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Experience Kassel sights

Kassel sights
The Devil's Bridge is one of Kassel's sights


Experience Kassel sights

Discover Kassel sights such as the water games in Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe optimally. Here you will find tips on what to look out for when visiting. There are also recommendations on where to eat well in Kassel as well as other tips on what to do in the city Hesse can do. Kassel Germany sights are worth a trip.


Green sauce - a Hessian specialty

Where to eat in Kassel?

Eating well in Kassel? In this Kassel restaurant the In Which Kassel restaurant can you eat well in Kassel? During our visit to the three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kassel area, we looked for good restaurants. We found what we were looking for here. At a rustic inn and a café that not only offers great cakes, but also Kassel and Hessian specialties. Our tip: you can eat well here in Kassel. A visit is worthwhile once you are in Kassel ...
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the brothers Grimm

What can one do in Kassel? - Three top tips for the summer

What can you do in Kassel? The question "What can you do in Kassel?" isn't that far-fetched after all. Until now Kassel was mainly known to us as the venue for the Documenta. We didn't know much more about the city. The city of Kassel and its surroundings in Northern Hesse offer three attractions that are so important that they are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We visited these on a trip to the region. This led us into almost primeval forests, to a ...
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The Devil's Bridge

Kassel Wasserspiele - You should know this, before you visit them

Kassel water games in Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe: what you should know We visit the Kassel water games in Hesse. It mumbles, bubbles and splashes around us! In the midst of the crowds, we are stuck just a few meters below the statue of Hercules and cannot move any more. We're being pushed. Down the stairs. And these are steep. 539 steps from the top of the Karlsberg along the Great Cascade and always wedged between slabs of rock that limit the path to the left and right. Driven forward by thousands ...
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Kassel sights
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