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Schlägl Abbey in the Mühlviertel in the Bohemian Forest

Discover Mühlviertel attractions in the Mühlviertel Austria

The Mühlviertel Austria is not one of the landscapes that attract thousands of visitors. The Alps can be seen from afar. The foothills of the Alps merges into the Inn floodplains. In the Mühlviertler Alm you drive through hilly landscapes and valleys. Nevertheless, Mühlviertel sights and Mühlviertel excursion destinations surprise with world-class art. You can hike on pilgrimage routes such as the Camino de Santiago. Beers from the Mühlviertel are known - and good. There are natural paradises in the Inn region where the bird world feels at home. The cuisine in the Mühlviertel alone is worth a visit to the region. Here you can find insider tips away from the tourist routes in Upper Austria. The Mühlviertel travel destinations are surprisingly diverse. You can get one in the Mühlviertel Austria holidays for connoisseurs .

Farmer's donuts, undressed

Donuts, Ausgezogene, Küchle or Bauernkrapfen

Drawn, Küchle or Bauernkrapfen They have many names: in Bavaria they are known as drawn or drawn. In Franconia they are called Küchle or Kiachla. In Austria they are called Bauernkrapfen. In the Tyrolean region, they are also known as Knieküchle or Kniekeulchen. They are also known as Rottnudel, Streubla or Fenschterkiachle ...
Mühlviertler potato casserole Mühlviertler Waspennester

Mühlviertel Wasp Nests - Austrian Specialties

Bake Mühlviertel wasp nests The Mühlviertel wasp nests are one of the specialties of the region in Upper Austria. You can prepare them in different ways. First we got to know her in the monastery kitchen at Stift Schlägl. There the cook served it for us as lunch. They were prepared as a Mühlviertel potato casserole with apples. Simply cook with potatoes ...
St. Lambrecht Styria

A temporary break - three monasteries in Austria

A break in a monastery in Austria Would you like to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in an oasis of calm? Then a break in a monastery in Austria is just the right thing for you! There are many monasteries in Austria, but only a few offer guests the opportunity to stay in the ...
Schlägl Abbey in the Mühlviertel in the Bohemian Forest

Enjoy Beer and Gardens in the Abbey Schlägl in the Šumava Peninsula

Enjoy the Bohemian Forest with Stifts beer in the gardens of Stift Schlägl The Bohemian Forest in the Mühlviertel is not only worth a visit because of the Schlägl Monastery. In Aigen Schlägl, the monastery and the brewery beckon on an excursion. Here the collegiate beer and the gardens increase our enjoyment even more. Also the food from ...
One of the inns in the Mühlviertel Braucommune Freistadt

Freistadt Austria Restaurants with a twist

Which Freistadt Austria restaurants are worth visiting? That was one of the questions we asked ourselves before our visit to the Mühlviertel. We always like to use our trips to get to know the local gastronomy. It's important to us to try the region's specialties. Or to discover restaurants that...
Click here for the Thauerböck organic farm shop

Farm shops near Freistadt

Farm sales in the Mühlviertel Since we moved to the country a few years ago, we have been buying more and more from farm shops and farm shops. Nearby farm shops deliver eggs that are twice the size of the ones we get in the supermarket. In farm shops nearby we can find ...
Freak out Goose

Inns in the Mühlviertel for connoisseurs

Inns in the Mühlviertel We were on a tour through the inns in the Mühlviertel. I did not expect that inns in the Mühlviertel would be so varied. Clever hosts in the Mühlviertel have taught us better. These inns in the Mühlviertel are everything but boring. With ideas and imagination, they offer their ...
Traditional roast goose

How St. Martin's Goose tastes particularly good

Why the St. Martin's goose can taste good St. Martin's goose is a feast in Austria and Bavaria. On November 11th, the festival of St. Martin is not only celebrated in the Mühlviertel. This feast day commemorates St. Martin of Tours. He is the founder of monasticism in the West and was the third ...

Hike through the Pesenbachtal

Summer hike through the Pesenbachtal This is what you should know before a hike through the Pesenbachtal: The hike has a partly alpine character. Therefore, sure-footedness, footwear for mountain trails and fitness are necessary. Starting point: Bad Mühllacken. Parking spaces are available at the forest pool. Refreshments: the Schlagerwirt (behind the Schlagerhütte - a shelter - a path branches off to the Schlagerwirt ...
Herbal stamps - Winter Wellness Austria

Detoxify the body - Let's go to the monastery, get fit quickly

Let's go to the monastery to detoxify the body Especially after holidays like Christmas or Easter, which include sumptuous food, the body detoxifies well. It was new to us that this is possible even in monasteries. So far we had discovered this in wellness hotels. We got involved in the experiment ...


Mühlviertel Austria and Mühlviertel sights
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