Enjoy the outdoors actively

Kellerwald-Edersee National Park

Enjoy the outdoors actively - tips

There are many ways in which you can actively enjoy the outdoors. It doesn't just have to be when hiking, although that is of course part of it. There are other ways with which you can experience nature intensely. This can start with a barbecue on your own terrace. Or do you prefer to take the grill with you to a picnic by the lake? Outdoor cooking is interesting for campers. Experiencing animals and plants in nature is also one of the outdoor experiences that slow travelers and connoisseurs can experience. You can find tips on how to do this here.


Picnic ideas

Ideas for a perfect picnic

How to make your picnic a pleasure Eating outdoors is the trend. You can find tips for a perfect picnic here. Many people are currently discovering how much fun a snack in the park, at a rest area in the forest or on a hike in the mountains can be. You can take a break in many places ...
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Hiking in the nature park Hoher Fläming


Hiking trails Which hiking trails are worthwhile? Hikes are trendy. On our travels around the world, we have regularly undertaken hikes. Got to know hiking routes. Explored nature. Looking for places with a view. Pleasure hikes discovered. Or colleagues asked for their hiking tips. The result is a collection of hiking trails in Europe and North America that ...
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Grilling tips

Grilling tips for connoisseurs

You can find tips for grilling here. You can find tips for grilling here. You can grill at home in the garden or on the balcony. But you can also take a barbecue with you on a motorhome holiday or when camping. Then your picnic will be a pleasure. A barbecue is part of the pleasure of traveling ...
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Enjoy nature in Haus Alpine Naturschau there is information about the high mountains

Enjoy nature in a relaxed way with these tips

Enjoying nature in a relaxed way - tips You don't need an adrenaline rush to enjoy nature in a relaxed way. Instead, it takes time and leisure. Then you can let the landscape affect you. Observe animals. Admire plants. Bathe in the forest. Watch the stars. Let the fresh wind blow around your nose ...
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Enjoy the outdoors actively
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Enjoy the outdoors actively
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