Kazan Arena - What you should know about them

FIFA World Cup 2018

The Kazan Arena

The Kazan Arena was one of the venues of the FIFA World Cup 2018. On the 27. June 2018 played there the German national football team in the preliminary round against South Korea. The Rubin Kazan Stadium is located in Kazan city, the capital of the Russian republic Tatarstan, The city is known to us at most sports friends who are interested in the football games of Rubin Kazan.

Facts about the arena:

  • Home stadium of FC Rubin Kazan
  • Opening: on the 14.06.2013
  • Capacity: 45.105 seats
  • Planning and design: Architectural firm Populous (they had already designed the London Wembley Stadium and the Stade des Lumières in Lyon)
  • The shape of the stadium is modeled after a water lily.
  • The world's largest LED screen with 3.622 m² on the facade of a football stadium. It is 150 meters wide and up to 35 meters high. It is illuminated with 3 million LEDs.
  • The people of Kazan voted online on the name: "Kazan Arena" won the race.
  • Costs: 465 million euros (130 million euros were planned)
  • His completion was delayed though. Nevertheless, the Kazan Arena was ready for the most important sporting events of recent years. she was
  • 2013 Venue of the Universiade
  • 2015 venue of the swimming world championships (for which the field was rebuilt into two swimming pools)
  • 2017 Venue of the Confederations Cup
  • 2018 venue of the Football World Cup
  • Location on the Kazanka River outside the city center of Kazan (Map)


If you ask someone else if he knows where Tatarstan is, you usually get questioning looks, The city is one of the three most important tourist destinations in Russia. After Moscow and St. Petersburg, Kazan is the most popular tourist destination in Russia. It is also the eighth largest city in Russia. However, most visitors come aboard river cruise ships on the Volga River here. Aeroflot World Cup flights bring passengers comfortably to Fifa Arena in the city of Kazan. Since 2017, the Russian airline has been offering direct flights to Kazan twice a week. Departure airport is Frankfurt. From Moscow there are one and a half hours flights to Kazan. The 800 km long train journey from Moscow to Kazan currently takes between 11 and 13 hours.

WM 2018

Together with eleven other stadiums in Russia, the World Cup Stadium Kazan hosted World Cup matches. Six games were played in the stadium in Kazan. The World Cup stadium Kazan was perfect for it. Already at the Universiade 2013 and during the Confederations Cup 2017 it proved that it can serve large events of this size. No wonder! The stadium Kazan was first built 2010. The foundation was laid by President Putin. Even then, they had planned to use it as the home stadium of Rubin Kazan. In addition, the Universiade 2013 and the World Championship 2018 cast their shadows ahead.


The city of Kazan is a modern and emerging industrial city. With a population of 1,1 million, it is Russia's eighth largest city and the capital of Tatarstan. The country lives mainly from the oil industry. Kazan itself is an important center for culture, science and research. In addition, the city lives from two settled aircraft factories, a number of schools and universities as well as the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Russia's gate to the east
Kazan is Russia's gate to the east. The city was first mentioned in the year 1005. It has always been at the intersection of Christianity and Islam. Even today, both religions shape the city. This can also be seen well in Kazan Kremlin. There, the Christian Annunciation Cathedral and the new Kul Sharif Mosque are just steps away from each other. These two buildings belong to the Kazan Kremlin and are therefore part of the UNESCO World Heritage. However, Kazan has many other attractions worth seeing, This one can get to know well on one of these city tours


Excursions and city tours in the city of Kazan


The Kazan Stadium is a bit away from Central Kazan. Therefore, you should plan a visit carefully.

Getting there

The Kazan Stadium is located in the Novo-Savinovsky district of Kazan, on Chistopolskaya Street, near the “Riviera” Aquapark. It is on the west bank of the Kazanka River. This is about six kilometers from Central Kazan.

By car

Yamashev Avenue
Here you drive across the avenue to the intersection Yamashev - Christopolskaya street. At the intersection, drive under the bridge, then turn right to get onto Chistopolskaya street. From there you drive about 300 meters and then turn left into the parking lot of the Kazan Stadium.

