Fancy a Roadtrip on the Route of Delights?

Henneburg in Stadtprozelten - Take a vacation in the wine region of Germany

On the way on the pleasure route

Do you feel like traveling for pleasure? Then you should take the route of delights in the tri-border region Franken, Hessen and Baden look at. We were out and about there and discovered something pleasurable for all the senses. Among other things, you will be on holiday there in a wine region in Germany. The Route of Pleasures is one of the youngest holiday routes in Germany. It opens up a world of pleasure for the eyes, ears, palate and nose. But not only wines and fFranconian specialties. The route runs from Aschaffenburg in Bayern along the Main via Miltenberg and Wertheim to Würzburg. In addition, the region on the Tauber as far as Auernhofen near Rothenburg ob der Tauber is part of it. The route thus includes great pleasure travel destinations.


Pretzel and ham sandwiches in Bronnbach Abbey on the route of delights
Pretzel and ham sandwiches in Bronnbach Abbey on the route of delights


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Dinner in the vineyard along the route of delights

Dinner in the vineyard along the route of delights

Fancy Pleasure for all the Senses?

On our journey along the Route of Delights we learned, that pleasure is not just something for the palate and the stomach. Pleasure for the eyes is to have a particularly beautiful view in front of you. It is pleasure for the ears to listen to the silence in an old monastery. There are scents that convey well-being. The list of enjoyable experiences is long. But they all have one thing in common. Our senses emerge from the encounter with a general sense of well-being. That and more awaited us on our journey through Main, Tauber and Churfranken:



Pleasure for the Palate

Most people first think of “pleasure” as well-being for the palate. Of course we do too. The region around the Main and Tauber has such delights to offer in abundance. We got to know some of them on our trip along the route of delights.


Olives from Sicily
Olives from Sicily on the route of delights

Wine tasting on the steep slope of Satzenheim on the route of delights

As wine drinkers and friends of good food, we love experiences that bring us closer to wines and culinary delights, to winegrowers and cooks. On this trip we were fortunate enough to attend a wine tasting and dinner in the vineyard. Nowhere does wine taste better, than where it grows. The winery Alte Grafschaft in Kreuzwertheim has been growing wine for over 400 years. In the steep slope Satzenheim, which belongs to the winery, no machines can be used. The terraces are too steep. The wine in these locations is harvested by hand. You can taste that! The wine, which we taste with a beautiful view of Bronnbach Monastery, is extremely subtle. It reveals the influences of the microclimate that prevails on the steep slopes of Satzenheim.



Dinner in the vineyards of the Schlör winery on the route of delights

By contrast, the gently undulating vineyards above the monastery of Bronnbach, which belong to the winery Schlör, are quite different. Here we meet with wine lovers for a dinner on a balmy midsummer evening. No car noise disturbs the silence in the vineyards. The only lights we see in the distance after dusk are the lamps of Bronnbach Abbey. Otherwise you only see forest and wine, as far as the eye can see. Star chef Ralf Kronmüller (one Michelin star) from the Stadtpalais in Wertheim serves us grilled specialties. In addition there's fresh bread and delicious, juicy olives from Sicily. Filippo Pizzo's family harvests them on their own olive groves. We taste one great wine after another. Konrad Schlör's wines have been honored with prices for a long time. He is one of the best winegrowers in Germany. What a great evening!


Makes you want to enjoy, such as a dinner in the vineyard
Nice, such a dinner in the vineyard on the route of delights

A herbal menu in the Gasthaus zur Krone on the route of delights

The next evening, a herbal menu with regional specialties awaits us in the small town of Großheubach am Main. Cooking is done with ingredients from the region and from the family's own butcher's shop. The chef's wife, Sommelière Niki Restel, serves matching wines from the region. Our evening in Großheubach will be a real gourmet experience. Then we taste our way through Michael Mayer's delicious brandies. He burns them from extraordinary ingredients. Mayer's distillery “Destilleum” was born out of a hobby. He says that he started burning fruit brandies as a teenager. Today he distills everything from herbs to types of fruit to Chinese lemongrass and ginger. What comes out of it tastes delicious. We particularly like the fact that Michael Mayer is grounded despite the numerous prizes he has received. He is not interested in mass production. The quality of his products is much more important to him, and that is excellent.


Dinner at the Gasthof zur Krone
Dinner at the Gasthof zur Krone on the culinary route

Coffee Specialties in the Coffee Room in Wertheim

I love a cup of coffee in between. I leave everything behind and give myself a break to relax. Sipping a cup of coffee and pondering my thoughts helps me gather new ideas. Therefore my coffee breaks are sacred to me. The small standing café "Kaffeeraum" in Wertheim is such a place where I like to take a break. The aromas of great coffees flow towards me as soon as I enter the café. I just can't resist it. The coffee made from lupine takes some getting used to. This is produced at the Biolandhof Klein. It may taste vegan, but it's not mine. I prefer Arabica beans with their strong aroma.



