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Kazan attractions Russia

Kul Sharif Mosque in Kazan Russia and Annunciation Cathedral in Kazan
Kazan Russia, city on the Volga River - Kul Sharif Mosque and Annunciation Cathedral

Kazan Russia sights

Kazan Russia, the city on the Volga, is the capital of Tatarstan. After Moscow and St. Petersburg, it is one of the most important cities in tourism in Russia with more than one million inhabitants. This is where the river cruise ships that travel the Volga land. Kazan is about 800 km east of Moscow. It is a center of Islam in Russia. A large Orthodox community also lives in Kazan. Coexistence of the two faiths works remarkably well. Otherwise, Kazan is hardly known in the west, just like the Republic of Tatarstan. It was no different for us before we spent three days in Kazan. The question "Where is Tatarstan?“We've heard it before. There are now direct flights from Aeroflot from Frankfurt to Kazan. In 2018, Kazan hosted the World Cup.

Kazan Russia map


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The city Kazan / Kazan Russia
Kazan on the Volga

Kazan attractions

As a city with 1,2 million inhabitants, Kazan offers many attractions. Kazan on the Volga is a city whose history reaches into the 12. Century goes back. At the same time, she is a young city that has undergone a transformation from a Soviet city to a western-oriented city in recent years. In addition, Muslims and Christians live peacefully together in Kazan. This is also expressed in the Kazan attractions. In addition, one can see from the attractions in Kazan that cultures and ethnic groups meet in this city. Over the centuries, a peaceful coexistence between Russians and Tatars, which continues today. On the basis of their historical heritage visitors gain a good insight into what they have contributed to the history of Kazan.

Kazan Russia Map (city plan)

In the Kremlin of Kazan
In the Kremlin of Kazan

Kremlin - one of the top Kazan Russia attractions

One of the best examples is the Kazan Kremlin, which towers high above the Kazanka River. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kremlin is one of the city's major attractions. The most important buildings of the Kremlin are the 2005 opened Kul Sharif mosque and the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation. Originally, instead of the cathedral, there was a wooden church that was already built by 1552 under Ivan IV.


However, construction of the cathedral with its five cross domes began just three years later. It was completed in 1562. A bell tower was built in the 17th century. However, the domes only got the onion shape in the 18th century. Since 2005 the cathedral has housed an image of the “Our Lady of Kazan"That dates from the 18th century.

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Both houses of worship dominate the image of the Kremlin. The spiers of the mosque reflect the blue domes of the cathedral, as if to express the coexistence of religions in the harmony of their colors.

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The Government of Kazan attaches importance to not disturb this peace. Therefore, the star that crowns the Spassky Tower at the south entrance to the Kremlin since the 1930s, is not replaced by a cross that used to be there. Other attractions of the Kremlin include the Sujumbike Tower, the Savior Gate (Spassky Tower), the Governor's Palace and the Transfiguration Monastery.

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The family center of Kazan Russia - the Kazan pot
The "Kazan Pot"

Registry office in the city of Kazan Russia

I do not know a city in which the registry office of the city is one of the sights. In Kazan, however, this building is so extraordinary that it can not be overlooked. The shape of a cauldron reminds of the time of the Tartars who traveled through the countryside as nomads. In its interior, couples today conclude the bond of marriage. From the roof of the family center you also have a good view of the river and the surrounding area.

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The Tatar quarter of Kazan
The Tatar quarter

Tatar quarter in Kazan Russia

Worth seeing is the district of Tatars at ul. Kayuma Nasyri. Wooden houses make this district very colorful. The gates to the courtyards and the house facades are decorated with wooden ornaments. In between are mosques. At the Tatar Inn you can also get to know the culinary specialties of the Tatars. Even today you can find villages in the countryside in Tatarstan that look similar.

