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Walking shoes for wide feet

Wide walking shoes for wide feet © Copyright Visit Lakeland, Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0
Walking shoes for wide feet © Copyright Visit Lakeland, Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0

Wide hiking boots - What should you pay attention to when buying?

Light hiking boots for wide feet are hard to find. Who, like me, has strong feet that swell up quickly when walking longer, knows how difficult it is to fit Walking shoes for wide feet to find. I have therefore intensively dealt with the search. In normal shoe stores or sports shops, I can't find suitable hiking shoes for my problem feet. Most of these stores offer standardized shoe sizes that are too narrow and too narrow for my feet. Even in specialized shoe stores, most of all Shoes for strong feet offer, this is difficult. There are usually only low shoes or shoes for everyday use. Here we show you which lightweight hiking shoes women can wear.

Buying wide shoes online is easier

Such special shoes are easier to find online. Especially with Hiking it is important that the hiking shoes do not squeeze. There should also be enough space to the front so that the toes do not bump when going downhill. This is particularly important if you have wide feet. Otherwise, hiking quickly becomes torture. It is best to wear hiking socks when trying on the shoes. The heel must be tight and the foot must not slide forward or back. It is important that there is enough space for the toes. Wide walking shoes need one wide toe box *.

The right Size is important, if you buy Walking Shoes for wide Feet

You should consider that the feet swell when walking for a long time. Therefore, wide hiking shoes should offer enough space for sensitive feet. It is also important that you can wear socks in it. However, the shoes must also be tight. Otherwise walking will tire quickly. I therefore recommend buying a shoe size larger than normal. Make sure you choose more shoes than usual. Thick socks fit easily, and when your feet swell, the toes have room to spread. Wide hiking shoes for women now make every hike and walk a pleasure.

Petar hiking through the Pesenbach Valley wears wide walking shoes for wide feet
Petar hiking through the Pesenbachtal wears hiking boots for wide feet

Lightweight Walking Shoes for wide Feet on easy Paths

Personally, I have had very good experiences with lace-up shoes for easy hikes. These are specially made for sensitive feet. If you wear these shoes while walking or hiking, you hardly feel the texture of the ground you are walking on. They are also amazingly light. They don't tire your legs as quickly as other shoes. What I also like is that these wide hiking shoes like these can be combined well with trousers for every occasion. With this you cut a good figure even on formal occasions. So they are perfect for longer trips, on which they can be used in many ways.

Lightweight Hiking Shoes for wide Feet for Ladies

I am a big fan of Ganter shoes. These are convenient. They offer plenty of space for a wide forefoot. I also find it very pleasant that they are light and do not tire when walking. They look chic, even though they are specially designed for wide feet. Therefore, I can wear them on long walks or hikes as well as in the city. This proves to be very advantageous for travel. Here I present three Ganter shoes that you can order online:
Ganter low shoes for wide feet



Bohemia - wide hiking shoes for wide feet are suitable for hiking in the forest
Bohemia - wide walking shoes for wide feet are ideal for forest walks

Wide Hiking Boots for Women are suitable when the Terrain is rougher

If you are looking for walking shoes for wide feet, the choice is quite limited. With hiking boots for wide feet*, you should make sure that they give your joints support. They should extend over the ankles so they are protected even in difficult terrain. This reduces the risk of injury if you fold over on uneven ground. Such boots are not cheap. However, this issue pays off when hiking. These are the models we have found for it in Europe. If you want to buy from Amazon in USA, just click the link above.

Hanwag Canyon Wide GTX Brown

Meindl GTX Matrei Hiking Brown

Hiking in Lofer is fun - provided you have wide walking shoes for wide feet
In Lofer Hiking - Wide hiking boots are perfect

Trekking boots instead of hiking boots for long hikes

Trekking boots for wide feet are usually only available as unisex shoes. Wide hiking shoes for wide feet are particularly resistant and can withstand a long period of use in difficult terrain. Not all of them are waterproof. It is important that they offer good grip on unsafe terrain. You should pay particular attention to this when buying, especially if you are planning a trek through the wilderness.

