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Miltenberg am Main - Enjoying tours in town & country

Experience Miltenberg am Main in the Fachwerkgasse with the Mildenburg
Experience Miltenberg am Main in the Fachwerkgasse with the Mildenburg

Enjoy Miltenberg on the Main

Seldom does a city inspire us as quickly as Miltenberg am Main in Churfranken in the north of Bavaria. Anyone who has been following our blog for a long time knows that we love culinary regions and cities with flair. Miltenberg in Franken is exactly that. A place for connoisseurs, which is located in the middle of the wine region of Churfranken am Main. Surrounded by vineyards, Miltenberg boasts a completely preserved old town. In this, the half-timbered houses date back to the Middle Ages.

Half timbered details in Miltenberg am Main
Half timbered details in Miltenberg

Enjoying tours in and around Miltenberg am Main

We set out to explore the half-timbered city on the Main. Miltenberg has never fallen victim to a conflagration. Therefore, on our tour through the old town, we see how the first half-timbered houses were built: solid and stable.

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The framework only had to perform static functions. It was only when the city clerks became wealthier that they became interested in embellishing their homes. This can still be seen in the half-timbered houses in the city. We learn that the city's builders were reliable payers. A modest â € œhâ € on the church wall in the city center indicates this. It served as a quality mark for the willingness of the clients to pay. Craftsmen on the roll who passed through could tell that they were reliable and therefore offered their services with a clear conscience.

Tavern sign at the Hotel zum Giant in Miltenberg am Main
Tavern sign at the hotel zum Riesen

Today's visitors of the city make themselves comfortable in mild temperatures around the twenty degrees in the beer gardens of the city. Others overtake us with a bicycle or backpack on our backs. They are obviously on their way to the first hike of the year. Maybe it also lures the castle that towers over the old town.

Decorative truss in Miltenberg am Main
Decorative framework

In the old town of Miltenberg am Main

We continue our tour to the town square, which is quite generous for a medieval town. Once there was room for the carriages and carts that transported goods from the Main to the city. Each dealer who passed Miltenberg in the Middle Ages had to offer his goods for a few days in the city. Finally, in the town museum, we see a room from which a merchant could keep an eye on the flow of goods from the river. That his position gave him prosperity, we recognize in a chest. In it he transported his money on the road - safer than many safes today. A cabinet with magnificent inlays also testifies to the prosperity of the merchants in the city.

Open fermentation of the Kräusen beer of the brewery Faust
Open fermentation of the Kräusen beer of the brewery Faust

Craft beers from the brewery Faust

From the double-towered church in the city center, we follow a narrow lane that is lined with other half-timbered houses. It takes us to the brewery Faust, where the brewing family produces successful craft beers worldwide. On the ground floor we can see the brewing kettle, whose heat is too high even in spring-like temperatures. In summer it has to be unbearably hot here. We finally go up to a room where the curls of natural cloudy foam in open fermentation boilers. What does not look like beer here proves to be a taste experience in our subsequent beer tasting.

The Main from the brewery Faust in Miltenberg on the Main
The Main from the brewery Faust in Miltenberg

Before we can still on the balcony in front of the fermentation room. The view from there to the Main River is breathtaking. On the one hand, the half-timbered houses separate us from the main brewery. On the other side, the view slides over the roofs of the medieval buildings to the river. This makes a curve here. In addition, it is lined on the left side by steep vineyards. Just because of this sight you should not miss a visit to the brewery Faust.

In these barrels, beer matures
In these barrels, beer matures

At the end of our brewery tour we can taste the beers. On the ground floor of the brewery, our companion gives us craft beers, for which the brewery is known. I love the Kräusen Naturtrüb and the Schwarzviertler Dunkel, a very special beer that matures in barrels in the brewery's ice cellar. There is also the brewery's treasure chapel from 1631, where we will taste this beer.

Brauhaus Faust
Main street 219, 63897 Miltenberg

Coffee enjoyment in Café Mocha

If you prefer coffee instead of beer, then visit the Café Mocha at the town square of Miltenberg. The owner Meli Schmitt is a graduate Viennese coffee sommelier. It serves all types of coffee for which Austria is famous. No matter if it's a little mocha, a big bay, a Viennese mélange, a Franciscan or a Capuchin - you can get it in their small, rather inconspicuous café in the town square of Miltenberg am Main. But that's not all. She also creates specialty coffees that make your mouth water as you read the ingredients. Have you ever tried coffee with turmeric, coriander, saffron, cinnamon, chocolate & co? You should. There are also great coffee blends with caramel sauce, chai syrup, pumpkin mousse, chocolate nut cream, ginger nutmeg syrup and other exotic delicacies.

