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Quebec City Attractions

The Quebec City Attractions

Which Quebec City Attractions are worthwhile? Are there any Quebec City attractions that not everyone knows? Yes, there are, and they are impressive. In our articles about Quebec City, we not only introduce the city's most famous attractions, but also walk through the city away from the highlights. It is worth it .. Therefore, in our Quebec City Guide you will find both the highlights of the city, but also attractions that are small but nice. They also give an insight into the history of the Quebec Province. We hope you enjoy discovering the city.


Dinner in the Cantons de l'Est - Dining in Quebec

Dining in Quebec: discover the best specialties

Dining in Quebec Canada Anyone who says Canada has no food culture has never been to Quebec. There is something special about typical Quebec food. Just looking at the delicious sausages, cheeses and poultry specialties in delicatessens will whet your appetite. But even in some supermarkets your mouth is watering...
Ile d'Orleans near Quebec City

The Ile d'Orléans: an island full of culinary surprises!

The Ile d'Orléans is a true gem of Canadian cuisine. The fertile soil and mild climate ensure that a variety of fruits and vegetables thrive here that you won't find anywhere else. The farmers on the island are true masters of their trade and produce exquisite delicacies that you absolutely have to...
Historical murals in the lower town

Discover Old Quebec: What's the best way to experience Old Quebec?

What's the best way to experience Quebec Canada? We want to get to know Quebec Canada. The city of Quebec is also called Ville de Quebec or Quebec City, in contrast to the province of which it is the capital. It is the second largest city in the province of the same name. In Canada, visiting Quebec means a journey into the...
The religious heritage of Quebec

Schools, churches, monasteries - the religious heritage of Quebec

The Religious Legacy of Quebec Religion played an important role in Old Quebec. No wonder, as the city on Cap Diamant above the St. Lawrence River was one of the first centers of French settlement in Canada. In 1608, Quebec City was owned by Samuel de Champlain as a palisade fort at the foot of the soaring ...
Bistros at the Place d'Armes

In Quebec City, history is not far away

In Quebec City, History Is Not Far In Quebec City, History Is Never Far! Be it the Chateau Frontenac, the luxury hotel that towers unmistakably on the Cap Diamant above the St. Lawrence River. Be it the plains of Abraham at the gates of the city on which the decisive battle ...
The Chateau Frontenac towers over the St. Lawrence River in Quebec

Impressions from Chateau Frontenac in Quebec

The Chateau Frontenac in Quebec The Chateau Frontenac hotel is one of the most famous Quebec City Attractions. As the loyal readers of you know, we are often on our travels in Quebec, a Canadian city that we particularly love because of its well-preserved historical cityscape, its excellent cuisine and the many ...


Experience the Quebec City Attractions

There are a number of ways you can experience Quebec City attractions and the city's surrounding area. With these suggestions you can plan your vacation base in the city of Quebec. From there there are opportunities for excursions, day trips and city tours that show you Quebec and the surrounding area. Without a rental car. This is how you can travel Quebec sustainably.



Are you traveling with a motorhome?

  • A campsite close to Quebec City Attractions is Camping de la Joie, 640 Rue George-Muir, Quebec, QC G2N 2H3, Canada, Tel. 418-849-2264. There are other campsites in the area.
  • Do you want to rent a motorhome? Then you will find information here as well as  booking options.
  • Check our packing list for campers to see whether you have packed everything for your motorhome tour.
  • Don't forget your  backpack . There are beautiful hiking opportunities in the area.


Canada East by Ivanovsky

Canada East

Want to learn more about Quebec and Quebec City Attractions? Explore the cities, each of which is different. The metropolitan city of Toronto is the largest city in the country. Montreal awaits you with a mix of French flair and British lifestyle. The capital Ottawa lures with world-class museums and the centers of power in Canada. Feel transported to 17th-century France in Quebec City.

Nature in eastern Canada is also impressive. Follow the banks of the St. Lawrence River and discover a world that is more reminiscent of the sea and extends far into the continent. Experience the coastal landscapes, the river valleys that criss-cross the interior and the rolling hills of the Appalachian Mountains. Let yourself be impressed by the difference in tides in the Bay of Fundy. Enjoy the landscapes of Prince Edward Island. Explore the coastal and archipelago region in Nova Scotia. Explore one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Eastern Canada on Cape Breton Island: the Cabot Trail. Or look forward to the residents in the fishing villages of Newfoundland and Labrador. Their hospitality is what makes this region so welcoming.

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Quebec City Attractions and Landmarks
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Discover Quebec City sights

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