texel completely relaxed. You choose the period for which you need the vignette, enter your license plate, pay the fee. Finished. Vignette and receipt are available by email. You do not need a receipt because your license plate shows the inspector that the parking fee has been paid. Alternatively, you can also buy the vignette at parking ticket machines. You can only pay there by bank or credit card. Cash is not accepted. Currently (16.01.2020) parking costs 1, - € for 10 day, 8, - € for 20 days.

Discover Texel all year round with this guide

In the summer is certainly more going on the island. However, May is the perfect travel time for those who want to avoid the hustle and bustle and enjoy nature in peace. We were on the island at the time, when the lambs are born in the sheep farms, Find out more about this in this article. At the same time, however, we visited the shores of the island. What we have discovered here, we introduce you here.

That has to be in the suitcase

  • You will be walking a lot on your vacation on Texel. Therefore belong comfortable shoes in the suitcase.
  • In the summer months you can relax on the beach. These Beach utensils you need for that.
  • Take one Binoculars* for bird watching with. There are good opportunities for this in the national park and along the coast.
  • A stiff breeze can blow at the sea all year round. A windbreaker * does good service.
  • Use our Hiking checklist. With this you can check what you need for a hike.

Texel sights

The island of Texel Holland is both a paradise for beach lovers and outdoor fans, as well as a destination that offers great opportunities for those looking for peace, like to stroll through small villages and want to experience the island and their way of life intensively.

Den Hoorn

Den Hoorn is just a few kilometers from the ferry terminal. He used to be right by the sea. Today it is by Polderland and a dike from the coast. In the former port of Den Hoorn street names and old houses still point to the sailors past of the place. The pilots once lived here, showing ships the way through the shallows of the Wadden Sea. Off the coast, sandbars, which are constantly changing their location, and sunken ships make the passage through the Wadden Sea dangerous. In addition, many whalers lived in Den Hoorn. In a house in the Heerenstraat 49 you can see how they lived.

The land between Den Hoorn and the dike was created by humans. The polder landscapes today serve as pasture for cattle and sheep. In addition, one grows in the vicinity of the place daffodils for the flower bulb production. Striking are the fences that separate the individual plots from each other. They consist of grass sods, because on Texel there was hardly any wood at the time when this land originated. Therefore, they simply prized pieces of grass and piled them up to about one meter high walls. These separate fields and pastures from each other and prevent the livestock moving freely over the pastures.


The Schapenboete - sheepshed

During our vacation on Texel, we keep noticing buildings that look as if they are only half finished. These are Schapenboete. This is what the sheep shed is called, in which hay and fodder for the sheep are kept. They mostly point to the northeast with the flat side. There is also the entrance door to the building. The reason for this is that the winds blow mainly from the southwest. This protects the barns from the strong sea winds. Today the scales are hardly used anymore. However, some have been restored and are used for other purposes.

Sheep barn - one of the sights of Texel
Sheep barn, one of the typical Texel attractions - a tip in our Texel travel guide

Napoleon's forts - historic Texel attractions

On Schansweg just outside Oudeschild there are three fortresses. Fort de Schans - the oldest - goes back to Willem of Oranje, who had it build 1574. In the Golden Age of Holland, when the ships of the Dutch East India Company sailed the oceans, the fort served at times as a prison. There they locked up mutineers. Some were even executed in it.

1811 Napoleon Bonaparte came to Texel. He had Fort de Schans expanded and built two more forts in the neighborhood: Fort Lunette and Fort Redoute. Fort de Schans has since been restored. Of the other two fortresses only the foundations are visible.

The hill"

To put it right: Texel is flat! Very flat! Brettel-just, so to speak. There is no trace of hills here. Nevertheless, the islanders refer to the spot in the photo as "hill". It is just a few meters higher than the surrounding country. Even I manage this hill with my left. Although I don't like going uphill. It is the relations that give the names here. The differences in height are small on Texel. Therefore, a small elevation is referred to as a hill. Somehow I find that likeable. Definitely humorous.