Espresso tonic with passion fruit
Espresso tonic with passion fruit

We get to know Café Mocha on an August day. On our visit on this hot summer day, we opt for a cool espresso tonic with passion fruit. A refreshing coffee mixture that awakens our weary spirits. In Café Mocha, you can not just relax over coffee and cake and watch the passers-by in the old town of Miltenberg. Meli Schmitt also owns a coffee roastery around the corner. There she offers coffee seminars for interested parties. We participate in one and can only marvel at the knowledge she has about coffees of all kinds.

Café Mocha
Main street 162 (at the market square), 63897 Miltenberg

Coffee school
Mainstr. 69, 63897 Miltenberg

Coffees in the coffee roasting shop
Coffees in the coffee roasting shop

At the bread sommelier of Miltenberg on the Main

So far we knew wine sommeliers, beer sommeliers and coffee sommeliers. But we had never heard of a bread sommelier. The explanation is simple. This Ausblidung exists only since 2015. Worldwide! The Federal Academy of the German Bakers' Trade in Weinheim has set up this training course. One of the first to participate was Volker Mayer from Miltenberg. He proudly wears his diploma on his apron when he receives us. He tells how bread must be, so that it meets its requirements. You can hear how crusty the bark is when he cuts slices from his bread and lets them try. It is full-bodied and tastes spicy. Just as good bread should taste.

Breads from Mayer's Bäck
Breads from Mayer's Bäck

In his shop we can see how varied his breads are. In addition to regular wheat mixed bread and Franconian country bread, the list of breads is long. There's Schwarzviertler, Pane Maggiore, St. Gallner Bürlibrot or a Ticino farmhouse loaf. His bread is international. In addition to a normal baguette I discover hearty French, rye and Dinkelfranzosen. The Tirolerbaguette and the Pane Adriatico also sound interesting. We would have to be in Miltenberg for weeks to try all varieties. Therefore, we limit ourselves to tasting and take home one of the freshly baked breads. At the next visit we try a new one.

Mayer's Bakery
Str. 168
63897 Miltenberg

Enjoy the tour in the surroundings of Miltenberg am Main

White Dog and Lime Dog from Rüdenau

It is just under six kilometers from Miltenberg to the village of Rüdenau. Instead of the Odenwald, we might as well have landed in Ireland. Because our next stop is at the St. Kilian Distillers. Not only the name sounds Irish. The story also begins in Ireland. Investment banker Andreas Thümmler travels a lot and loves whiskey. No wonder Ireland is one of his destinations. In Kilbeggan, he tastes a whiskey that excites him so much that he wants to buy the whole barrel. The distiller of the Irish distillery, David Hynes, however, laughs and says that the keg is not for sale. For three days Thümmler ... and finally travels back to Franconia with his cask of Irish whiskey.


When Hynes visits him in Rüdenau two years later, their conversations revolve around whiskey again. On one evening in the year 2012, the two sit together and taste one brand of whiskey after the other. It comes, as it must. Thümmler has no memory of the whiskyseligen evening the next morning. However, that changed rapidly when, after a few days, an invoice for 480000 pounds arrived in his mailbox about the purchase of two copper stills for distilling whiskey. Thümmler dawns that he had completed the purchase by handshake.

Petar talks to our guide at the whiskey distillery St. Kilian
Petar talks shop for whiskey in the St. Kilian Distillery

How a crazy idea becomes the largest whiskey distillery in Germany

Three years later, the stills in the old textile factory of Rüdenau, the Thümmler can be converted for ten million euros in a whiskey distillery. Meanwhile, hundreds of barrels are stored in the warehouses of the distillery. His master distiller, Mario Rudolf from Amorbach, produces German single malt whiskey. Only from May 2019 the distillate may call itself after European right whiskey. We still taste the fruity fires like the White Dog or the Lime Dog. The White Dog, the fresh distillate, has already been awarded the World's Best Product in its category at the Whiskey World Awards. It is worth keeping an eye on the whiskeys of the St. Killian Distillers.

St. Kilian Distillers
Main road 1 to 5
63924 Rüdenau

You can visit the stills from Mon to Fri from 9 to 17. Guided tours with tasting are available on Saturday and Sunday on request.

FASSining food at the Gasthof-Landhotel Zum Stern in Rüdenau

After visiting the whiskey distillery of Rüdenau we recommend a visit to the Landgasthof Zum Stern in Rüdenau. This is one of the few inns in Churfranken, which still has its own butcher. What comes here on the table, comes either from the in-house butcher or from local producers. Slow Food with German whiskey, so to speak. Because our dessert is prepared with the fires from the St. Kilian distillery. But see for yourself how delicious the food in the inn looks:

Gasthof-Landhotel-Butcher "Zum Stern"
Main Street 41
63924 Rüdenau near Miltenberg

On the way back to Miltenberg we make another stop in the

Winery Prince Löwenstein

The winery is located in the castle park of Castle Löwenstein in Kleinheubach am Main. The place is located about five kilometers northwest of Miltenberg am Main. Since 400 years, the princely family wine in Franconia and in the Rheingau. In the stables of 1725 built castle ripen the white wines in steel tanks. In a separate area, the red wines rest in oak barrels. The barrels are the winery itself from the wood of family-owned oak forests in the Spessart and Odenwald.

