Is there the Loch Ness monster really?

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Where is the Loch Ness monster

Discover Loch Ness

On our tour of Loch Ness we hear the question again and again: Does the Loch Ness Monster really exist? Or not? That was the question we asked ourselves on our Loch Ness Tour from Inverness. For two days we went in search of clues. Our Loch Ness tour was always exciting. Our first impression of Scotland. And our first contact with the Scots.




It should have a snake body. To resemble a dinosaur from ancient times. Some have even discovered crocodiles on the lake shore. Were they the Loch Ness monster? Or are they still only illusions that vorspiegelt a lashed by the wind sea surface. Even wave crests look from afar like the body of a giant snake. Or the neck of a dinosaur, which is said to the monster again and again. The selection is definitely great.


Tour Loch Ness - Petar is looking for the monster


A picture from the thirties shows an indistinct figure with a slender neck. The picture reminds me of a Brontosaurus with its long neck. From his body is not visible in the photo. However, the recording is so unclear that the being depicted on it could be anything. Even St. Columba, an Irish monk who was Christianizing the Picts in and around Inverness, is said to have saved a man from the Loch Ness monster. That, at least, tells us Cameron, our city guide in Inverness, with a wink in his eyes.


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Two days at Loch Ness

In any case, we travel along the Loch Ness on both days of our stay in Inverness. On the first day we follow the narrow and less traveled road on the east bank. Here we meet only a few cars, cyclists and hikers on the way. The faster road on the west bank the next day is more busy. Here are the tourist buses that bring their passengers to the jetties. From these lay off the boats that offer excursions on the Loch Ness.


Our tour
Our tour Loch Ness takes us to Nessie Hunter


The Nessiehunter

A good eight miles drive from Inverness to Dores Bay. The Dores Inn car park is located on the shores of Loch Ness, as shown by a sign in front of the long and dark lake. Next to it is a motley camper van, decorated with a weathered tree trunk in front of the entrance. This is where Steve Feltham, one of the bizarre personalities who devote their lives to hunting for Loch Ness's monster, lives here. His caravan reminds me a bit of the home of the Eagle Lady of Alaska, whom I met in Homer years ago. Places like these seem to attract exceptional people. Although the Nessie hunter lives at Loch Ness for many years and is on the lookout for the monster, he has not seen it yet. Thus the hunter of the Loch Ness monster also owes us proofs.


View above the Falls of Foyers - one of the best views along Loch Ness


Falls of Foyers

So we get up and continue to the waterfalls of Foyers. The falls are below us in the steep hills that surround the lake. From the vantage point on the road we have a beautiful view of Loch Ness between huge trees down to the lake. The waterfalls, which in Gaelic are called Smoking Falls, plunge a good fifty yards into the depths. After heavy rains the sight is impressive. Then the spray of the cases extends to the upper vantage point. However strained we look through the trees to the lake, Nessie does not show us.

After lunch in Cameron's Tea Room let's first leave the lake shore. The next day, however, we take a taxi to Clansman Harbor.


Jacobite Warrior


Did we find the monster?

The Jacobite Cruises boat departs from below the Loch Ness Clansman Hotel. The drive to Urquart Castle takes half an hour. This ruined castle is located on a small peninsula that juts out into the lake. It was once one of the largest castles in Scotland. Although it is only a ruin today, you can guess how imposing the castle once towered over the lake. She was exposed to many attacks for 500 years. You can find out more about the history of the castle in the visitor center above the castle ruins. Time for this is planned for the boat trip. In an hour you can easily climb the hill above the ruins and see them from ever new angles along the way.


Urquart Castle on our Loch Ness Tour
Urquart Castle


Again, Nessie appears neither during our stay at Urquart Castle nor on the way back to Clansman Harbor.

Our Nessie sightings on our Loch Ness tour

Because of the bustle around the sea monster we had expected to meet him at every turn. In souvenir shops. As a statue. Or on billboards. That was not so. Only when we make a walk from our bed and breakfast in Drumnadrochit to the Fiddlers Highland Restaurant in the center of the village on the third evening, suddenly the striking dinosaur head on the slender neck to our left emerges from the bushes. Is there the Loch Ness monster, after all? However, it quickly turns out that this is a plastic replica of the creature photographed in the 1930s photograph.

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Nessie on our Loch Ness tour


The question of whether Nessie really exists and what it is, we can not answer as little as Steve Feltham, the Nessiehunter. It remains a secret worth exploring. In any case, Loch Ness is worth a visit - whether you believe in the sea monster or not.

Movie impressions

Is Nessie really the Loch Ness monster? Check it out! It is worth it! Even though we only saw Nessie as a plastic figure on Loch Ness.



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Is there the Loch Ness monster really?

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    1. Dear Nicole,

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