View from the dike to the hill - one of the sights of Texel
Texel travel guide Tip: the view from the dike on the hill of Texel and the windmill, typical Texel attractions

The hill is just behind the dike on the mainland side of the island. On one side we see the "hill", on the other side the sea. Every Texelian explains to us that this is one of the Texel attractions. For us Bavaria this is hardly recognizable. But to see him we have to take a few steps uphill. Because the country in which the "hill" is located is below sea level. It is drained through canals. Protected by dikes. You don't see the sea immediately. You either have to climb dikes. Or overcome dunes. Only behind that does the blue of the North Sea stretch.


Our favorite place on the island of Texel is Oudeschild. It is the only island town that still has a port today. This is located on the island side that faces the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer. For us it is one of the Texel attractions that you have to see. From here the fishermen go out to fish the plaice and sole from the North Sea. Crab cutters catch shrimps and herrings, others go hunting for shellfish. At the weekend, a visit to the port of Oudeschild is particularly worthwhile. Then the fishing fleet is in the harbor. The ships arrive in the port on Friday afternoon. At weekends, you can watch the fishermen maintain their ships and repair the nets. Then there is a lot going on in the port of Oudeschild. Or would you like to take a crab cutter ride? That is also possible from Oudeschild.

We follow the road that runs along the harbor. At the same time we see the port facilities, which are reserved for guests. During our visit, a sailing ship with a Swedish flag is currently in port. Oudeschild also has two marinas. The first one is available for the yachts of the inhabitants. This is followed by a marina for visitors. King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima with their children are said to have been guests in their sailing ship.


In the footsteps of the sailors

Oudeschild itself was an important port in the golden days of Dutch seafaring. The ships of the Dutch East India Company moored here when they returned from their trade trips around the world. I find it fascinating that you have to go to the side of the island facing away from the North Sea if you want to see a port on your holiday on Texel.

Oudeschild in the golden age - a must among the sights of Texel
Our Texel travel guide tip for history fans: One of the Texel attractions in Oudeschild in the Golden Age

Kaap Skil - The beach goods museum in Oudeschild

Again and again these commercial drivers got caught in one of the storms that did not stop at this North Sea island. So that's how it had to come. Ships kept sinking in the North Sea. The current drove many of the things ashore on Texel. Beach collectors, or jutters, as the Texelans call them, have been collecting these things for centuries. Amazing things keep popping up on the island beaches. These have been put together in the Kaap Skil shipping and beach museum in Oudeschild, one of the Texel attractions that you shouldn't miss. Here you will find everything from rusted anchors to old cannons to Chinese porcelain. Also worth seeing is the reconstruction of the old port of Oudeschild in the basement of the museum. Here you get a good impression of what the place looked like in the golden days of Dutch seafaring.

Fishing huts in the Kaap Skil Museum in Oudeschild, one of the sights of Texel that you shouldn't miss
Texel travel guide Tip: the fishing huts in the Kaap Skil Museum in Oudeschild - one of the Texel sights that we particularly like

In the outdoor area we go through some fishermen's huts. These show how the fishermen used to live on the island. Next door is a windmill that originally stood in Zaandam. Already beginning of the 20. In the 19th century they were torn off and rebuilt here in Oudeschild. In their cultivation thousands of buoys, scraped bottles and other odds and ends, which the Jutter got from the sea, overwhelm us.

Kaap Skil (click for a map)

Heemskerckstraat 9
1792 AA Oudeschild

This is how you once lived in Oudeschild, sights of Texel
That is how one once lived in Oudeschild


About one and a half kilometers inland is the place Oosterend. Today more fishermen live here than in the neighboring Oudeschild. Once the place itself was a port city. Due to the land reclamation by draining the polders, the sea is now a few kilometers away. The boats of the fishermen of Oosterend are now in the harbor of Oudeschild. From there they drive out to the North Sea for fishing. Worth seeing is the place especially because of its village idyll. Cobbled streets run through Oosterend. The houses are lovingly maintained. In front of a bank, a cat stretches in the sun. The place exudes a calm that creates well-being.


