Lonely island in the Atlantic Ocean: Miscou Island in New Brunswick

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Lighthouse at Wilson's Point

A lonely island in the Atlantic? How does that sound to you? When I think of something like that I immediately think of refreshing winds blowing in from the sea. I see lighthouses appear in the distance like a mirage out of the fine haze the morning leaves over long sandy beaches until the sun gains strength enough to burn the last remnants of the morning mist. Miscou Island in New Brunswick is all this and more. Beach camping is available on the way to Miscou Island Lighthouse.



Flocks of seagulls fly close to the coast above the waves rolling gently onto shore. When they're close enough, I can hear their screeching calls echoing across the water towards me. I taste the salt that is in the air and that the Atlantic wind leaves on my lips. Above all, however, it makes me feel like I'm just one of the few who have seen this island so far. I almost feel like Robinson Crusoe setting out to discover an unknown island. An uplifting feeling! And an experience that I will remember.




Deserted island in the Atlantic Miscou Island - Northeast corner of New Brunswick
Northeast corner of New Brunswick


Miscou Island, a lonely island in the Atlantic

Granted: up to our trip through the Acadian regions I had never heard of this island. But that is probably the case with all lonely islands. Otherwise they would not be referred to as such. Miscou Island off the coast of New Brunswick is not entirely uninhabited, but the few houses on this island in the extreme northeastern tip of this Atlantic Province in Canada can only be found along the main road and near the beach, with the exception of Miscou Harbor.

In the 19th century, up to 1500 people are said to have lived on the island. Today there are only 700, and most of them live in the harbor right at the beginning of the island. There may be a few fishermen living in the rest of the island. But it may also be holiday homes that we see on our way. Miscou Island has not yet appeared on any tour operators' radar. This is certainly also due to the fact that apart from a campsite there are hardly any places to stay overnight on the island. To get to the island we have to leave the tourist trails. A nearby attraction is the Caraquet open-air museum, which we visited the day before during our search for the Renaissance of the Acadians. This is also located on the edge of the tourist routes through the Atlantic provinces. An island "off the beaten path", so to speak. Remote, unknown, and lonely.



How to Get to Miscou Island

Miscou Island can be reached via Lameque Island, to which it is connected by a bridge. From this bridge there is only one road that leads to the tip of the island in the northeast, and from which dead ends branch off only now and then, most of which lead to points along the island's coast and end there. The main road through the island is also a dead end, which we have to take back after our tour.


Peat bog on Miscou Island
Peat bog on Miscou Island
Carnivorous plant - the tube leaf
A plant that eats meat - the tubular leaf

A peat bog that fascinates

After a few kilometers we see a footbridge that leads into the interior of the island. We don't think twice and stop. It quickly becomes clear why the island is hardly inhabited: it consists to a large extent of peat bog, which was formed over 8000 years in caves left by the Ice Age. The ground is so damp that we can't get very far on foot.

Building is certainly out of the question here. Therefore, a large part of Miscou Island is under conservation. This gives us the chance to explore the flora of the peat landscape. We discover orchids, but also carnivorous plants such as the tube leaf, sundew or the horned water hose and an abundance of bushes on which blueberries, cranberries and rock pears ripen. We would like to leave the jetty to have a snack, but the swamp floor and the ponds and puddles keep us from it. To sink into the moor does not correspond to our idea of ​​a nice stay on a lonely island.


The lonely island in the Atlantic attracts anglers
Anglers on the Atlantic near Miscou Island Camping

At the end of the road to Wilson's Point

So we drive to the end of the road to Wilson's Point where there is a lighthouse. This watches over the northeast corner of New Brunswick on the Baie de Chaleurs, the Atlantic bay that separates this province from its neighboring province of Quebec. The only people we see along the way are a woman who is just hanging her laundry on the clothesline in front of her house to take advantage of the wind blowing in from the sea.

We also meet a few anglers who have set up camp on the long sandy beach at the tip of the island. They stand at the edge of the sea with rubber boots or barefoot. There they cast their lines into the waves that roll toward them across the expanse of the bay. From our vantage point, however, we cannot tell whether they have already collected prey in their buckets that are in the sand behind them. In any case, they are trying very hard. While one of them cranks his rod frantically to reel in the line, his companion is just about to put fresh bait on the hook, only to do the same.


Secluded beaches on Miscou Island
Miscou Island Camping by the sea and near the Lighthouse

At the end of Miscou Island

Wilson's Point is named in memory of the first settlers on Miscou Island. Andrew Wilson came here from Aberdeen in Scotland. As a Catholic Scot, he was assigned land to these patches in 1927. His children married French-speaking Catholics from the surrounding Acadian communities. As a result, Wilson's Point was bilingual for a time. There is also a tiny island off the coast known as Treasure Island. It is said that pirates buried their treasure there. However, we refrain from going there to look for the treasure. It is said that he is cursed. Anyone looking for it disappears in a mysterious way. We definitely didn't want to take that risk.


Shop at the end of Miscou Island
Loading at the Miscou Island Lighthouse


So we finally turn around and make our way back to Lameque Island and the mainland. But not before we've eaten our fill of fresh fish and lobster at a lobster shack on the beach. But that's another story that we'll tell you elsewhere. Our lonely island in the Atlantic has even more to offer.


Are you traveling with a motorhome?

  • One campsite on Miscou Island is Camping La Vague, 3 Chem. Herring Point, Miscou, NB E8T 2G2, Canada, Tel. 506 3448531. There are also other campsites in the area.
  • Do you want to rent a mobile home? Then you can find information here, for example, and booking options.
  • Be sure to check our packing list for campers to see whether you have packed everything for your motorhome tour.
  • Don't forget your  backpack as well as comfortable walking boots not. There are definitely beautiful hiking opportunities in the area.
  • There are also miles of beaches on the island. With our Beach vacation checklist you don't forget anything.


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Questions and Answers about Miscou Island in New Brunswick:

Where exactly is Miscou Island and how do I get to the island?

Miscou Island is located northeast of New Brunswick, Canada, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The island is accessible via a bridge from the main island of New Brunswick. You can get there both by car and by bike.

Is there accommodation on Miscou Island?

Yes, there are some accommodation options on the island such as bed and breakfasts, cottages and campsites. However, it is advisable to make a reservation before arrival as the choice is limited.

What activities can I do on Miscou Island?

Miscou Island offers a variety of activities for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. You can hike, fish, kayak, bird watch or just enjoy the pristine beaches and scenery.

Is Miscou Island accessible year round?

Yes, Miscou Island is accessible year-round. However, the best time to visit is from spring to autumn, as the weather is milder and most activities and attractions are open. In winter there may be limited options due to snow and ice.

What should I have on my packing list for a trip to Miscou Island?

For a trip to Miscou Island you should definitely pack the following things: Weatherproof clothing (such as rain jacket and windproof clothing), comfortable shoes for hiking, swimwear, sunscreen, insect repellent, camera or smartphone for great photos, binoculars for bird watching and possibly fishing gear if you want to fish.


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Miscou Island New Brunswick
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Lonely island in the Atlantic Ocean: Miscou Island in New Brunswick

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