Why a New York City Pass is useful

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New York City Pass

The New York City Pass is a convenient ticket. You can buy a New York City Pass as a tourist if you want to see the sights in New York City want to explore. This pass gives you access to a variety of attractions, museums, observation decks and even city tours. You pay a flat rate for the pass. This is often cheaper than buying tickets for each attraction individually. There are different types of these passports. You can find out the differences in our New York City Pass comparison.



Which New York Pass do you need?


A New York City Pass offers you many advantages. First, you save money as the pass is cheaper than individual tickets. Second, you save time because you often avoid queues. Third, you have a wide range of attractions so you can customize your trip. Fourth, the pass helps to organize your visit, as you get an overview of possible activities in advance. All in all, the pass is a great way to discover New York stress-free and inexpensively. Which New York City Pass you want to buy depends on your planned trip. Here you will find the various offers.

New York City Pass Comparison

The New York Pass

With the New York Pass you can save up to 100% on over 40 top attractions, for example the Empire State Building or hop-on hop-off tours. The more attractions you visit in 1-10 days, the more you save. You can use the mobile pass immediately and scan at each attraction to gain entry. Discover hidden highlights such as the Harlem Jazz Series or culinary tours. The free digital travel guide will help you to find all included attractions and access options. The pass is activated with the first use and is valid for the booked days.


The New York Pass and more information you get here*.


The GO City Explorer Pass

With the New York Explorer Pass, you can choose 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 10 attractions from over 95 great experiences in New York City. You can browse the digital guide to decide what you want to experience and plan your itinerary. The pass offers flexibility as you can use it within 60 days of first visiting an attraction.

Additional perks include discounts at gift shops at select attractions. You benefit from the immediate delivery of the Explorer Pass, which you can use on your mobile phone or print out. Attractions such as the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Museum or the Empire State Building are included.

Choose a pass with different options, check entry requirements in the digital travel guide and plan your trip. Your pass will be activated on the first scan and you have up to 60 days to use the options you have purchased. The Explorer Pass helps you get the most out of your New York trip while saving money.


The New York City Explorer Pass and more information you get here*.


The New York CityPASS

With the New York CityPASS you can visit 5 top attractions in New York City and save a lot of money. After booking you will receive your mobile tickets immediately. Attractions include the well-known American Museum of Natural History. You can also visit 3 other attractions of your choice.

For example, explore the city on the Statue City Cruises ferry or visit the Guggenheim Museum and much more. CityPASS allows you to experience world-renowned art, fascinating science, significant history and breathtaking views. With the pass you save 40% on admission to 5 must-see attractions. This way you can discover the best of New York while being easy on your budget.


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Which New York City Pass to buy?


We continue our New York City Pass comparison:

The New York Sightseeing Pass

With the New York Sightseeing Pass you can customize your pass and choose from 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 or 10 day passes. Visit as many partner attractions as you like and adjust your program flexibly. Discover over 100 sights and save up to 65% of the regular admission prices.

Experience the impressive cityscape of New York easily on one of the five bus tours. Enjoy the skyline view during a ferry ride or take part in a themed hike or bike tour. Major attractions include the Top of the Rock Observatory, the Statue of Liberty, MoMA and the New York Aquarium.

Great for first-time visitors, the Sightseeing Pass can be used at over 10 attractions across the five boroughs. Your pass becomes active as soon as you use it at an attraction or tour and is valid for the consecutive days booked.

Discover the best of New York City while saving money and time with the convenient Sightseeing Pass.


The New York Sightseeing Pass and further information you get here*.


New York City Sightseeing Flex Pass

Explore New York City with the convenient Sightseeing Flex Pass, which gives you access to over 100 top attractions, experiences and museums. Choose up to 12 attractions and create your own itinerary. You can save up to 65% of the regular admission price. Plan your customized itinerary by choosing 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 or 12 attractions for your pass. These include the Top of the Rock Observation Deck, Madame Tussauds, MoMA and the New York Aquarium.

