Top restaurants in Kleinwalsertal

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Table decoration in the tavern Hoheneck

Restaurants in the Kleinwalsertal

The Kleinwalsertal in Austria is one of the Gourmet regions of Austria. “We don't grow much, but we have beef and game. And that’s what we make our gourmet products from.” This is what we were told during our visit. There's a little more, as we can try in restaurants in the Kleinwalsertal in Riezlern and Mittelberg. Eat well in Kleinwalsertal, we tested this on our autumn visit. We can recommend these restaurants to you.




Restaurants in the Kleinwalsertal - Wirtshaus Hoheneck

“We stood on the summit of the Widderstein and declared the area that we could see from above to be the reference region for our products,” laughs Jürgen Denk as he welcomes us to dinner at his Hoheneck inn in Mittelberg. From Munich to Bodensee,, from Bavaria to Styria - these are the regions from which one can travel in the Tavern Hoheneck sources its ingredients. Jürgen Denk and his wife Kirsten, who as a sommelier serves the wine accompaniment to our menu, run one of the restaurants in Kleinwalsertal that value sustainability. Your ingredients don’t travel long distances. We chose the menu “Önsche Walser Chuche” (our Walser cuisine). That's that Heir of the Walser Kitchen - authentic, contemporary and inventive.

Authentic and contemporary

What came out of it can be seen: there is a greeting from dr Chuche (greeting from the kitchen) Ravioli from Ausseer Arctic char with a pesto from North Tyrolean Ruccola. The culinary region of Kleinwalsertal game and beef is represented with a starter, a strudel bag of venison with Eferdinger red cabbage - and yes, it is an iced cabbage. There was also Wachau Apricot. The intermediate course was an essence of porcini mushrooms with ravioli from Kästen (chestnuts) from Burgenland and caramelized pumpkin seeds from Styria. A rack of lamb was served as the main course, which even convinced me.


Ravioli from Ausseer Arctic char in one of the restaurants in Kleinwalsertal
Ravioli from the Aussee Arctic char


I usually prefer fish dishes when lamb is on the menu, but this lamb was excellent. There was also polenta and paprika vegetables. The dessert trio consisted of a caramel dumpling, a ragout of rosemary and mirabelle plum and semi-frozen plums from Stanzer. If you want, you can also get the “Önsche Walser Chuche” vegetarian. How it tastes describes Christina of City, Sea Country on her blog.


Roe strudel with iced red cabbage
Roe strudel with iced red cabbage
Stone mushroom procession with chestnut ravioli
Stone mushroom procession with chestnut ravioli


Pleasure host of the year 2018 among the restaurants in the Kleinwalsertal

By the way, Jürgen Denk was named Genusswirt of the year 2015 in the Vorarlberg region the day after our visit. Well deserved, as we think. Good eat in the Kleinwalsertal - In the Hoheneck tavern, we can recommend you with a clear conscience.


Saddle of lamb with polenta and paprika
Saddle of lamb with polenta and paprika
Three different desserts at Wirtshaus Hoheneck, one of the restaurants in Kleinwalsertal
Three different desserts at Wirtshaus Hoheneck, one of the restaurants in Kleinwalsertal


You can get an insight into the kitchen of the Wirtshaus Hoheneck on the Menu this restaurant.

Other restaurants in Kleinwalsertal that are worth a visit

Old Crown*

In the heart of Mittelberg lies the Hotel and Restaurant Alte Krone, which offers traditional Austrian cuisine in a cozy atmosphere. In this restaurant in Kleinwalsertal you can try the famous Kässpätzle, which are prepared according to an old family recipe. Each dish is cooked with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, adding an authentic touch to every bite. After a long day in the mountains, the Altes Krone is the perfect place to recharge your batteries and explore the regional specialties.


Kasspatzen in the restaurants in Kleinwalsertal
Kasspatzen – a regional specialty of the restaurants in Kleinwalsertal


If you really want to experience the local culture, you should visit the Walserstuba in Riezlern. This hotel and restaurant serves dishes that highlight alpine flavors, giving you a dining experience you won't soon forget. Particularly recommended here is the freshly caught fish from the clear mountain streams, prepared with herbs that grow on the surrounding slopes. The Walserstuba is not only a feast for the palate, but also for the eyes, as it offers a spectacular view of the valley. A restaurant in Kleinwalsertal that is worth a visit.

Insight into the cuisine of the Walserstuba.

Have you gotten to know other restaurants in Kleinwalsertal?

Then tell us your experiences and experiences in a comment. Maybe you particularly enjoyed a regional specialty? Or have you discovered a restaurant that offers a magnificent view? We look forward to your recommendations and our readers will definitely appreciate them.

On this map you can find these restaurants in Kleinwalsertal

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We visited Kleinwalsertal on a press trip for travel bloggers. Visits to restaurants and taverns were also on the program. This gave us a good insight into the gastronomy of this holiday region.

This is what you need for a trip to Kleinwalsertal, Vorarlberg

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Kleinwalsertal restaurants
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Source Restaurants in Kleinwalsertal: On-site research. We would definitely like to thank Kleinwalsertal Tourismus and the Berghaus Anna Lisa for inviting us to this trip. However, our opinions remain our own.

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Top restaurants in Kleinwalsertal

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