The Inn Valley from above in the Biohotel Grafenast

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View of the Inn Valley

The Naturhotel Grafenast in Pill in Tirol

We are guests at the Naturhotel Grafenast in Tyrol. So an eagle has to be in the Inn valley Austria feel! Below us, the Inn winds its way through the valley in silver loops, while the summer heat creates veils of haze that wander along the Karwendel mountain range. While it is hot and humid down in the valley, a mild breeze blows up here on the mountain peak of the Pillberg, which provides some cooling. It can be endured under the parasols on the viewing terrace. A cyclist does the rest and cools our throats from the inside.



This is how an eagle must feel over the Inn Valley. View from the Hotel Grafenast



We can not tear ourselves away from this magnificent view of the Inn Valley in Tyrol, which we enjoy from the Hotel Grafenast, and spend the whole afternoon sitting on the mountain terrace. As if spellbound, we observe the summer weather capers in the Inn Valley in Tyrol and watch as a dramatic thunderstorm breaks through the valley. Even that's nice from up here! Almost as if we are watching the world from outside.


Naturhotel Grafenast View of the Inn Valley


The Inn valley from above

Already the journey reminded me of the flight of an eagle. Right on the outskirts of Schwaz down in the Inn Valley, the narrow road winds in countless hairpin bends up the mountain. I'm glad about our navigation system, because the Pillberg is covered by a network of narrow and steep mountain trails that all look the same. Which is the main street? No idea. Signs? Wrong! Except for a single sign at the fork up the mountain, we see no sign, which shows us the way to the nature hotel Grafenast.

And so we follow the instructions of our navigation device and wind us on steep roads and around tight curves up the mountain, through the mountain village of Pillberg through, up and up. Passing mountain meadows and pastures, through forest to the end of the road. Only here - on the summit of the Pillberg - we find our destination, the Bio and Naturhotel Grafenast.


Kaminstube in the nature hotel Grafenast


A very special hotel - the nature hotel Grafenast

More than 100 years old is the building. It's breathing. It lives. Once it served as a mountain hut. On the second floor of the house, I discover an old newspaper report on the wall, in which an old lady reports on her memories of ski tours during her youth, which she undertook from Grafenast. As evidence, old skis hang on the walls.

“My grandfather loved life on the mountain. He moved to the Pillberg and spent his whole life up here, ”tells Peter Unterlechner, the current owner of the hotel. "My brother and I grew up on the mountain," he says when I asked what it was like with him. You can tell that he enjoys life in nature and on the mountain. Today he no longer manages a mountain hut, but a very special hotel that is the highlight of our trip through Austria. However, you shouldn't expect an elegant mountain hotel.



Stube with tiled stove


You can book a room in the Naturhotel Grafenast here:

Bio and Naturhotel Grafenast

Pillbergstrasse 205
6136 pill
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Loving flower arrangements everywhere


Here you come as a friend, not as a guest

Anyone who comes here is treated as a friend, not as a guest. You can tell that everywhere: it doesn't matter whether it's the ten-year-old three-cheese-high who strums the film melody of "Pirates of the Caribbean" like a professional on the piano in the hotel lobby, the elegant couple who cook their own breakfast egg at breakfast, the group of Women who apparently only got together in the hotel and talked about their experiences with yoga exercises that she did on the mountain, or the family who enjoyed the view of the Inn Valley with coffee and cake on the mountain terrace.

Everyone feels comfortable. The personal “you” is self-evident. The waiter, who quotes Shakespeare by the way, puts our beer on the table with a friendly "Let yourself taste it". Our mistress serves us our dinner. She takes the time to do it. Nothing is rushing at the Naturhotel Grafenast and the guest adapts. By the way, she gives our table neighbors tips for the next day and asks what they did today.


Drink tea with a view of the Inn Valley


You do not know boredom at the Grafenast Nature Hotel

You do not know boredom at the Grafenast Nature Hotel. If you do not have the grandiose view of the Inn Valley for hours, you can hike up here on the mountain. The pool in the garden beckons when the sun is shining from the sky. You walk through the longing garden at the hotel or enjoy the coolness of the forest and the fresh mountain air on the path of the senses. Even mountain bikers will find a great area here.

For those who do not feel comfortable with themselves, the Naturhotel Grafenast offers guided hikes, mushrooming with the hotel manager, painting classes with artists, sculpture courses with local sculptors and much more. The whole hotel is a gallery of works that have been created here over the years, including the large portrait of Peter Unterlechner and his wife hanging in the lobby of the hotel.


Sauna on the mountain above the Inn Valley


Great - the forest sauna

A very special experience is the forest sauna, which stands on the steep mountain slope next to the hotel. It is connected to the main house via a wooden walkway. I feel a little like in the fantasy forest of the Ewoks from the "Star Wars" when we cross over. Inside, the sauna is reminiscent of a yurt. On several levels made of wood, wellness friends can relax here in the wonderful nature above the Inn Valley. Deceleration is very important at the Naturhotel Grafenast, and the guests who come here seem to be looking for exactly that, because we don't recognize hectic or stress anywhere. The perfect place to relax in the Tyrolean mountains!


Over the Inntal even thunderstorms are beautiful


Our suite on the top floor

We stay in a suite on the top floor of the hotel. In front of our balcony, the Inntal extends to the horizon. At night we can even see the lights of the city of Innsbruck from our bed. We observe the illuminated cars that wind their way through the valley on the Inntal motorway. From the noise of the highway and the hustle and bustle in the places along the Inn we notice up here but nothing. Instead, we watch eagles circling above us. In the morning we are awakened by the cowbells, which carry the cows on the pasture around the neck.

I find it particularly nice that we can look out from the bathtub in our bathroom to the mountains and the valley. It is a special refuge to enjoy the Karwendel and the view of Tyrol.



Our conclusion: who wants to escape a few days of everyday life and seek rest, is the Bio and Naturhotel Grafenast in Tyrol and welcome to friends. We only regret that we no longer have time for this experience.

A worthwhile excursion destination from the BioVital Hotel Grafenast is the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens in Tyrol.


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The Inn Valley from above in the Biohotel Grafenast

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  1. Good day,
    I know the Inn Valley of some holidays and always enthusiastic about the nature and the friendly people.
    The hotel makes a cozy impression.
    Is it possible to enjoy the forest sauna as a visitor?

    1. Hi Manu,

      this is true. We also feel very comfortable in the Inn Valley in Tyrol. The Biohotel Grafenast is great. We have been there several times. We especially like the magnificent view of the valley and the Karwendelgebirge. At night you can even see the lights of Innsbruck in the distance. You can also experience a heavenly peace here. We really like the creative ambience that you find everywhere in the hotel. The forest sauna is of course available to hotel guests.


    1. Hello Sabine,

      the hotel was created from a mountain lodge that still forms the core of the building. Therefore, the rustic ambience is preserved to this day. We especially liked the warm hospitality, with which we were received there and - as an absolute highlight - the magnificent view of the Inn Valley. We can absolutely recommend the Hotel Grafenast.

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