Explore the city comfortably with various bus routes or enjoy the view from a harbor ferry - ideal for a selfie. Discover New York on guided themed hikes or bike tours. The Sightseeing Flex Pass gives you flexibility and affordability for your trip to New York City. The pass is particularly suitable for visitors who are short on time and only want to see a few of the top attractions.

Embark on a discovery tour through the streets of New York City. Experience the impressive skyline up close with access to 5 bus tours or enjoy the city from the water on a ferry ride. The Sightseeing Flex Pass entitles you to a full day of Uptown and Downtown hop-on hop-off bus tours.


The New York Sightseeing Flex Pass and more information you get here*.


Empire State Building
Empire State Building is a popular attraction


How to choose the right New York City Pass

There are several criteria that you should consider when purchasing your New York City Pass:

The length of your stay

When planning your New York City vacation, the length of stay is key to choosing the right Sightseeing Pass. Depending on how long you are in town, you can choose from different options. For a short stay, the sightseeing flex pass is ideal, where you can choose 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 or 12 attractions. If you are in New York for a longer period of time, the Sightseeing Pass with 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 or 10 day passes might be more suitable for you. You can visit an unlimited number of attractions. Remember that choosing the right pass will make your stay less stressful and help you save money.

Personal interests and preferences

Your personal interests and preferences are decisive when choosing the right New York City Pass. Consider which sights and activities you enjoy the most. Do you love art and culture? Then make sure your pass gives you access to top museums like MoMA. If you're a history buff, attractions like the Statue of Liberty or the 9/11 Memorial should be included in your pass. Nature lovers, on the other hand, will benefit from passes that include Central Park tours or boat trips. Choose the pass that best suits your interests to get the most out of your New York visit.

What budget do you have for your New York City trip?

Budget considerations play an important role in choosing the right New York City Pass. First, consider how much money you want to spend on sights and activities. Different passes offer different pricing tiers and savings. Some allow access to a fixed number of attractions, while others offer flexible day passes. Compare the cost of each pass to regular admission prices to find the best value. Make sure the pass you choose also covers your favorite attractions. This way you can get the most out of your New York visit while being easy on your budget.

Pay attention to the activities and sights when comparing New York City Passes

When choosing the right New York City Pass, the attractions and sights you want to visit are crucial. First create a list of your personal favorites and check which passes they contain. Some passes offer access to a wider range of attractions, while others focus on specific highlights. Make sure the pass also offers special experiences or tours that interest you, such as boat rides, bike rides, or guided walking tours. Additional benefits are sometimes included, such as fast-track entry to avoid queues, or discounts at restaurants and shops.

Compare the different passports to find the one that best suits your interests. Also consider how much time you will be spending in New York and whether you have enough time to visit all the attractions you want. Some passes offer flexible days of use, so you can explore the sights at your own pace.

Remember that a city break isn't just about the number of attractions visited, it's also about the experience and the quality of the experiences. So choose a pass that allows you to enjoy the city the way you envisioned it. After all, New York City is a fascinating destination with endless possibilities, and the right pass will help you get the most out of your stay.

Buy a New York City Pass

online purchase

You can easily buy a New York City Pass online. Check out the different pass options and choose the one that best suits your needs. After purchase, you will receive the pass by email or in an app that you can download to your smartphone. This way you always have it handy and save time by not having to queue to buy the pass on site.

Buy on site

If you prefer to buy the New York City Pass locally, there are various points of sale in the city, for example at the airport, in hotels or at many of the attractions themselves. Note that there can be waiting times here. Ask for a brochure or map to help you find the attractions included in the pass.

Activation of the pass

Activating your New York City Pass is easy. As soon as you visit the first attraction or join a tour, the pass is automatically activated. From that moment on, the pass is valid for the booked number of consecutive days or for the selected attractions. Make sure you allow enough time to visit all the attractions you want and get the most out of your pass.

This is how you use your Sightseeing Pass for New York

Showing the pass at attractions:

To use the New York City Pass, simply show it at attractions. If you bought the pass online, it's probably in an app on your phone or in an email as a .pdf file. It is best to save it on your smartphone. But you can also print it out. At the attraction entrance, show the pass to the staff who will then scan the pass and grant you entry.

