Marrying in Las Vegas - a phenomenon

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Marry in Las Vegas

Getting married in Las Vegas is a dream that no longer only Hollywood stars can make come true. This special place has long been popular with bridal couples from all over the world, and the trend is increasing. And for good reason.

Formalities and Marriage Recognition in Las Vegas

On the one hand, the formalities required for getting married in Las Vegas are very manageable. Cumbersome searches for family certificates are no longer necessary. All you need is a valid passport. Divorced or widowed spouses also state the date of the divorce and the place of the divorce or the date of death and the corresponding place. Certificates as well as birth certificates and similar documents do not have to be presented. The customary contingent in Germany is also omitted. Only a marriage license is required. You apply for this directly in Las Vegas. The recognition of the marriage concluded in Las Vegas at the German registry office is then only a formality. The necessary papers can also be obtained on site.

Las Vegas as a special place for marriage

On the other hand, more and more bridal couples are looking for a very special place for their marriage. Getting married in Las Vegas is just one option. Even German registry offices now offer wedding ceremonies in unusual places or places of particular tourist attraction.

Wedding agencies and services in Las Vegas

However, getting married in Las Vegas with its glamor is still a special highlight. There are now a number of agencies that help with both the preparations and the implementation of the wedding. They offer all imaginable services related to the wedding. The simple wedding ceremony in a chapel is only a basic building block, it can also be much more complex.

Wedding options: chapel, drive-in, special places and nature

Who it in style American may decide to get married in Las Vegas at the drive-thru registry office. You can drive up there in a stretch limousine or in an open convertible and remain seated in the car during the wedding ceremony. Fans of Elvis or Marilyn Monroe book a wedding with a double of their idol. Even a pink Cadillac with an Elvis double can be booked. Weddings at special locations in and around Las Vegas are also very popular. For example at the world-famous Welcome sign at the entrance to the town. But an old gold mining town in the vicinity is also a good backdrop. Something very special is certainly the wedding ceremony during a helicopter flight over Las Vegas at night. For real romantics, there are also outdoor weddings, either at sunrise or sunset.

Provision of services and preparations for bridal couples

Everything else to do with getting married in Las Vegas is also taken care of, including providing the necessary documents for the marriage to be recognized in Germany. In Las Vegas, they are well prepared for bridal couples and strive to fulfill all wishes. It starts with the hairdresser, who comes to the hotel and fixes the hairstyle and make-up for the party. No one needs to worry about clothing either. There are a number of outfitters who hire out wedding dresses and wedding suits. Even the wedding cake is taken care of. And since many bridal couples take the opportunity to spend the subsequent honeymoon with a tour of America, it is easy to book a rental car in Las Vegas with a car rental company to explore the country and its people. So that the bridal bouquet, which is an essential part of it, does not dry up or get damaged, bridal bouquets made of silk flowers are available especially for this reason.

Memories Forever: Photos, Videos and DVDs of the Las Vegas Wedding

Because such a special wedding day in Las Vegas should be recorded forever, many bridal couples not only have photos taken, but also have a video made, which is then burned onto a DVD and can be conveniently taken home. Then relatives, friends and acquaintances who couldn't be there will get a glimpse of the glamor of a marriage in Las Vegas.


Marry in Las Vegas
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Marrying in Las Vegas - a phenomenon

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