Discover light reading material for the beach holiday

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Easy vacation reading

Beach vacation reading material should be fun, exciting, or informative. In any case, easy novels, funny comedies, as well as informative books about what you can see in the beach belong in suitcase. Here you will find a selection of books that are well suited as beach literature.


The Maasai who still had a score to settle in Sweden


The girl on the beach - reading material for the vacation

Dragonfly sisters - reading material for the holidays

Lemon summer - reading material for the vacation

Eight rooms, kitchen, sea - reading material for the vacation

Exciting vacation reading

Croatian Roulette - reading material for the holidays

Breton legacy

Lost Vernèques



What fits as a reading material for the holiday on the beach?

We went in search, suitable holiday reading for a relaxing holidays on the beach to find. There is a large selection of light literature and fun books for men and women. It was important to us that we didn't choose “heavy food”. After all, the Beach holiday be restful and make sure you escape everyday life for a while.

Which books are suitable for vacation reading?

The books that you read during your vacation should be relaxing. It is good if they distract from the everyday problems and the hectic pace that reigns during the year. Of course, they shouldn't be boring either. However, we have deliberately not included heavy fare in our list of holiday reading. It is more suitable for long evenings reading at home by the fireplace than for a vacation on the beach.

Crime or comedy

As a holiday reading, we have put together a colorful mix of thrillers that pass the time you spend in a deck chair by the pool or on a beach towel on the sandy beach. We also looked for comedies and novels that deal with the beach. What could be more fitting than reading at the sea about what is currently going on in front of your own eyes?

Thrillers at vacation locations

You can also see things on the beach that you would like to know more about. So why not bring along a book that will help you understand these things - mice, stones, plants, and the like - better?

Light reading material for vacation on the beach

So we finally got a selection of books that are a good cross section of the topics and genres that we like to put on one Beach vacation take. Maybe there is something for you too? No matter whether on Cape Codin South Africa or at the Baltic Sea - this vacation reading makes vacation a pleasure.

With this selection of easy holiday reading and crime novels, you are well equipped for a holiday by the sea.


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Discover light reading material for the beach holiday
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