The Waelstee Museum in De Waal

De Waal is the smallest place on the island of Texel. About 225 people live here. One of the Texel attractions that are worthwhile is the Waelstee Museum. We look at what the Texelans' life was like over 100 years ago. Where today the children of the island ride bicycles on the dirt roads and streets, they were once pulled by goats in children's carriages. We discover such a “Bokkewagen” in the museum. Her parents preferred to ride horse-drawn carriages across the island in the Sunday state on weekends.

It also shows how cow's milk has been processed into cheese. This was the work of women, as was the running of the household. They did the work in the house while their husbands took the boats out to sea or did heavy work, such as the local blacksmith.

Museum Walestee - Click here for a map

Hogereind 6
1793 AG De Waal


Den Burg

Den Burg is the main town on the island of Texel. It must not call itself a city, because none of the island towns still have city rights. However, Den Burg most closely corresponds to a small town. Here we find everything that such a needs. From shopping to a selection of restaurants and hotels to the offices that are responsible for the island administration, everything is in Den Burg. Nevertheless, the place exudes a cosiness and tranquility that makes a vacation on Texel so pleasant.

De Cocksdorp

We continue to the north end of the island. There is the place De Cocksdorp, the youngest and northernmost village of Texel. Only founded 1836 after the salt meadow between Eierland and Texel was created by dike construction, it is now a holiday resort. However, most visitors attract something else, namely the Texel lighthouse.


The lighthouse

Unlike the lighthouse at the northern end of Texel. We see this from afar. You have to. Finally, he should help the ships in front of the island in the orientation. He does. He stands out from the dunes with a white lace. Even from the interior of the island, he can already be seen from a distance. Is he standing on the dunes? He towers above the seemingly endless sandy beach. On this a few beach walkers cavort. Some beach sailors use the emptiness and length of the beach to let themselves be driven by the wind along the water. Otherwise there are only a few visitors here who came by bus.

Lighthouse on the North Sea - one of the most important sights of Texel
A highlight in our Texel travel guide: the lighthouse on the island of Texel on the North Sea, one of the top Texel attractions

Tips for accommodation near the lighthouse

  • Thuis bij Frans en Els Stay overnight with a view of the lighthouse. Just steps away from the lighthouse and beach is this bed and breakfast.
  • Duinpark de Robbenjager Only 2 minutes to the beach and 6 minutes walk to the lighthouse are these accommodations.
  • Boutique Hotel Texel More luxurious, but not directly on the beach and the lighthouse, you can spend the night in nearby Cooksdorp.

Sights of Texel in the north
Texel Travel Guide Tip: Visit the north of the island of Texel - one of the natural Texel sights

Your destination is the lighthouse. Ours as well. We go up a few steps again. There rises the red signal tower. His light should be seen in the dark even to Leeuwarden south of Amsterdam. In any case, its history is interesting. During the Second World War, the Georgian revolt took place around the lighthouse. The bullet holes can still be seen in the walls of the lighthouse.

lighthouse (click for a map)

Lighthouse road 184
1795 LN De Cocksdorp

Beach pavilion Kaap Noord

The island of Texel on the North Sea fulfills the cliché that I associate with places like this one. Wind, sea air and sun make you hungry. Therefore, the lunch break in the beach pavilion Kaap Noord comes just right. Eating right on the beach overlooking the sea is something special for us Bavaria. Something rare. Something we definitely like very much. Despite the fresh sea breeze outdoor tables are already occupied. Therefore, we are looking for a place inside.

The selection on the menu is extensive. There is everything from fish to salads to Dutch croquettes. The prices are reasonable. And the food is good. We watch the kitesurfers in the water with fresh mussels and salmon salad. The wind blows past our field of vision at a rapid pace. I could sit here for hours watching the goings-on Beach observe. But there is more to see by the sea on the island of Texel.

Salmon salad - there are also culinary sights of Texel
Culinary Texel travel guide Tip: try the salmon salad
Fried mussels - one of the culinary sights of Texel
Fried mussels

Ecomare in De Koog

For the afternoon we recommend a visit to the Ecomare in De Koog. This is originally a rescue station for injured animals. In the meantime, however, it has become an interesting place for anyone interested in the wildlife of the island. We learn a lot about the Wadden Sea, the North Sea and the island of Texel.

