Kühlungsborn sights and excursion destinations

Groynes in Kühlungsborn

Kühlungsborn sights and excursion destinations

The Ostseebad Kühlungsborn offer sights and excursion destinations that one beach holiday make an experience in this place on the Baltic Sea. Experience a Baltic Sea resort with feel-good character, relax on Sandy beach and enjoy the attractions in the area. These sights in Kuehlungsborn and the surrounding area are worth a visit.


Elegant table decoration in Tillmann Hahn's Gasthaus in the Villa Astoria in Kühlungsborn

Three restaurants in Kühlungsborn for every taste

Three restaurants in Kühlungsborn We have tested these three restaurants in Kühlungsborn and can recommend them. Regional, fine or unusual restaurants are almost always on our itinerary. This is no different on our trip through places in the Baltic Sea. On our pleasure trips, we like to look into the cooking pots on site, as this often allows an insight into the habits and the way of life of the people. Traditional dishes play just as much a role as gourmet cuisine or street food. The amazing thing about our ...
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Magic of the Baltic Sea

Ostseebad Kühlungsborn: Groynes, beach villas & freedom

Kühlungsborn Travel Families with children, holidaymakers with dogs and everyone who is looking for unaffected holiday fun will feel at home on a beach holiday on the Baltic Sea at Kühlungsborn Beach. Kühlungsborn Travel guarantees a vacation for slow travelers. The Baltic seaside resort is also a destination for pleasure travelers. The Baltic Sea has cast a spell on us. The vastness of the sea, the fine sand, the screeching of seagulls and the laughter of children on the beach has become a symbol of the Baltic Sea for us. That attracts ...
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Map of Kuehlungsborn and the surrounding area


Kuehlungsborn Sights and excursion destinations:

The cooling of Kuehlungsborn - a natural area near the Baltic Sea resort, which offers views of the surroundings from its hills. This is one of the Kuehlungsborn attractions near the place.

Excursions from Kuehlungsborn to Warnemünde

  • Bastorf beach and lighthouse - Kuehlungsborn Sights and destinations

The Bastorf lighthouse outside the town is one of the lighthouses on the Baltic Sea. From its viewing platform you have a view of the surroundings. It is one of the Kuehlungsborn sights in the vicinity of the Baltic Sea resort.

  • Rerik insider tips

The Baltic resort of Rerik lies between Wismar and Kuehlungsborn. Bolle and Marco have collected tips for this in their blog.

  • Nienhagen Promenade

The ghost forest of Nienhagen is about eleven kilometers from Kuehlungsborn. Here you can go hiking and experience the atmosphere that makes this forest so special. The backpack do not forget!

  • Where is Heiligendamm?

You can reach Heiligendamm with the “Molli” bathing train, a trip that is not only an experience because of the spa architecture. If you click on the map above, you will get an overview of where Heiligendamm is located.

  • Boring beach promenade

You won't find a beach promenade in Börgerende. Instead, a beach for dog lovers, families and nature lovers awaits you there. There is no gastronomy directly on the beach either. Better take yours picknick with or wire rack your food on the beach A detailed description of Boring Strands can be found at the Beach Inspector.

Sights and excursion destinations from Kuehlungsborn

  • Warnemünde is worth a trip. The place is 25 kilometers from Kühlungsborn. The best way to get there is by car or bike via the Baltic Sea Cycle Route.
  • With the "Molli" you can also reach Bad Doberan. The monastery church there is worth a visit. It is one of the region's brick buildings.
  • A trip to the Renaissance castle in Güstrow is also worthwhile. There is also a wildlife park and the museums of the Ernst Barlach Foundation.
  • Finally, a tip for connoisseurs is the Rose Park Groß Siemen.
  • Excursions for connoisseurs in the area around Kühlungsborn can be found in this article.


take a tea break
Take a tea break in Kuehlungsborn

Baltic activities

Events in Kuehlungsborn and its sights

Events in Ostseebad Kuhlungsborn here.

Warnemuende things to do

Warnemünde things to do* can be found at Get Your Guide.


Seagull on the groynes - Sights in and around Kuehlungsborn
Seagull on the groynes in Kuehlungsborn

Questions and answers about the tourist attractions in Kuehlungsborn

What is there to do in Ostseebad Kuhlungsborn?

There are many options for excursions:

  • Take the boat to the Salzhaff and the Wustrow Peninsula
  • Visit the Bastorf lighthouse.
  • Discover the Nienhagen ghost forest.
  • Do a bike tour to Warnemünde.
  • Take a trip to Rostock.

Where is the nicest place in Kuehlungsborn?

You shouldn't miss it either

  • the pier in Kuehlungsborn
  • the promenade that runs along the beach
  • a visit to the marina
  • discover the spa architecture

What can you do when the weather is bad in Kuehlungsborn?

  • Enjoy a cup of tea with cake in the Hotel Travel Charme and watch the hustle and bustle on the pier through the window in the café.
  • Try currywurst with champagne in the Edel und Scharf beach bistro.



Beach chairs in Kühlungsborn
Beach chairs are tourist attractions in Kuehlungsborn

Beach chair rentals in Kühlungsborn

Beach chairs are among the sights in Kühlungsborn that you should definitely try. You can reserve a beach chair, for example, via the BeachBuddy app. You can download this to your smartphone free of charge from the App Store or Google Play. If you book your beach chair with it, you can go directly to the beach chair that you have reserved on the beach. You can open and close the lock directly with your smartphone.

Hiking and cycling to the Kuehlungsborn excursion destinations

You can experience the sights of Kühlungsborn and the surrounding area on hikes or bike tours. 20 trips in Kühlungsborn can be found under this link.

Do you like to travel to the sights in Kühlungsborn by motorhome?


Kühlungsborn sights surroundings
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Kühlungsborn sights and excursion destinations
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