Chistopolskaya street

The easiest way to the Central Kazan stadium is via Chistopolskaya street. Driving from the Millenium Bridge, turn right onto Amirkhana Avenue into Chistopolskaya Street. Driving from Leninskaya Dam (from the direction of the Kazan Kremlin) turn right off Dekabristov Street into Chistopolskaya Street. This one follows up to the stage, which lies on the right side.

The car is parked in the parking lot of the arena.

With public transport

  • The "Football Stadium Kazan Arena" stop is only about 5 minutes from the stadium.
  • The “Gavrilova” stop is 10 minutes from the stadium.

These stops can be reached from various neighborhoods via the following bus routes:

buses Number 1, 7, 10а, 18, 33, 35, 35а, 36, 44, 45, 46, 49, 55, 60, 62, 76

trolleybus Number 7

trams Numbers 5 and 6. Tram 5 leaves from Passazhirsky main station in Central Kazan, not far from the Kazan Kremlin and Rubin's former Central Stadium. Tram 6 also connects the arena with the north of Kazan. Get off at the Kazan Arena stop.


Food / sleep


The Kazan Arena is located in a district that mainly houses modern apartment buildings. There may be one or the other restaurant in the area. Better to eat in the center of town or near the Riviera complex, where there are some good restaurants.

Chaihona No. 2

Ulitsa Musina, 1

The Restaurant Chaihona No. 2 can be reached on foot in about 35 minutes from the Kazan Arena. It takes 6 minutes by car. The restaurant offers an interesting selection of dishes of Georgian, Uzbek and Eastern European cuisine. Part of it is prepared right in front of your eyes. In the hall there is a brazier and a real tandoor oven, where fresh pastries are prepared. Chef Yuri Manchuk is originally from St. Petersburg. He puts a lot of emphasis on high quality ingredients and fresh produce. No matter if Georgian shashlik, kebab, shurpa, mantas, khinkali, khachapuri, juicy cheburek or pasta with prawns, salad "mozzarella" or a sweet dessert is ordered, everything tastes good.

There is also a brasserie, a pizzeria and a café nearby.
Amirkhan Avenue 1B (entrance from the promenade of the Kazanka River)

This restaurant is one of several on the Kazan Riviera, grouped in and around the Hotel Riviera. The Caravella restaurant is housed in a glass rotunda right on the river, which is part of a cinema complex next to the Riviera Hotel. There you sit comfortably in wicker armchairs. Serves European and Italian cuisine. From this restaurant you have a beautiful view of the river and the Kazan Kremlin on the other side of the river.

Most restaurants are located across the river, for example in Bauman Street, the pedestrian street of Kazan.





There are only a few hotels around the Kazan Arena. Most of the Kazan hotels are located on the other side of the Kazanka River. On this side of the river lies the Riviera Hotel, which can be reached on foot in about half an hour. By car you need 6 minutes.

Coast Hotel

Prospekt Fatykha Amirkhana, 1

Bay that Hotel Kazan Riviera * here.

The Riviera Hotel * is a modern hotel complex that forms the center of the Kazan Riviera. Together with the aquapark, it is located directly on the banks of the Kazanka River. We stayed in a room in the 11 during our stay in Kazan. Floor and had from there a magnificent view of the river, the Millennium Bridge and the Kazan Kremlin. Breakfast is served in the hotel's restaurant. There are also several restaurants in and around the hotel. The rooms are modern equipped and offer plenty of space.

There is an airport shuttle and free wifi. As a Western European you should ask at the front desk for the access code for the Wifi, because the Russian code does not work. (As of: September 2017) The hotel also has an outdoor and indoor swimming pool, a spa and a bar. The fine sandy beach of Kazan starts right in front of the hotel and stretches along the river. The hotel also offers access to the Aquapark, which is right next to it.

Another alternative is that

Hotel Mano

Ulitsa Chistopolskaya 47A,
420124 Kazan

The Hotel Mano * You can book here through our partner booking.com.
The hotel is about a half-hour walk away from the Kazan Arena. By car you also need about 6 minutes. The beach is about four minutes walk. The hotel offers an airport shuttle and free parking. Wifi is also free. There is a hotel restaurant, and the front desk is staffed for 24 hours. Room service and bar are also available.

