Vancouver Canada - Public Market on Granville Island

Publick Market Fruits and Vegetables

One of the must sees in Vancouver, Canada, is the Public Market on Granville Island. We just can't resist the variety of fruits and vegetables, sausages and fish. It is located on an island in False Creek, where the products used to be waiting in the warehouses to be shipped to other parts of the world. Today, the warehouses are still standing, but they are home to dozens of boutiques, galleries, and restaurants. One of these is the location of the Public Market, Vancouver's food market.



A picnic made from ingredients from Public Market Vancouver

We always make time for that when we're in Vancouver. Be it for a lunch break, during which we only stock up on everything we need in the market. The choice for this is huge. Sometimes we have an appetite for the breads fresh from the oven at La Baguette et L'Échalote. This is neither rye bread nor white bread from Canada. The baker from Vancouver's Public Market "designs" his loaves, often even from grain that he grows and grinds himself. It doesn't get any fresher than that. And not tastier either!

We also get sausages from Oyama Sausage. This matures over months and develops its taste before it is cut. It tastes wonderful on bread that is still warm from baking.

For our dessert, we only need to switch to the other side of the aisle, where a baker from China is just pulling donuts out of the oven, which are a perfect dessert for our lunch. There is also tea or coffee from one of the specialty shops on the market.


Public Market Granville Island Vancouver
Bridges Restaurant Granville Island at Public Market Vancouver Photo: Granville Island


... or food from the market stalls in Vancouver's Public Market?

If we have a little more time, we'll embark on a Public Market Vancouver tour of the ethnic cuisines at Public Market. There you will find everything from pizza to kielbasa or pierogi filled with ingredients to vegetable dishes from the wok. Sometimes we put together a mix from across the cooking pots of Public Market cultures. Another time we decide on a starter, main course and dessert from a kitchen that we have an appetite for.

Vancouver in summer is beautiful. When the sun is shining we look for an outdoor seat on the False Creek plaza in front of the Public Market in Vancouver. Music groups often show their skills there at lunchtime. Or street artists entertain the spectators. If the hustle and bustle is too much for us, we pack our lunch and walk a few steps further to the False Creek Ferries terminal, which periodically brings new visitors to the island. There we eat our lunchtime meal with a view that takes our breath away. We look at the skyscrapers of downtown Vancouver. Only when we have this sight in front of us do we know that we have arrived in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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Vancouver Public Market
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Vancouver Canada - Public Market on Granville Island
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