At a lake in Ontario, Canada

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Silence at Eagle Lake in Ontario

At Eagle Lake in Ontario

On a lake in Ontario: A common loon flies overhead, shouting loudly. His hollow scream fits into this area, in which the first signs of the Indian summer are just showing. The deciduous trees show the first brightly colored leaves, the red or gold of which gives off splendid splashes of color against the otherwise strong green of the summer leaves. That is exactly what we expected in this environment. The bird's destination is the remote Eagle Lake, one of Canada's innumerable lakes, which are even more idyllic in the Muskoka region than in other - wilder - regions of this vast country. With a loud splash he disturbs the calm of the lake, whose calm water he disturbs for a few minutes by his landing and interrupts his previously perfect mirror-smooth surface for a short time with a ripple of the waves. The tumult did not last long, however, and the lake was again as calm and calm as before.


At a lake in Ontario
At a lake in Ontario


Enjoy the silence and tranquility of a lake in Ontario, Canada

We are located about one and a half hours northeast of Toronto on Eagle Lake near Haliburton, Ontario. Actually a godforsaken area, there would not always be lakes, on the shores of a holiday home to the other rows. Cottages are their names, summer homes that not only have the rich and famous - though there are places where expensive hockey players, high-paid Hollywood stars and wealthy owners of software companies and other successful startups prefer to settle. But less so on Eagle Lake. But this lake is still too close to the Muskoka region. This is where wealthy business people, teachers, doctors, lawyers and anyone who can afford to finance a second home in the countryside, where they retire in the summer from the heat of the city, for several weeks in an idyllic setting of the hustle and bustle to relax everyday. And for that, the environment at Eagle Lake is perfect.


Sir Sam's Inn on Eagle Lake in Ontario
Sir Sam's Inn on Eagle Lake in Ontario


Here you can row out to the lake with your own canoe to get your dinner out of the water: maybe a fresh trout or another fish, of which there are many. You go into the woods, which are usually right on your doorstep to collect fresh blueberries or buy from the Aunt Emma shop in the next village. Or you go directly to the farmer and get some fresh eggs or just harvested vegetables. You can hardly live healthier. In addition, you can enjoy the silence of the lake, which is occasionally interrupted during the summer holidays by happy children laugh when the offspring spend his school-free summer weeks on the shores of the lake full of adventure and experiences.


Rooms at Sir Sams Inn on Eagle Lake, Ontario
Rooms at Sir Sams Inn on Eagle Lake, Ontario


Experience the idyll by the lake at Sir Sam's Inn on Eagle Lake

Even non-Canadians like us are attracted to this region magically. That's exactly how you imagine Canada: deep forests, dark lakes over which a deep blue sky arches, a canoe on the doorstep, and a calm lake that only stirs the little waves that land the landing of a water bird brings. For us Europeans, however, it is only rarely possible to fulfill this dream with a separate weekend cottage. Instead, there is the wonderfully located Sir Sam's Inn, which stretches along the shores of this hidden lake - with stunning lake and forest views that guests of the inn can enjoy from the grounds below the resort. Or take advantage of the hotel's pool or spa, which offers unobstructed views of this paradise.

We came to this hotel on our last press trip and reached the Inn after a long drive in the late afternoon, tired and drained from a six hour journey. We were all the more delighted when we discovered the idyll that was waiting for us here. The quiet at the lake, the pleasant ambience in the restaurant and in the lobby, the friendliness of the staff and our cozy room with fireplace and terrace with a view of Eagle Lake made up for the hours of the journey. And if we had had a little more time, we would have been pampered in the hotel's wellness area. Only one thing bothered us: that we had to drive on the next day. We swore, however, that we will come here one day on one private vacation trip – and stay for several days. Promised!

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At a lake in Ontario, Canada

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