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The St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Kazan Russia
The St. Peter and Paul Cathedral

Cathedral - one of the more unknown attractions in Kazan

The architectural style of the Naryshkin Baroque makes this cathedral especially worth seeing. This is an architectural style that ends in Russia in the 17. and the beginning of 18. Century was widespread. Typical of this are the ornaments on its facade. The details are well preserved. Donations made by trader Ivan Mikhlyaev made it possible to build the church. Famous people visited the cathedral. These included Catherine II, Peter the Great and Alexander Pushkin. Alexandre Dumas and Alexander Humboldt mentioned her in her works. However, it impresses us above all because of its architectural style.

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The state puppet theater in Kazan
The state puppet theater

State Puppet Theater - one of the nice attractions of Kazan. Russia

Striking is the architecture of the building. This shows already from the outside, what is played in the theater. It is one of the leading puppet shows in Russia. Tales are told of the peoples of the world. There are also historical and contemporary pieces.

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The Kazan Arena
The Kazan Arena


The Arena of Kazan on the Volga there are since 2013. The Rubin Kazan Stadium was the venue of the Universiade. Today the games of Rubin Kazan take place in it. 2017 and 2018 also serve as the venue for the FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2018 World Cup. It can accommodate more than 45.000 viewers. On its front, there is also the largest open-air screen in Europe.

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Temple of all religions in Kazan
Temple of all religions

Temple of all religions - one of the Kazan attractions on the outskirts of the city

The temple of religions goes back to an idea of ​​the artist Ildar Khanow. However, he did not want to unite all religions under one roof. Rather, he wanted to create a symbol for the unity of souls. His temple of religions, however, is not finished yet. He is financed by donations. As soon as money is available, it will continue to be built. With its architecture, it is definitely one of the major attractions of the city.

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Statue of Fyodor Chaliapin in the tree
Statue of Fyodor Chaliapin in Bauman street

Bauman street

Anyone visiting Kazan on the Volga should not miss a walk on Bauman Street. This is the pedestrian area of ​​the city. Especially in the evenings she is beautiful. Then the facades of the old buildings are illuminated. Many shops are open until late at night. Street musicians show their skills on the street. The road stretches from Pushkin Street to the banks of the Kazanka River.

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Tours in Kazan Russia

Since we are in the first time Win and in Russia, we looked at the city on guided tours. Without them we would certainly not have seen all the sights of the city. Besides, and that was very important to us, we wanted to get to know the city with locals. So we could ask questions and get a picture of the city and its inhabitants. While they certainly did not answer all our questions openly, we still got a better look into the city, its history and attractions, as if we had looked at them without a guided tour. Here are some of the most popular tours in Kazan:

Further tours through Kazan you can find here*.

You can see impressions of the Kazan sights in Petar's video. Check it out! It is worth it ..

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Travel Arrangements:

Getting there

Various airlines fly to it Win, Aeroflot offers two scheduled flights a week from Frankfurt to Kazan.


City tours, city tours and trips to the Republic of Kazan in Tatarstan you can easy to book via this link *.


We have three days in the Riviera Hotel in Kazan * Overnight, a four-star hotel on the banks of the Kazanka River, which flows into the Volga River near Kazan. Further Hotels in Kazan * you can also find here. Hotels in Tatarstan * There's this link.


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What is the Kazan pot?

This is the name of the registry office of Kazan. This building is so extraordinary that it can not be overlooked. The shape of a cauldron reminds of the time of the Tartars who traveled through the countryside as nomads.

Where do I book a Kazan hotel for a city tour?

Hotels are best located near Bauman Street or on the north bank of the Kazanka River. From there you can reach the sights of Kazan best. Book your hotel in Kazan here *

Where can I find a cheap hostel in Kazan?

Kazan offers several hostels. Here is an extensive list: Beech Kazan hostels here


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    Thank you both for these beautiful impressions of Kazan. The city looks very fascinating and exciting. I'm really looking forward to being there myself in about 2 weeks. Your article has increased my anticipation again :) Greetings Schwabski

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      Hello Schwabski,

      I'm glad if you like our reports about Kazan. The city and its surroundings are really worth the trip. Not only did the city inspire us. Also, the two UNESCO World Heritage sites nearby were impressive.

      Have fun in Russia,

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