Hotels around the Arena * you can find here. Here's it Hotels in the city center of Kazan *, Further Hotels and hostels in Kazan * you can find under this link.



Travel Arrangements:

Check in:
Aeroflot offers Kazan flights from Frankfurt twice a week. Other airlines fly to the city's international airport. Besides, there are flights from other Russian cities Kazan, Alternatively, you can reach the city by train. You can reach the city by express trains eg from Moscow.

Car Rentals:
Book your rental car here *


What you should know about the Kazan Arena
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Kazan Arena - What you should know about them

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  1. I must honestly confess that this city was completely unknown to me until I read it on Instagram and now in this article. Russia is for me a completely unknown travel destination and I am somehow not yet so prepared that the World Cup should go there next year ... Thank you for the many information, it is always exciting to learn something about completely new, unknown destinations ,
    GLG from Carinthia, Anita

    1. Dear Anita,

      it did not happen to us otherwise. Both Kazan and Tatarstan were completely unknown to us. There is not even a guide for the region. We have never been so unprepared as on this journey. So it was all the more exciting to discover the country and the city on the spot.

      Greetings to Carinthia,
      Monika and Petar

  2. Dear Monika and Petar,
    Thank you very much for the information. I've seen many pictures already on your Instagram account. But this information was almost all new to me. What I could well imagine is actually visiting the city during a river cruise. And then to decide if I would like to come back for a longer stay.
    LG Diana

    1. Dear Diana,

      I thought that might be something for you. A river cruise is certainly interesting. If I'm not mistaken, there are even those who embark on their tour not only in Kazan, but also in Bolgar, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is only about two hours away by car from Kazan. So you practically kill two birds with one stone.

      Best regards,

  3. We wish the people in Kazan, that they benefit a little from this football event, even after the whole hype is over. In South Africa, the 2010 worked, but not for everyone.

    1. Dear Antje,

      I think that the Kazan are smart enough. The stadium has been around for a number of years, and they've already used that for several world-class sporting events. Moreover, I had the impression that the money that the oil wealth of the country brings, does not disappear in corrupt channels, but is cleverly invested. This is certainly not different at the World Cup. So I'm quite optimistic that they take the opportunity well.

      Best regards,

  4. Hi monika,
    that would of course be an interesting thing to fly to Kazan for one of the World Cup matches! Brazil was too far for me, but with the direct flight from Frankfurt this is really an idea ...
    Thanks for the many tips!
    Best regards,

    1. Hello Barbara,

      Above all, if you have a card for one of the World Cup matches, you do not need a visa during the World Cup. That's why I really think it's worth considering. In addition, with the new flight of Aeroflot in about 4 hours from Frankfurt in Kazan. Then stay there for several days and explore the city and the surrounding area, I think a good idea. We still have some articles in the pipeline that we want to release by then. Definitely worth a look.

      Best regards,

  5. Since you have for all who would like to travel there, the most important information collected. GREAT!
    We will certainly not be there, but can now with questions about the organization. a trip to Kazan, here refer to you. Thank you!

    1. Dear Silke, dear Thomas,

      This is exactly what the article should do: provide suitable information for anyone who wants to travel to Kazan. There are no guides for this region - neither Kazan, nor Tatarstan. I would be glad if you pass on people who are interested in it.

      Best regards,

  6. I did not know that Kazan is the third most important tourist city in Russia. It's great to learn more about the country where the 2018 World Cup is being held. The city of Kazan sounds very interesting. Thanks for this detailed report.
    Best regards, Selda.

    1. Dear Selda,

      yes, the Russians like Kazan. But we also liked the city very much. It did not correspond to the picture we have of Russia and Russian cities. And although I'm not a football fan myself, I'm probably going to watch some of the games that will be played in Kazan at the 2018 World Cup. It's a bit different once you've gotten to know such a stadium behind the scenes.

      Best regards,

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