Last beer brewer in Bad Windsheim


Wilhelm Döbler III. - last beer brewer in Bad Windsheim

Beer had in Bad Windsheim and the surrounding area initially had a difficult time. The former free imperial city is actually in an area in which Wine always had played a big role. Beer has been proven to be brewed in this place since 1589. There are even real beer regions in Franconia. Bamberg calls itself beer capital. However, the area around Bad Windsheim is more dedicated to wine. According to the city chronicle, the monks of the Augustinian monastery were the first brewers in the city.

It took until after the 30-year war for the people of Bad Windsheim to develop a taste for beer, because it was only from then on that more and more breweries were established in and around Bad Windsheim. There used to be a total of thirty, says the last of them, who still produces his brewery in his ancestors' brewery in the middle of the beautiful old town on the Kornmarkt. Wilhelm Doebler III. is proud of his family's tradition and shows us the picture of his great-grandfather Leonhard Döbler, who bought property 4 at Windsheimer Kornmarkt on November 1867, 466 and turned it into one of the most important breweries in the town.



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Leonhard Döbler, brewer in Bad Windsheim


Leonhard Döbler put 17000 guilders on the table when he bought the property in the city center of Bad Windsheim from Johann Reuthlingshöfer, which still houses the family brewery, albeit modernized in the meantime. In front of the pretty building there are a few beer tables and benches on the pretty town square, which is reminiscent of times gone by with its cobblestones and fountain.

Before you reach the brewery, which is located in the backyard of the building, you go through the cozy dining room, where the Döblers' home-made beer is still served today. Wilhelm Döbler explains the differences between top-fermented and bottom-fermented beer. And he introduces us to the different types of beer he makes in his brewery: did you know, for example, that beer can taste like ripe bananas, cloves, espresso or wild cherries? That was new to me.


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Beer tasting from Brättla


After an interesting tour past the brewing kettles in which the wort is made, at the beer vats and bottling plants, we earned a good dose of Döbler beer. And of course we want to get to know the different beers. And there are many: Altstadt Hell is the most popular beer of the brewery Döbler. Naturtrüb is the full-bodied imperial city beer, which was brewed for the first time for the 850 anniversary of the city. The Hefeweizen is a fruity wheat beer, the Pils is the specialty for Pilstrinker. There is also the country Märzen, the museum Löschauer, especially for Freilandmuseum in Bad Windsheim is produced, and the Döbler Doppelbock, which like the festive beer is only brewed at certain times of the year. Of course, we cannot try all varieties, so we let us bring you a “Brättla” with four types of beer to choose from. Everyone grabs a glass and off we go.


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Franconian lunch plate


And since beer needs a good base, as is well known, the Döbler also has one Franconian specialties. We'll have a good time with a Franconian Brotzeitteller with various types of cheese and sausages, a lard bread, Franconian sausages and delicious smoked ham. What a cozy way to end a day in this region! Good and good!


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Wilhelm Döbler III. , Brewer in Bad Windsheim


Brewery Döbler
Kornmarkt 6
91438 Bad Windsheim
Phone: 09841 / 2002

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Last beer brewer in Bad Windsheim
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