Sperm whale skeleton in Ecomare - sights of Texel
Texel travel guide Tip: the sperm whale skeleton in Ecomare - Texel sights of a special kind

How a sperm whale finances its own museum

Even sperm whales are already stranded on the beaches of Texel. One of them ensured that this information center was created. You found the precious amber in your body. It is a substance that some sperm whales develop in their digestive tract. It is used to make expensive perfume. Amber is very rare and therefore very valuable. One of sperm whaleswho were stranded on the island had large amounts of amber in his body. This was sold at a high profit. This was used to finance the construction of the plant. The whale himself took care of the construction of the exhibition space, in which his skeleton hangs so impressively on the ceiling today.

Humpback whale - one of the sights of Texel
This humpback whale is one of the Texel sights in Ecomare - a visit is a must on a holiday on Texel

On the outdoor area and in the aquariums you can also see different species of animals living on and in the North Sea. We spot gannets, harbor porpoises and a variety of fish. As the resort is located in the dunes of Texel, the natural environment is not far away. With a little luck you can see seabirds walking through the dunes.

Ecomare (click for a map)

Ruijslaan 92
1796 AZ De Koog


The Texel National Park

The Texel National Park stretches along the entire west coast of Texel from the lighthouse to the southern tip. It is one of the Texel attractions that we particularly recommend for a holiday on Texel. This includes the dune regions as well as the forests and bird protection areas. It is crossed by bike and hiking trails and offers an original nature experience. We stayed at our trip in Apartment Hotel Bos en Duin * which is located on the edge of the forest area of ​​the national park in the interior of the island. From here you have great opportunities for cycling and hiking on quiet country roads and forest roads. We especially enjoyed the absolute peace, which you can enjoy in the middle of nature.


Follow us on our trip to the Texel attractions in Petar's video and discover more tips for a holiday on Texel on the North Sea:

Videos are subject to copyright

Questions and Answers

  • How long is Texel? - The island is 23,7 km long and 9,6 km wide
  • Where is the island of Texel? - It is located in the Dutch province of North Holland and is the southernmost island in the Wadden Sea.
  • How much does the ferry from Den Helder to Texel cost? - In January 2020, the return trip by ferry by car and max. 9 people € 37 for an outward journey on Fri / Sat / Sun / Mon. If you travel to the island on Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday, it will be even cheaper at € 25. You can find the current prices on the Website of the ferry.
  • How long is the ferry to Texel? - The crossing takes 20 minutes. The ferry departs from Den Helder every weekday between 6: 30 and 21: 30. On Sundays and public holidays and depending on the season, the ferry service starts later. Exact and current information can be found on the Website of the ferry.
  • Is the island of Texel car-free? - No, cars are allowed on Texel. However, there are many and narrow highways where cars are rarely encountered. There you will find more tractors and farmers driving to their fields.

Travel Arrangements:

Getting there

KLM and Lufthansa fly to Amsterdam. From there it goes by train and bus to the ferry terminal in Den Helder. We traveled by car to Den Helder and from there by ferry to the island. Do you like to spend more time on the journey? Then we recommend one Road trip through the Hanseatic cities in Holland.


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Texel sights

Sheep farm (Schapenboerderij)

Pontweg 77
Den Burg
Tel. 06 44926046

Sheep farm and cheese factory Wezenspyk

Hoornderweg 29
Den Burg


Hotels, apartments and other accommodation on Texel * You can also book through our partner booking.com at this link. We have in Boutique Hotel Texel * and in Hotel De Lindeboom in Den Burg * spent the night.
Further travel tips for culinary delights and enjoyment can be found in our Blog for Travel Tips to Savor .

Sights of Texel
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Source for the article Texel Sights and Texel Attractions: own research on site. We also thank VVV Texel and atvision for the kind support of this trip. Our opinion, however, remains our own.

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      Hello Elena,

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      Liebe Sabine

      Texel is not an island that shows its fascinating sides at first glance. But if you take your time and get involved with the people and the individual places, there is a lot to discover there.

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      Dear Kathi,

      Texel is fascinating as almost all islands. The island life is always something special. A culinary island specialty does not strike me right away, but cheese is definitely one of them. You should not miss it.

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    Oh the island is a dream!

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