Tradition in the Erzherzog Johann Hotel in Bad Aussee

The main building of the Archduke Johan Hotel was built in the 14th century, and since 1848 the house has been named Archduke Johann, the great friend and patron of Styria. The Erzherzog Johann Hotel in Bad Aussee was a popular small spa hotel in Austria as early as 1900.

Artists and the nobility in Altaussee in Styria

  We are traveling in Ausseerland in Styria, where Archduke Johann once pursued his passion for nature. He was an enthusiastic supporter of Styria and loved to hunt in the Aussee mountains. He commissioned painters such as Jakob Alt, Friedrich Gauermann, Matthäus Loder and Thoms Ender, the beauty of the Ausseerland [...]

What do Bad Aussee and Mercedes have in common?

  This time I have a question for you: what do you think of it when companies like Mercedes use striking places in nature for their marketing? Is that a brilliant marketing move or does it spoil nature? On our Austria trip from Tyrol to Burgenland this summer we stopped for one night in [...]

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