Selected trekking shoes for wide feet ladies

Hanwag Tatra II Wide GTX

Hanwag Tatra II BB Wide GTX

The Loferer Steinberge in summer - wide hiking shoes for wide feet are perfect for terrain like this
Walking shoes for wide feet are ideal for hiking through the Loferer Steinberge in summer

The Stiftung Warentest recommends these hiking shoes

In this case, the lightweight hiking shoes for women was not carried out by the Stiftung Warentest, but by the Swiss consumer magazine Saldo (fee-based), Light hiking shoes were tested. Wide hiking boots were not the subject of the test. The tested shoes are suitable for hikes to the tree line. However, they are not enough for the high mountains. It was assessed how waterproof, durable and breathable the shoes are. The test winners were these hiking shoes:

Light hiking shoes for summer

This shoe from Lowa performed best

best hiking shoe of the test

This shoe from Salomon and

X Ultra Mid 2 GTX W by Salomon

the X-SO 70 Mid GTX from Meindl

X-SO 70 Mid GTX from Meindl

Light hiking shoes test 2019 Stiftung Warentest

On their side, Stiftung Warentest refers to the test hiking magazine Test Austria's light hiking shoes Test 2019 The consumer. There they tested lightweight hiking shoes. It was examined whether light hiking shoes can be used to hold onto wet and dry ground. They have been tested for their robustness and breathability. It was determined whether they protect against rain and bubbles. And last but not least, the testers were concerned with whether they were easy to put on and take off. The following conclusion was reached. the best lightweight hiking shoes currently have The North Face and Salomon. These are the test winners 2019:

Best hiking shoes summer women 2019:

In 1st place: The Ultra Fastpack III GTX from The North Face *you can order here

Ultra Fastpack III GTX from The North Face

In 2st place: The Salomon Outline GTX * you can order here

Salomon Outline GTX

Are wide Hiking Boots the best for Hiking?

In order to answer this question, you should consider how often you hike. It is also important what kind of hikes you do. Are these more leisurely walks on well-developed paths? Does it go up from time to time? When hiking in the mountains, the paths are often rougher and lead over rocky ground than when hiking through the forest.

Or do you want to go on a longer trekking tour? Then wide hiking shoes have to endure much more than on short walks or day hikes. Above all, they have to adapt to a wide variety of path and weather conditions. They should be waterproof. They should be light, otherwise the weight of your shoes will make your legs tired. At MS Welltravel you will find extensive Tips on what you should consider when hiking for several days.

Even if hiking shoes are expensive for wide feet, it is worth buying

One thing should be clear to you before buying. Wide hiking boots for problem feet are not cheap. On the contrary! Nevertheless, it is worth paying the high price. Your feet will thank you.

Did you pack everything for your hike? With our Hiking checklist you can check if you have everything with you.

Wide walking shoes for wide feet
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Walking shoes for wide feet - Own experience when walking & traveling with

Monika on her personal experiences walking and traveling with special shoes that are comfortable for wide feet:

A hint from my own experience: Since I walking boots Ladies extra wide, For me, walking on cobblestones on city breaks is no longer difficult, Where, after a few steps, I had pain in my legs, I can walk all day long with these shoeswithout feeling anything.

Tips for hikes of travel bloggers

Source hiking boots for wide feet: own research or personal test the walking shoes for wide feet
Text hiking shoes for wide feet: © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
Photos: © Copyright Amazon or as indicated in the caption

Wide hiking boots - Why buy these best online?

In normal shoe shops or sports shops you will not find suitable shoes for wide feet. Most of these stores offer on average standardized shoe sizes that are too narrow and narrow for wide feet.

What should you look for when buying a wide range of hiking boots?

You should keep in mind that the feet swell when walking for a long time. Therefore walking shoes should provide enough space for sensitive feet.

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