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The medieval city of Ochsenfurt is one of the most beautiful half-timbered cities in the Main Triangle. Here you can go on holiday in a wine region in Germany. The city lies between Würzburg and Kitzingen directly on the banks of the Main and was first mentioned in a document in 725. It is also one of the most beautiful half-timbered places that we have on our Motorhome trip along the Main to get to know. Ochsenfurts Old Town is completely surrounded by the city wall with its watchtowers. With its half-timbered houses, the medieval city puts its visitors back in time.


Old town Ochsenfurt
Old town Ochsenfurt


The medieval town Ochsenfurt - timbered beauty on the Main

This medieval flair of the city in Franken spreads a nostalgic mood. The first thing we see on our walk through Ochsenfurt is a well-kept oldtimer that comes towards us through the main shopping street. While we stop, he hardly impresses the local passers-by. Few of the pedestrians turn to look at him. A sight like this seems to be the order of the day.





The vehicle perfectly matches the backdrop of the half-timbered buildings and wrought-iron shop signs that line the streets of the old town of Ochsenfurt. An elderly man tugs Petar's arm, who is holding his video camera in the other direction. So he draws his attention to the classic car. A middle-aged man is sitting inside. "Now all that is missing is a pretty companion in fringe dress with a cigarette in the cigarette holder," I think to myself. The cigarette is missing, but an elegant lady is sitting next to him.



On a weekday at the market square of Ochsenfurt

At the central square in the center, a half-timbered house joins the next. Painted in color, they turn the center of the city into a real eye-catcher. Some also have covered tables for lunch or a cup of coffee. Waiters whiz around between the tables to satisfy the wishes of the morning guests.


Medieval town Ochsenfurt in the city center
Medieval town Ochsenfurt in the city center


The warm spring sun finally invites us to follow the hustle and bustle in the street cafes from a park bench. However, there is little going on at the town square on this weekday in May. A few morning guests take a late breakfast in the cafes on the market square. From our bench on the elevated terrace in front of St. Andrew's Church, we can also observe how a group of elderly gentlemen talking animatedly. A lady with a bulging shopping bag joins them and then goes on with one of the gentlemen. To the right of us, a young passerby and her mother admire the roughly hewn statue of St. George, who kills the dragon from his imposing horse.


Town Hall of Ochsenfurt
Town Hall of Ochsenfurt


Since the spring temperatures are still quite fresh despite the sun, we leave our park bench and follow the road to the town hall. 1497 was completed. With its red façade and shingle-clad tower, it dominates this end of the marketplace. A group of cyclists are arriving via the road that leads into the city to the right. Maybe they are on the main bike path following the course of the river? They finally stop in front of the town hall and look for a table in a restaurant. Obviously she was charmed by the sight of the half-timbered houses and encouraged to rest.

On narrow streets through the medieval town of Ochsenfurt

However, it is still too early for a lunch. In addition, we had seen on the way into the city a pizzeria with a terrace directly on the banks of the Main, which lures us. Therefore we turn into Badgasse. This is one of the alleys that lead from the market square down to the Main. Past the Weinstube Fröhlich and the Klosterbräu Stuben, from which it smells seductive, we go down to Spitalgasse. Their houses adjoin the city walls that surround the old town of Ochsenfurt.


Medieval town Ochsenfurt and its side streets
Medieval town Ochsenfurt and its side streets


Here we find the Kreuzkirche, whose interior remains closed to us. Worth seeing, however, is the late Gothic tympanum with scenes from the life of St. Elisabeth over the portal. Right next to the church is the hospital and the court of honor from before 1400. At the beginning, lepers were housed there. Later it served as a home for the aged and infirm. This function retained it until the middle of the 19. Century. Religious then took over the administration and used the buildings for children in their care. Since 1990 the property belongs to the city Ochsenfurt.

Pizza with a view of the Main in Ochsenfurt

Past the traditional costume museum we finally go to the main terrace of the Gasthof Krone. Here we sit next to train tracks, over which we have a view of the Main. While we wait for our pizza, container ships pass us. They transport their goods in the direction of Würzburg. On the other hand, we have a good view of the city walls and some of the watchtowers. If the pizza was not an experience, our restaurant choice was still worth it for the views. In addition to the terrace, the Main Bridge leads across the river. However, we follow the course of the river in the direction of Würzburg.


That must be in the for the visit to Ochsenfurt Case

    • Comfortable Shoes. In Ochsenfurt you walk a lot.
    • forget comfortable pumps not, because in some Ochsenfurt restaurants you dine in elegant surroundings.
    • A backpackin which you a picknick accommodate.
    • Camera* for the photo opportunities that Ochsenfurt offers.


River terrace in the Gasthof Krone
River terrace in the Gasthof Krone in Ochsenfurt


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The closest airport is Frankfurt. It is also possible to travel to Würzburg by train.

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Medieval town of Ochsenfurt

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  1. Hello Monika and Petar,

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    a friend of mine is from Ochsenfurt and now lives with his family in the Allgäu. He often told me about the half-timbered town on the Main. Germany has so many nice corners. You do not always have to travel far. It is worthwhile to spend a weekend or a holiday there. Not only because of the delicious, Franconian specialties. Greetings Andreas

    1. Hi Andrew,

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