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Corona links for travel companies, travelers and travel bloggers

By plane to Italy in the time of the corona virus
Collection of corona virus links for travel companies, gastronomy and travel bloggers

Corona virus links for travel companies, hotels, restaurants and travel bloggers in Germany

Please note: We regularly update this list of corona virus links for travel companies, restaurants and travel bloggers as long as the crisis lasts.

State aid for businesses


  • Offers of help from the Ministry of Economy Bavaria.
    • There is an emergency aid fund for small and medium-sized businesses in Bavaria. The application form is now available online. Further Informations. This applies ONLY to the liquidity of the company.
  • Contacts and information for companies in North Rhine Westphalia


  • Information about and effects of the coronavirus in Baden Württemberg
    • In Baden-Württemberg there is here Emergency aid for businesses and social enterprises, solo self-employed and freelancers (including artists)

Lower Saxony

Schleswig Holstein

Employment Agency

  • Employment agency for Short-time work allowance
  • In order to improve the liquidity in companies, tax payments can be deferred and advance payments for trade tax can be set to zero. ”The contact person for the PDF application for the tax deferral is your tax office!

Artists and creatives


State aid for private individuals

Information for tourism professionals

Links and tips for travelers

  • We collect tips for the time we have to spend at home Twitter. Follow us, because we renew the collection regularly.

Live ticker of our experiences with the corona virus:

Week 1

  • 09.03.2020 My Eastern Canada Travel Guide has appeared. The timing could not be worse.
  • 12.03.2020 We are currently working on a customer order that includes articles for the customer. I signed the contract just before the crisis came to a head. The earnings will bring us over the next few weeks. After that we have to see. As professional bloggers, travel journalists and content creators, we generate revenue from what we produce in terms of content.
  • 13.03.2020 More and more travel companies from all over the world are following us Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • 14.03.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX Products that are normally bought through our Amazon links: suitcases, backpacks, shoes. Products bought in Corona times through our links: Somat dishwasher tabs and soap. Thank you very much for that. This helps at least something to alleviate the loss of bookings.
  • 15.03.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX A lot of actionism on social media. But also solidarity.

Week 2

  • 16.03.2020 Apparently shoes are still being bought. We thank the buyer for the support.
  • 17.03.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX Today I write the last paid article. As a freelancer specializing in travel, all of our sources of income have now disappeared.
  • 18.03.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX Purchased articles will be returned.
  • 19.03.2020 As members of the risk group, we stay at home because we want to stay healthy and do not want to endanger others. Today we order food online. It took us four hours to do that, but now the order is out - albeit for other things than what we wanted.
  • 20.03.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX Today the first time food was delivered to order. Fruit, sausage, loaf, Oatmeal and eggs.
  • 21.03.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX Breakfast with farmhouse bread from the farm shop around the corner.
  • 22.03.2020 A little rested today.

Week 3

  • 23.03.2020 Excitedly awaited: government measures for self-employed and small businesses (source: Spiegel article dated 23.03.2020) We are excited to see how this is implemented.
  • 26.03.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX Today the garden shovel came by post. Now we can convert our herb bed to vegetables. It just has to get warmer.
  • 28.03.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX Vegetables and fruit from the farm shop just arrived - now we only need Recipeswhat we're going to cook with it the next week.

Week 4

  • 03.04.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX Today we ordered food for the first time from the neighborhood aid. We are excited. Hofladen-Essen becomes expensive over time and yet somewhat one-sided.
  • April 05.04.2020, XNUMX We were granted support for small businesses by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs today. Thanks a lot for this.

Week 5

  • 09.05.2020 Today the ordered vegetable cans from Netto arrived several days late. Our food is now a little more varied.
  • 09.05.2020 The emergency aid for small businesses of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs has been paid for today. Thanks a lot.

Travel in times of the corona virus

We ourselves have learned that the corona virus affects travel bloggers up close. We would like to introduce you to our experiences with traveling in times of the corona virus. Maybe they'll help you in a similar situation.

We planned to travel to TBEX Europe in Sicily from March 9-18, 2020. It is a travel blogger conference in which we have participated many times. This year, however, things should turn out differently. After the first cases of people infected with the corona virus appeared in northern Italy, it was said that the TBEX 2020 will take place. Southern Italy is not affected.

Over the next few days, however, the cases of patients infected with the coronavirus came closer to our destination Catania. Cases first occurred in Palermo, and finally in Catania itself. The patients were either cared for in hospitals or were quarantined. Nevertheless, concerns increased, as we are one of the risk groups as best agers. The US government made the decision to fly to Sicily. This issued travel warnings for Italy. Since the majority of the conference participants are American, the TBEX 2020 Europe has been postponed until further notice.

We already know many of the participants from previous conferences of this kind. We wanted to see them again. One of the main reasons why we wanted to attend the conference was because the event was canceled. It makes no sense for us to travel to Sicily if the acquaintances we want to meet are not there.

We speak to those responsible for TBEX and thanks to the organizers in Catania. They handled the situation responsibly and reported openly on the development. As participants we were constantly informed about the state of the situation.

Cancellation of travel services in times of corona virus

Cancellation of accommodation through booking.com

Since we had reserved our accommodation in Catania through booking.com, we were able to cancel it in good time without paying any cancellation fees. For us, this was a point that mattered at which point we decided to cancel the trip. We waited until the day that cancellation was free of charge. As the situation continued to deteriorate, the decision was clear. We are not traveling to Sicily. We have therefore not been charged for the accommodation costs.

Conference tickets

We paid for our conference ticket and can use it again at a TBEX conference. Since we like to visit these travel blogger conferences, this is not a problem. We do not get the tickets refunded, but we can use them at another time.

Flight cancellation

However, this is different with the flight costs. We booked our flight with Alitalia through Expedia. Expedia states on its website that hotels and rental cars may be refunded for travel cancellations. As far as flights are concerned, the company refers to the airlines.

Alitalia currently states:

Passengers affected by mobility restrictions issued by Italian Authorities, living in the areas considered at risk for the management of the COVID-19 epidemiological emergency (as defined by the Prime Minister's Decree of February 23rd 2020, in implementation of the Law Decree No. 6 of February 23rd 2020, containing urgent measures regarding the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19), holding Alitalia tickets issued within February 22nd 2020, with travel dates between February 23rd and March 8th 2020, who are forced to renounce to travel, may contact the Alitalia Customer center, no later than March 15th 2020 to request a travel credit voucher (TCV) for an amount equal to the value of the ticket purchased or its residual value, valid for the purchase of other tickets to any Alitalia operated routes, for travel until June 30th 2020.

Since we bought the cheapest ticket, cancellations are not possible. In addition, Sicily was not among the risk regions of Italy. Therefore, we remain seated on the cost of our flights in the amount of 191 euros per person.

Please note: These are our personal experiences when canceling travel services during the time of the coronavirus. This does not include general advice. When you travel, pay attention to the information provided by the authorities and keep an eye on the cancellation conditions for travel services. So we stay on the flight costs, but otherwise we got away with a "black eye".

Source: own research on site

Text: © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
Photos: © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline

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