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These Netherlands travel destinations will help you discover how beautiful Holland is. We present Holland travel destinations for connoisseurs and slow travelers who guarantee a vacation full of enjoyment in the cities, by the sea and in the nature of the kingdom. Explore the coasts of the country. Travel the land of the polder. Go to the island of Texel. Visit Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Enjoy the tulip bloom in spring. Enjoy cheese from Holland. Learn from the farmers how this is made. Go find windmills. There is a lot to experience in the Netherlands. points of interest & sights to discover. Much more than you can do in one vacation. Holland is worth a lot of trips.

Sandwich with smoked salmon

Texel Tips for gourmets - Discover great island specialties

If you are looking for culinary insider tips on the Dutch island of Texel, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we present you must-try restaurants, specialties and experiences to discover the island's unique cuisine. In these Texel insider tips for...
Fishing boat in Oudeschild - North Sea beach vacation

Texel island sights and activities on the North Sea

Texel sights & activities in our Texel travel guide In this Texel travel guide you will find recommendations for a holiday on Texel with Texel sights, activities and tips. The island on the North Sea in Holland fascinates. through their people. Because of the proximity to the mainland of Holland. Because of their location in the sea. And ...
One of the wooden drawbridges in Edam

Edam - see the cheese village from the water

Edam Holland Sightseeing from the water Edam in Holland is a small town in the Netherlands known for its delicious cheese that goes by the same name. This cheese has a long history and is very popular not only in Holland but all over the world. The manufacture of...
Best accommodation in Texel

What you need to know about getting to the island of Texel

How to get to Texel - you need to know that How to get to Texel by ferry In our Texel travel guide you will find everything you need to know about the ferry crossing. Getting to Texel by ferry is easy. This is what you should know for your holiday on Texel: Arriving in Texel by car By car in ...
At the blue hour in Kampen

Hanse Cities to Visit in Netherlands - A Road Trip through the Hanse Cities

Hanseatic cities of Holland - beautiful cities in Holland Discovering Europe while traveling to lesser-known regions is fun. There are many beautiful cities in Holland. The Hanseatic cities in Holland are one of them. This year we discovered that Holland is also beautiful outside of the tulip season. We have been fascinated by the Hanseatic League since we ...
Beautiful cities in Holland - Harderwijk

Harderwijk Holland - Things to do in the city on the IJsselmeer

Harderwijk Holland - things to do in the Hanseatic city The Hanseatic city of Harderwijk is one of the Hanseatic cities in Holland. It describes itself as a "culinary Hanseatic city". We tested that during our visit. In fact, there is quite a bit that Harderwijk has to offer in terms of things to do for foodies. But read for yourself. The old town is a pedestrian zone...
Rent holiday home Texel

Rent Texel holiday home - a selection to book online

Renting a Texel holiday home Renting a Texel holiday home is probably the best way to spend a holiday on the island in North Holland. It doesn't necessarily have to be a Texel holiday home by the sea, because it is never far away. There are inexpensive private holiday homes that are located in the middle of nature. There ...
Tulips with fringe edges in Keukenhof Holland

Keukenhof and Holland tulips from March to May

A trip to the tulips in Holland at Keukenhof Experience tulips in Holland when they are blooming at the Keukenhof. The time of the tulip bloom in spring is one of the most beautiful travel times in Holland. It blooms in the region west and north of Amsterdam between late March and mid-May. Tulips in all ...
The car of Keukenhof

Bollenstreek Flower Parade Noordwijk 2023

Experience the Bollenstreek Blumencorso Noordwijk 2023 The tulip blossom Holland has done it to us. We have already been to the Netherlands to see tulips. Now let's learn more about how they are bred. We go from our houseboat by boat to Bollenstreek. We have the opportunity to...
Texel sheep with lambs

Experience Texel sheep on the island in North Holland

If you travel to the Dutch North Sea island of Texel in spring, you can cuddle Texel sheep on the island. As soon as spring arrives, lambs are born on the island's sheep farms. This means a lot of work for the Texel sheep breeders. Little sleep. They must be ready at any time of the day or night to see their...


Netherlands travel destinations
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