Nice places in Germany for a weekend

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Half-timbered house in Amorbach

There are nice places in Germany for a weekend. It doesn't necessarily have to be places that are famous. There are places in Germany that are worth visiting but don't attract crowds. Precisely this makes many of them one of the most beautiful places in Germany. In our list you will find places that are worth a weekend trip and promise enjoyment. At the same time you will find possibilities to book a hotel on site for the short portrait of the places. You can also book your arrival online. So nothing stands in the way of your trip for the weekend.

Nice places in Germany for a weekend


Mosbach Photo: Image by Th G on Pixabay

Must see places

Half-timbered jewel in Mosbach

In Mosbach in Baden-Württemberg, guests can admire the Kickelhain house, one of the smallest half-timbered houses in Germany. With only 26 square meters of floor space, a total of 52 square meters of living space are spread over three floors. The Collegiate Church of St. Juliana is also something special. As a result of the Electoral Palatinate religious declaration in 1707, the church was divided into the Catholic choir and the Protestant nave.



Nice places in Germany for a weekend - Bietigheim-Bissingen
The Hornmoldhaus town museum of the town of Bietigheim-Bissingen. Photo: djd/Deutsche Fachwerkstraße/A. mende

Bietigheim-Bissingen – one of the beautiful places in Germany

Those who travel along the regional route to Bietigheim-Bissingen, on the other hand, should visit the Hornmoldhaus town museum. The interior paintings and the decorative half-timbering from the Renaissance period are magnificent. Up the Enz it is worth taking a look at the railway viaduct, which is one of the engineering structures from the early days of the railways in Germany. More information on all half-timbered towns can be found at



Beautiful places in Germany - Miltenberg
A gem on the outskirts of Miltenberg is the Laurentius Chapel, first mentioned in 1380. Photo: djd/Deutsche Fachwerkstraße/Lena Beck

The Laurentius Chapel in Miltenberg - one of the travel destinations in southern Germany

Auch Miltenberg in Franconia shines with an old town and its history. In the half-timbered town, guests can, for example, immerse themselves in the history of pharmacies and medicine in the pharmacy museum and admire the Laurentius chapel on the outskirts. This is one of the chapels in Franconia from the Gothic period.



Most beautiful places in Germany - Ochsenfurt
Ochsenfurt am Main, one of the beautiful places in Germany Photo: Monika Fuchs

Ochsenfurt in Franconia - beautiful places in Germany for a weekend

Not far away Ochsenfurt, whose architectural monuments include the lance tower on the New Town Hall with its musical clock. The clock is believed to be the oldest wrought iron tower clock in Europe that is still working. As from the beginning, the astronomical clock is wound by hand.



Bad Langensalza
Bad Langensalza is one of the beautiful places in Germany, photo: Klaus Dieter from Wangenheim on Pixabay

Cellar tour in Bad Langensalza

Some places are deeply hidden. For example in Bad Langensalza. For example, about one meter beneath the pavement of the city in Thuringia lies the travertine, which has grown over thousands of years. It is also called the marble of the north. Buildings were built from limestone in the Middle Ages and are still standing today. Cellars were built beneath them, which guests can view on cellar tours.



Schmalkalden Wilhelmsburg Castle
Schmalkalden: Wilhelmsburg Castle is a pearl among Renaissance castles. Photo: djd/Deutsche Fachwerkstrasse/Markus Glahn

Schmalkalden with its castle and other beautiful places in Germany

Wilhelmsburg Castle in Schmalkalden, the house of the guilds in Judengasse in Grünberg in Hesse or the tower keeper's apartment in the church tower of the town church of St. Marien in Homberg: There are additional treasures to be found in the towns along the German Half-timbered Road.



Conclusion: There are many beautiful places in Germany for a short break

Even if you don't have enough time for a trip that lasts weeks, there are still many beautiful places in Germany that are suitable for a weekend or a few day stay. Most of them not only offer local attractions, but also hiking opportunities in the area. It is therefore worth preparing for a city tour, walks and hikes before your trip.

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Nice places in Germany for a weekend

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