Latin American restaurant in Miami Beach

Latin American restaurant OLA serves tuna

Latin American restaurant in Miami Beach

I don't know if there's such a thing as understatement in Latin America, but if so, then OLA Restaurant in Miami Beach, Florida is a master at it. From the outside, the Latin American restaurant in the Sanctuary Hotel on James Avenue looks unassuming. On summer evenings you can have dinner either in the restaurant or on the terrace. We decide to go to the restaurant. the January evening, on which we are invited to the OLA restaurant is still fresh to eat outside.

OLA restaurant in Miami Beach

Inside, too, the Latin American restaurant that was recommended to us looks unassuming and reserved. We are the first guests after a day in Miami Beach. So we have the restaurant to ourselves for now. However, that is changing quickly. Half an hour later there are only a few tables left in the OLA restaurant. This gives hope that the recommendations for this restaurant were justified.

Hospitality at OLA Restaurant

The concierge leads us to our table. There we order a cocktail for dinner. This time we don't opt ​​for a mojito like the evenings before, but choose a mixture of lime juice and rum. After he has brought us the drink, the waiter explains the menu to us - from the ceviches and soups to the desserts. He takes his time and recommends things to us. He also describes the dishes in detail that are unknown to us. That makes the decision easy for us.


Tuna on a bed of vegetables
Tuna on a bed of vegetables at OLA Latin American restaurant in Miami Beach

Latin American restaurants and their dishes

Since we are at our on this day culinary tour of Miami Beach already Ceviche After we had tasted, we decide on a bouillon as a starter, tuna and crispy pork as a main course and leave the dessert open for once. Who knows how big the portions are. We had already tasted our way through the restaurants of Miami Beach for lunch.


Pork crust at OLA Latin American restaurant
Pork crust at OLA Latin American restaurant

Taste experiences in this Latin American restaurant

What comes next is a firework of taste experiences. These all engage our taste receptors in the mouth. Every bit of vegetable, meat and every drop of sauce speaks to a different part of our mouth and tongue. Everything is a poem. Even the pork crust that tops my pork is a surprise. Light as a feather and completely fat-free, it lies on top. It can be crunched like a wafer-thin biscuit. Above all: it is so dry that you can no longer taste or feel the fat.


Chocolate cigarillo with marzipan matches
Chocolate cigarillo with marzipan matches

The service at this Miami Beach Latin American restaurant

After this treat, our waiter asks us which dessert he can bring us. We are full and decline with thanks. But after a few minutes he comes back with a plate in his hand that seems to be holding a cigar. "Our chef will send it to you," with these words he puts the creation on the table for us. "He says it's the lightest dessert. I'm sure you can still do that."

A chocolate cigar for dessert at this Latin American restaurant

He's right. The chocolate cigar lying so deceptively real on the ashtray in front of us melts in your mouth. Just like the mousse au chocolat and the marzipan matches that make the whole thing perfect. “Chocolate makes you happy”, as the saying goes. But at the Latin American restaurant OLA, it wasn't just the chocolate that did it, it was the entire meal. The service and especially the chef with his culinary skills did the rest.

This pleasure has its price

A dinner in the OLA restaurant has its price. Expect to pay several hundred dollars for a three-course meal. But you don't get that kind of food every day. If you want to experience this yourself, you should plan this price in the travel expenses. An evening at OLA is memorable and a highlight of any trip to Florida.


Latin American Restaurant Miami Beach
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Latin American restaurant in Miami Beach

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