That has to be in the suitcase for the visit to Miltenberg

    • Comfortable Shoes. In Miltenberg you walk a lot.
    • forget comfortable pumps not, because in some Miltenberg restaurants you dine in elegant surroundings.
    • A backpackin which you put a picnic.
    • A Camera* for the photo opportunities that Miltenberg offers.

During our visit, we can try the wines in the newly built vinotheque. The Silvaner wines from the steep slopes of the Homburger Kallmuth in Franconia in particular caused a sensation. You can also try the Sauvignon Blanc or the Rheingau Riesling and the Pinot Noir of the â € œCarl Editionâ €.

As visitors to the wine shop, we do not have access to the castle and the castle park. This is reserved for hotel guests.

Winery Prince Löwenstein
Castle Park 3
63924 Kleinheubach
Tel. 09371 9486600

Opening time wine sales:
Monday-Friday: 10.00-12.00 clock & 13.00-18.00 clock
Saturday: 10.00-15.00 Clock
or by appointment

Restaurants in Miltenberg

Food in the oldest inn in Germany

Just the thing for connoisseurs like us. One of the oldest restaurants in Germany is in the Hotel zum Riesen. However, we cannot verify whether this claim is factual. Nobody can tell us exactly how long the "Giant" has existed. But the building is definitely old. Here we eat on dark wooden tables. Outside the restaurant I read that the inn's stables used to be on the premises. Maybe that's why Petar's lunch is called "Miltenberger Rossäpfel"? In any case, his meatballs on sauerkraut and fried potatoes look like this. I order a Miltenberger soup with fried potatoes and green sauce. A hint that we are not far from the Bavarian-Hessian border. Is the green sauce but a Frankfurt specialty.

Miltenberger Rossäpfel in the Gasthof zum Riesen
Miltenberger Rossäpfel in the Gasthof zum Riesen
Miltenberger soup meat with green sauce
Miltenberger soup meat with green sauce

For gourmets we recommend a meal at Jagdhotel Rose

For connoisseurs, we recommend the dinner in the Hunt Hotel Rose in Miltenberg, where excellent star cuisine is served. In a stylish ambience, you can dine exquisitely in this restaurant. We ate home-baked bread with wild garlic dip, salmon with asparagus, morels with vegetables, shrimp on beans and couscous, pork tenderloin on mashed potatoes and beans and a dessert plate with rhubarb and vanilla mousse.

Hunting Hotel Rose
Main Street 280
63897 Miltenberg
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Shrimp on beans and couscous in Miltenberg am Main
Shrimp on beans and couscous
Morels with vegetables in Miltenberg on the Main
Morels with vegetables

Enjoying tours through Franconia

Travel Arrangements

Arrival by plane, car and train

The nearest airport is Frankfurt. The journey is also possible by train to Miltenberg.


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Accommodation in Miltenberg

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Miltenberg on the Main
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  1. Renate
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    Hello you two,

    Now I have made it and was with my husband over Easter in Miltenberg. The town is really nice and cozy. At that time, you made me want to travel to this destination. A heartfelt thank you.


    • Monika & Petar Fox
      | Reply

      Hello Renate,

      I am very pleased that our report about Miltenberg has animated you to a visit. We also like the small town very well.

      Best regards,

  2. Antje
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    This looks very comfortable and the enjoyment is not too short, as you prove. And besides good beer, Miltenberg is considered the Franconian red wine heart.

    • Monika & Petar Fox
      | Reply

      That's true, Antje. The Spätburgunder, which we drank there, tastes wonderful.

  3. Andreas
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    Hello Monika and Petar,

    Germany is a beautiful country. The region of Altenberg am Main with beautiful half-timbered facades you captured well in the photo. Just as regional architecture is individual, there are also regional products, dishes and culinary experiences. I noticed that one of the main focuses of your blog. There are over 1300 regional, medium-sized breweries in Germany. They mainly produce delicious beers with an infinite number of aroma and taste variations. The brewing companies cannot keep up with industrially brewed beer. The jubilee year "Beer. 500 years of the German Purity Law, ”draws attention to this.

    Greetings Andreas

    • Monika & Petar Fox
      | Reply

      That's true, Andreas. Indulgence is for us in addition to beautiful places and regional specialties and products. Of course, beers are part of it. We want to deal with it even more intensively this year.

  4. Sabine
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    Your contribution clearly shows that there are still many things to discover in Germany! Authentic architecture, regional cuisine and a tribute to the modern age: craft beer.

    • Monika & Petar Fox
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      That's right, Sabine. So far, we have been looking for beautiful things in faraway countries. Meanwhile, we also get to know the charm of Europe and Germany. There is a lot to discover here as well.

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