A cup of espresso makes you want to enjoy
A cup of espresso makes you want to enjoy the route of delights


Fragrances give pleasure to the nose on the route of pleasure

Pleasant smells and scents ensure well-being just as much as things that taste good. Such experiences can also be discovered on the Route of Delights:


The two ladies from the cream pot
The two ladies from the cream potty on the route of delights


A Perfume specially created for Wertheim

Two young ladies from Wertheim came up with something: Melanie Hemberger and Nadja Langguth run the "cream potty". It is a concept store in which women in particular should feel comfortable. In addition to high-quality women's fashion, there are tasty accessories, cosmetics, care and treatments. The two entrepreneurs crowned their small world of beautiful things with their own perfume: "From Wertheim with Love" they call their fragrance creations. A lovely and a bitter version appeals to both women and men.

Herbs smell and taste along the route of delights

A visit to the Churfranken herb garden at Erlenbach is pure delight, too. This is an ideal stop on a hike on the Franconian Red Wine Trail, which passes right by. On terraces you can taste and smell various types of herbs. They are available to anyone for use in their own kitchen. Everyone is allowed to pick herbs here. Have you ever smelled a fennel agastache? And did you know that there are different types of thyme? We learn that from a noted herb specialist. Herb book author Engelbert Kötter shows us, how herbs taste and smell during our dinner at the Gasthof zur Krone.

Pleasure for Eyes and Ears

Monastery Bronnbach
Bronnbach Abbey on the Route of Delights

Culture and history in Bronnbach Abbey on the route of delights

Our journey begins with a feast for the eyes and ears: the former Cistercian abbey of Bronnbach Monastery is located in the Tauber Valley. We spend the first night of our trip in the bursariat of the monastery. With its sparse furnishings, our room is reminiscent of monastic renunciation. All the more we enjoy the nocturnal silence that prevails in this monastic seclusion. On the other hand, the impressions left by the monastery itself are quite different: the Romanesque church with its richly decorated, baroque altars is impressive. The Gothic cloister is idyllic and inviting. The monastery also has a vinotheque in the former cellarium, where you can taste the wines.The Wertheim holiday region

Another eye-catcher is the view from the Spitzen Turm in Wertheim. From the top of this tower you have a great view of the Main, where there is a lot of boat traffic. There are river cruise ships, which regularly dock in Wertheim and release their passengers for a visit of the city. Most river passengers take the small train up to the castle ruins. We set off on a tour through the pretty old town of Wertheim.

The Schwab studio in Wertheim on the route of delights

Worth a visit is the small art gallery Atelier Schwab in Wertheim. Halfway up the Burgberg, it is located in the former offices of the Princely Administration. Wertheim artist Johannes Schwab creates an always new and stylish ambience for exhibitions of international, contemporary art and unique design. During our visit, Johannes Schwab shows us sculptures by Ottmar Hörl and art works by other artists. For his exhibitions, he regularly and independently redesigns the rooms of his gallery. We were particularly impressed by the enthusiasm, with which Johannes Schwab dedicates himself to his task.



History on the Henneburg

The next day our journey continues to the castle ruins of Henneburg. The former Staufer castle is no longer completely preserved. But a keep, the drawbridge and loopholes in its outer walls suggest, that it was once built for defense. However, when you read about the history of the castle, you quickly learn, that it was not really strategically important. Rather, it was left to decay. That's one of the reasons, why it's so well preserved today. Beautiful views of the Main and the surrounding area from the castle are worth the visit.


This is what you need for hiking on the Route of Pleasures

  • With this packing list for hikers you will never forget anything on your hikes.
  • Comfortable walking shoes for wide feetwhere you can walk well even on rough paths
  • A backpack is definitely practical for everything you need on the go.
  • Along the Walking there are often benches for one picknick on the roadside.
  • Hiking destinations in Franconia offer beautiful photo opportunities. Therefore, you should have yours camera .


St. Martin's Chapel in Bürgstadt
St. Martin's Chapel in Bürgstadt


Franconias oldest Chapel in Bürgstadt

A pleasure for the eyes is the St. Martin's Chapel in Bürgstadt. Due to radiocarbon datings, it is known that the chapel was built in the 10th century. It is completely painted with picture cycles. In addition, the crucifixion group over the sanctuary originates from the school of Tilman Riemenschneider. We were very impressed by the little chapel. It is usually closed. If you want to visit it, you need to get the key in the nursery Kling, Martinsgasse 22.



Truss in Miltenberg
Truss in Miltenberg


Half-timbered Houses in Miltenberg

A highlight of the half-timbered architecture is the city of Miltenberg on the Main, which is also on the Route of Delights. With its well-preserved medieval cityscape, it is a special feast for the eyes.



Petar's video makes you want to enjoy along the route of delights. Just click on the next photo to see it. Maybe it inspires you to explore it yourself? Further Information about the route of the pleasures there's online. There you can also order the gourmet guide for this route. Or you can pick it up in one of the participating companies.


Monastery Bronnbach
Monastery Bronnbach


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Tourist route Route of Pleasures
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Source: own research on site. We thank you for the invitation to this trip at Mainland Miltenberg - Churfranken eV and at Tourismus Wertheim. Our opinion, as always, remains our own.

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Fancy a Roadtrip on the Route of Delights?

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      This is probably also because the "Route of Delights" has only been around since the end of 2015. It is still in the early stages, but should be expanded as the other German holiday roads with signs, etc. So far there is a website and a fairly informative brochure that shows the way to the participating companies.

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    1. It's a route that lets a visitor look behind the scenes. We really liked it because it gave us the feeling that we really got to know the region. We not only saw the sights, but also met interesting people who gave us an insight into their work. A great experience.

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