Long Beach Lodge in Tofino

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Long Beach Lodge

Long Beach Lodge in Tofino

On our trip to the west coast of Vancouver Island We discovered a lodge that fulfills all the wishes one can ask for a stay at the Pacific Rim. The Long Beach Lodge in Tofino. Apart from a sign with the hotel name, there is not much about what to expect from the Pacific Rim Highway just a few hundred meters further in the rainforest. A few kilometers from the entrance to Tofino, this luxury hotel is located between the rainforest and the Pacific.

Luxury hotel between the rainforest and the Pacific

We turn into the forest and pass first some buildings, which serve the maintenance of the department. Subsequently, several cottages appear. These are more like multi-family homes than simple family accommodations. As it turns out later, they offer space for large families. But first we drive to the reception of the hotel, which is located in the main building of the complex. This building blocks our view of what lies beyond. But we hear it already - the surf of the Pacific Ocean. The sea can not be far anymore.

Cottage of the Long Beach Lodge in Tofino

We booked several nights at this hotel, but arrived in Tofino a little earlier than expected. I had expected a longer journey time. But it's only 317 miles from Victoria to Tofino. We need about five and a half hours for the trip. Our room is not free yet. The lady at the front desk kindly gave us one of the "cottages" for the first night instead. So we can enjoy our stay right away.

"Cottage"! Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! This is a real palace! We move into our accommodation, hidden in the rainforest. A house with all the amenities that one could wish for. And there is also space for a family of six. With two luxuriously appointed bathrooms and three bedrooms with comfortable beds, the house is very large. There is an outdoor jacuzzi in the back garden. I can imagine that in summer it is fun to relax there after a stressful day full of great experiences. But since we're here in March, I prefer to forego this pleasure.

The lodge is located on the beach of Cox Bay near Tofino

We use the afternoon to explore the area around Long Beach Lodge in Tofino. The weather is fine! With bright sunshine and mild spring temperatures, we decide to follow the sound of the surf. And indeed! At the back of the hotel, a fantastic view of a wide one opens up from the terrace Sandy beachon which kids frolic.

Women in sporty Shorts jogging past. Couples run their dogs and a line of surfers plunge into the high waves that sweep across the Pacific Ocean and land with tremendous roar in Cox Bay. As Perry Schmunck, the director of Long Beach Lodge tells us, surfers come here all year round. Even in winter it hardly snows at sea level and the waves are excellent, especially in winter. No wonder Tofino was voted the best place for surfers in North America by Outside Magazine in 2010.

On the beach of Tofino

Anyway, it's great fun to watch the surfers surfing the waves. On our beach walk we find a lot of flotsam washed ashore by the wild waves of the Pacific Ocean: torn off kelp plants lying like broken rubber hoses on the ribbed sand; bleached logs whose white color gives them a ghostly appearance; countless shells, transported by the flood; and even a huge boulder that lies like a foreign body in the middle of the sandy beach.

Actually, we traveled to Tofino in March to do stormwatching here. In other words, we wanted to experience one of the infamous storms that stir up the surf and make the waves thunder over the ledges and peninsulas. But as the weather god wants it, the sun and warm spring weather did not give way during our stay in Tofino. Nevertheless, the waves of the surfers gave an impression of what it must look like during these Pacific storms. Impressive!



Dining with a dream view of the Pacific

Tired from the many impressions during our walk on the beach, we come back to the hotel and meet in the "Great Room" with Perry jewelry to have dinner with him. This room is literally great! Surrounded on two sides by glass walls, guests have a panoramic view of the edge of the rainforest, the kilometer-long sandy beach and, above all, the surf thundering across the Pacific.

The whole thing can be experienced particularly beautifully from a comfortable seat in the large lounge of the "Great Room". There you can drink your cocktail at happy hour in front of a wood fire by the fireplace. However, many guests prefer to enjoy their drink on the terrace in front of the restaurant with a view of the sunset. Just before the sun disappears behind the horizon, a green lightning bolt shoots along the horizon. The restaurant guests applaud enthusiastically. Perry tells us that this phenomenon is very rare and that we saw something very special here.

Our conclusion: The Long Beach Lodge in Tofino is a hotel to enjoy

We like to believe that. As ever the stay at the Long Beach Lodge surpasses all our expectations. Even the double room overlooking the Pacific, which we refer the next morning, is breathtaking. From the private balcony we look directly at the action on the beach and listen to the thunder of the surf, which finally lets us sink into a deep sleep - despite its roaring noise. The fresh air and the experiences of our days in Tofino make us sink tired into our comfortable beds every evening.

The lodge can be easily included in a road trip through western Canada. It is well suited for a longer stay. Here there are Tips for three days in Tofino (English). Or have your very own dream trip organized by telling our Canada specialists your desired route. They then get to work and organize your dream trip.

Long Beach Lodge in Tofino
1441 Pacific Rim Highway
Tofino, BC
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Long Beach Lodge in Tofino

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