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Kleinwalsertal Eating and drinking is hearty and homemade. When the invitation to the Walser Gourmet Days fluttered into our house, we knew immediately that this is something we want to experience. There was something about the gourmet region of game and beef, a weekly market and hotels in which enjoyment and wellness play a role. So exactly the combination of experiences that we are looking for on our travels. We shouldn't be disappointed. The three and a half days we're in Kleinwalsertal were pure enjoyment! Perhaps our experiences will whet your appetite for indulgence in Kleinwalsertal in Austria? We would be glad. We discovered this on our trip:


Walser weekly market
The Walser weekly market takes place every Friday in front of the Walserhaus in Hirschegg

Try Kleinwalsertal food at the weekly market in Hirschegg

A visit to the market goes wonderfully with a weekend full of indulgence. The Walser weekly market takes place every Friday on the village square of Hirschegg in front of the Walserhaus. On the occasion of the Walser Gourmet Days, specialties from the Farms from the Kleinwalsertal and other culinary regions in Austria. So here we come across it again Vulcano ham from Styria or the apricots from the Wachau.


Walser snack
Enjoy food at the gala concert on the Kleinwalsertal meadow




The main products on the market, however, are meat and sausage products from the gourmet region game and beef - and there are variations. The smell already attracts me to the sausage stand with country hunters and types of ham. It smells intensely of smoked meat. The types of ham make my mouth water. Until then I had thought there was only one type of Landjäger sausage, so I was taught better here. There are dry and tough country hunters, but also those who are easy to chew. They are all good.


Sorts of ham at the weekly Walser market are part of Kleinwalsertal Essen


Herbs from mountain meadows

There are also herbal mixtures and herbal salts that come with herbs from the mountain meadows. The mixtures and salts look colorful. There are specialists in the valley who are very familiar with the effects of herbs. They make herbal pastes that help with ailments. If you want, you can make your body butter or Allgäu rubbing alcohol in the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel together with the Walser herbalist Lydia Fritz-Ilg. You just have to let them know in good time.


What you need for a trip to Kleinwalsertal


herbal blends
Herbal mixtures at the weekly market in Wals spice up Kleinwalsertal food



The types of honey at one stand further show how diverse the landscape and flora in the Kleinwalsertal is. There is mountain blossom honey, fir honey, chestnut honey and forest honey. We can see for ourselves where the bees collect the nectar for it. The wildflowers are blooming everywhere in the valleyaround which the bees and bumblebees are buzzing. There they collect the raw material for the types of honey that are sold in the market. Their flavors and consistencies range from fine creamy to aromatic to strong and tart. So there is something for every taste.


Types of honey at the Walser weekly market - Kleinwalsertal Essen - freshly collected


Homemade jams

The situation is similar with the jams: here, too, the fruits from the valley are enriched. There is strawberry-rhubarb jam or strawberry jam with mint. In another glass I discover Aperol Spritz with pure orange or rhubarb jam. The types of jam are seasonal. Because almost everywhere there are strawberries, even if sometimes mixed with fruits and spices like the strawberry-pineapple jam or the one with bourbon vanilla. They all sound tempting!


Jams at the Walser weekly market - eat Kleinwalsertal - homemade


A home-distilled wine or fruit wine

A lavish and sometimes hearty snack made from these products naturally requires a “schnapps” to digest. The selection of spirits and wines that we discover on the market is impressive. We see wines made from rose hips, quinces, blueberries, honey mead and cherries. If you want to be stronger, you can find quince brandy, vanilla cream liqueur or Goij berry liqueur. The imagination knows no limits.


Various "Schnapps" at the Walser weekly market - Kleinwalsertal Drink


Vegetables and fruit are not typical for Kleinwalsertal food

I find the fabric baskets with vegetables and the fruit stalls the most appetizing. The products look so crisp that I want to bite into them right away. However, not all fruits and vegetables come from the area. The grapes, peaches and nectarines come from Italy, the apricots from France. Strawberries, beer radish and carrots grew in Germany. Here demand determines supply.


Vegetable basket - fresh Kleinwalsertal food
Fresh vegetables from the region - Kleinwalsertal Essen

Game, beef and cheese are part of the Kleinwalsertal food

It looks different with meat and sausage. On the second day of our stay in Vorarlberg let's go looking for specialty shops in the valley. These offer products from the region. We almost only discover products from the valley. There are types of sausage such as Walser chamois sausage, venison salami or venison ham, lamb sausage, beef ham, Kaminwurzen or chamois Pfefferbeisser. It is similar with the cheeses. We discover Walser and Hittisauer mountain cheese, Allgäu mountain cheese or mountain herb cheese.


Mountain cheese is part of the Kleinwalsertal Essen
Mountain cheese from the "smokehouse"


A must for connoisseurs - the smokehouse in Riezlern

The owner of the “smokehouse” in Riezlern tells us that only some of his cheeses come from the farmers in the valley. “We buy cheese from dairy farmers with it. There's not enough of it in the valley, ”he explains. “However, we still smoke the meat ourselves.” The fact that his hams and sausages taste good is confirmed by a family who have just left the shop and advise a group of customers: “Make it here snack. It's sooo good! "


Smokehouse - Kleinwalsertal Food to try
Specialties from the Kleinwalsertal


Eating in Walser hotels

In our hotel, the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel, we find out that you can eat well in Kleinwalsertal. The valley's star chef works there. He's on vacation during our stay. Therefore his restaurant, the “Kilian Stuba”, is closed. The main restaurant is also impressive with its cuisine. Variety is very important here. One evening we get tavern food at the starter buffet. The next day we pick up the starter in the show kitchen and on the third there is an antipasti buffet. The main courses and soups are just as varied: there is always a choice between fish, meat or vegetarian. As a meat lover, I enjoy veal, venison and a sea bream on the three evenings (because lamb is not one of the types of meat that I like).


Veal - Kleinwalsertal Food in the restaurant
Veal with heart-cherry sauce


Gourmet hosts and gourmet huts serve Kleinwalsertal food

Those who prefer hearty food are in good hands with the gourmet hosts and the gourmet huts. There are 14 gourmet inns and five gourmet huts in the Kleinwalsertal. Sascha Kemmerer, the head chef at the Travel Charme Ifen Hotel, has a Michelin star and 16 Gault Millau points. He follows his vocational school teacher Ortwin Adam, who received the first Michelin star for a hotel in 1978. So it's no wonder that the Kleinwalsertal was the best gourmet region in Austria in 2014 and is both national and state winner.

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Kleinwalsertal Eating and drinking
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Kleinwalsertal Eating and drinking
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