Reservation of time slots:

Some attractions or tours may require advance booking of a timeslot. This helps avoid crowds and ensures that all visitors have a pleasant experience. Check the attraction website or the pass app to see if a reservation is required and book your timeslot accordingly.

Access to Fast Track Entries:

Some of the New York City Passes also offer fast-track entry to select attractions. This means you can skip long lines and get into the attraction faster. Make sure your pass includes this option and use it to get even more time to explore the city.

Tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your New York City Pass

Travel planning and preparation:

Before you travel to New York, you should consider which attractions you want to visit and how much time you should plan for them. Find out about opening times, how to get there and possible closing days. So you can make your stay effective and get the most out of your pass.

Use off-peak times:

New York City is often very busy, so it makes sense to take advantage of off-peak times to visit the sights. These are usually on weekdays and outside of the main holiday periods. You can also try to visit attractions just after they open or just before they close to avoid long waits.

Consider alternative attractions:

The New York City Pass gives you access to many attractions, but some of the most famous sights can still be overcrowded. In such cases, you can look for alternative attractions that are less crowded but still interesting and exciting. Oftentimes, close to the main attractions, you'll find smaller, lesser-known attractions that can be just as fascinating. When comparing New York City Passes, you should therefore consider which and how many attractions are included.

Before purchasing a New York City Pass, find out about restrictions and conditions

You should pay particular attention to these points:

Validity period:

The New York City Pass has a certain period of validity, which varies depending on the type of pass you choose. Once activated, the pass is valid for the consecutive days booked. Be sure to adjust your travel plans accordingly to get the most out of the validity period.

Number of accessible attractions:

The pass allows access to a large number of attractions, but there may be restrictions on the number of attractions you can visit. Depending on the type of pass you choose, you can select a certain number of attractions. Be sure to choose these carefully to suit your interests and preferences.

Cancellation Policy and Refunds:

Before you buy the New York City Pass, you should find out about the cancellation policy and refunds. Normally, refunds are only possible within a certain period of time and are subject to certain conditions. Find out before you buy to avoid unpleasant surprises.

In summary, you should know

Pros and cons of using a New York City Pass:

A New York City Pass offers many benefits such as free admission to attractions, fast track admission and financial savings. On the other hand, there are restrictions on the period of validity and the number of attractions that can be accessed. It is important to consider these aspects before deciding on a pass.

Decision-making aid if you want to buy a New York City Pass:

Consider your personal interests, budget, and length of stay when deciding on a New York City Pass. When comparing New York City Passes, pay attention to the conditions to find the pass that best suits your needs.

Create a custom itinerary:

With a New York City Pass, you can create a customized itinerary based on your interests and preferences. Use the pass's flexibility to choose the attractions that interest you most and plan your trip carefully to get the most out of your pass.

Conclusion – buying a New York City Pass is worth it:

A New York City Pass can be a great way to explore the city while saving money. By weighing the pros and cons and comparing the different pass options, you can make an informed decision and create a customized itinerary that will make your stay in New York unforgettable.

New York City Pass Questions and Answers

What attractions are included in the New York City Pass?

The New York City Pass offers access to over 100 attractions including Top of the Rock, MoMA, Madame Tussauds and the New York Aquarium. The exact list may vary by pass.

How long is the pass valid?

The validity of the pass depends on the option chosen. There are passes with a fixed number of days (1, 2, 3, 5, 7 or 10 days) or flexible passes that must be used within 30 days of first use.

Can I use fast track entries with the pass?

Yes, some City Passes offer Fast Track access to select attractions. This allows you to reduce waiting times and visit more attractions in less time.

Do I need to reserve time slots for the attractions in advance?

Advance booking of timeslots may be required for some attractions and tours. You can find out how to do this on the Pass provider's website or in the Pass app.

Is there a cancellation option or refund?

Cancellation policies and refunds vary by provider. Refunds are often possible within a certain period of time before the first use. Check the conditions with the respective provider.


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Why a New York City Pass is useful

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