Rum Stories and Rum Tastings

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Rum stories and Rum Tastings

Rum stories and rum tastings were on the agenda when we visited the Mercure Stuttgart City Center Hotel. We spent two days in the capital of Baden-Württemberg at the tourism fair CMT. The hotel invited us for two days and introduced us to its newest bar delicacy - rum and a whole range of delicious rum cocktails. I can tell you that we have rarely had a more enjoyable stay in a hotel bar. And that wasn't (only) because of the alcohol. Although the cocktails were delicious and full of imagination. Deliciously simple. What makes our visit to the bar so unforgettable is that

Rum stories from the Mercure Stuttgart City Center

By the way, I mean the title of this article as ambiguous as it sounds. Head chef Christian Heide and office manager Dennis Schmitt turned out to be true borns of rum stories. It wasn't easy to find the perfect rums for her new cocktail menu. This is under the motto "Everyone makes gin, we make rum".

Rum cocktail
Rum Stories and Rum Tastings

So what did they do? They started searching Google for rum species. They presented this to the bartender in the Hotel Mercure Stuttgart City Center. After all, they did not want to offer the guests of the hotel run of the mill cocktails. Instead they created them themselves. This was followed by the creative phase of the project. Rums from the Caribbean, from the Philippines and even from Mauritius were combined with everything imaginable. Fruit juices as well as liqueurs.
We tried two of these creations: Schwarzbier, which has nothing to do with beer. Cassis is added to rum. We were not allowed to find out more. A men's cocktail, as Christian Heide assured us. Therefore, Tom from Travel Stories Reiseblog and Petar tasted this. They both enjoyed the cocktail, and I have to admit, I would not have said no to a glass of it either.


dark beer
"Black beer"


Even better, however, was the drink that Christian Heide recommends for ladies. Sabine from Travelstories Reiseblog and I followed his advice and tasted a Rumki Bam. It was a cocktail of rum with cherry, banana and mango. Simply delicious. Katja from Well Spa Portal however, chose an orito made from white rum with orange juice and cane sugar. A pure citrus delight. Laura from SavoredSips recommends a Pineapple Rum Runner.



Rumki Bam
Rumki Bam


The search for the right coke

What is most commonly mixed with rum? Coke, of course. Who has not tasted Cuba Libre yet? I am convinced that there are only a few people out there. For me, Cuba Libre is part of my youth. My standard drink, when I think back to my teenage years. Of course, it has to be part of a cocktail menu with rum. However, the bartender, the chef and the office manager of the Mercure Stuttgart City Center wanted to present their guests a bit more than the usual Cuba Libre. And so began the search for the right coke.


Rum cocktails and rum selection
Rum cocktails and rum selection


I find that even more exciting than the search for the perfect rum. Therefore, we were allowed to taste all the cola varieties, that are available for Cuba Libres at the Mercure Stuttgart City Center. For example, did you know that there is white coke? Or a coke that tastes like citrus? And no, this is not Spezi.


The bar at the Mercure Stuttgart City Center
The bar at the Mercure Stuttgart City Center


I liked the “Couriosity Cola” the most. This is a real feast for the palate. It tastes a little like licorice. But the spices, that are in it, taste even more intense. This cola reminds me of Christmas. I could make out the aroma of cinnamon. But nothing more. Even if this cola is the most expensive in the range - don't miss it. The eight Euros fifty for the bottle are worth every penny.

Our conclusion: a visit at the bar of the Mercure Stuttgart City Center is a Must

Thus if you are in Stuttgart, we recommend a visit at the bar of the Mercure Stuttgart City Center Hotel. Try at least one of these delicious rum cocktails! It is worth it! It is already on the to-do list for our next trip to Stuttgart.


Time to relax room
Time to relax room


Stay overnight at the Mercure Stuttgart City Center

Of course you can also spend the night in the hotel. By the way, there is another treat! The four #MyRoom rooms! These are rooms that hotel employees designed. Fully up to their taste. Each of us stayed in a different #MyRoom. Sabine and Tom's room had a maritime theme, in Katja's room you could chill in the hammock, and we had the “Time to Relax” room, where we were able to relax under a picture with a view of a calm lake. The fourth #MyRoom has the motto "Charm'In". This is also about relaxation. It was designed by Fatma, whose personal highlight is the rainforest shower in the bathroom.


It's a good night's sleep under this picture
It's sleeping well under this picture


If you want to stay in one of these rooms, it is best to ask for it at the time of reservation. Thus you can turn the stay in Stuttgart into a special experience.

If you want to explore Stuttgart culinary, there are appropriate guides


In Petar's video you can get a good overview of the hotel - just click on the photo:


Time to relax room
Time to relax room

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Source: own research on site. For this trip we were invited by AccorHotels. Our opinion remains our own.

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Rum Stories and Rum Tastings

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  1. For all shopping fans. The Milaneo shopping center is within sight of the hotel. From the nearby main train station you can easily get through the city by S-Bahn and tram. There is also a day ticket for a day of free travel. We recommend!

  2. Hello you two,

    very nice report. I am originally from Esslingen and if I should be back in Stuttgart I will pay a visit to the bar, but only for Cola Tasting;)

    Best regards,

    1. Dear Julia,

      yes, the cola tasting was something special. I did not know that there are so many different colas. The taste is very different.

      Best regards,

  3. I always think it's great when someone really thinks about what they want to offer their guests, not just doing what everyone is doing or because it's just “in”. Although rum (after gin) wants to become the new big hype. The two have already recognized this.
    Can one also as a non-hotel guest in the bar?

    1. Dear Antje,

      yes, the bar is open to everyone. By the way, you can easily reach them on foot from the train station.

      Best regards,

  4. Hi monika,
    I've already followed that through Instagram; Great, what you did and drank! I like rum, especially really old rums that you rarely get. In Honduras I was recommended near the harbor a small shop, which had the best rum I have drunk so far. But I also had good ones in Asia; they can really make good rum, there is enough sugarcane. I do not mix old rums that taste pure. Otherwise I like mixed drinks. I'll try rum and cassis.
    Best regards,

    1. Hello Barbara,

      We also like rum very much. I think he has something exotic about him. For rum, however, I always think of the Caribbean. It did not even come to my mind until recently that he could come from other regions of the world.

      Best regards,

    1. Hello dear Katja,

      The rum tasting we stretch then just on several visits: D It is definitely worth it, and I'm curious what the bartender comes up with until then.

      Best regards,

    1. Hello Sabine,

      yes, I also liked the cola tasting. For the Rum Tastings we have to visit the bar more often, right?

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