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It is hardly better! The Ritz-Carlton Toronto near Roy Thompson Hall in downtown Toronto is undeniably one of the best hotels in the city. The reasons for this are manifold: its location opposite one of the most important venues in the city plays just as large a role as the view from the rooms on the south side of the hotel to the CN Tower and Lake Ontario directly behind it - a view that once everyone has the Breath takes when he enters his south-facing room. The view through the window front, which extends across the entire width of the room, is automatically attracted by the once tallest building in the world, which rises directly in front of the hotel to its still considerable 553 meters height. We also look out over the Rogers Center, one of the largest sports centers in Canada.


Weather forecast when brushing your teeth © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
Weather forecast when brushing teeth in the Ritz-Carlton Toronto


If only these were the only points, there would be other hotels in Toronto that have similar, if perhaps less spectacular, qualities. But the Ritz-Carlton Hotel still convinces us in other categories. The room decor is optimally thought out - so good that we as a guest actually need nothing else than our clothes. Everything else is available in this room: in addition to the usual facilities of a hotel room has been thought of many small details that make the difference. In the closet hang a clothes brush, a shoehorn and an umbrella next to the iron and the ironing board. In addition to the well-stocked mini bar, there is a well-stocked selection of spirits in bottles on the board, far exceeding the usual mini-bar sizes. Here we can mix well our own cocktails. Next to it are an espresso machine and an extensive collection of different coffees.


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Glass doors separate shower and toilet from the bath in the Ritz-Carlton Toronto


The best part of our room is the bathroom. It is as big as some other hotel rooms and actually consists of three parts: a walk-in shower with large shower head and a mirror, a separate toilet that secures privacy, and a bath and two sinks that leave nothing to be desired. When brushing your teeth, we can inform you about the weather of the following days via a TV in the mirror. The most pleasant detail in our bathroom, however, is the underfloor heating, which we - energy-saving - can turn on as needed. It turns off automatically after one hour. Energy efficiency is a big issue in this room: all the lights and switches are equipped with motion detectors and turn off automatically as soon as the guest leaves the room.


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Part of the breakfast buffet in the Club Lounge at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto


Exquisite is the breakfast we take as guests of the Club Lounge on the top floor of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel the next morning. We are almost the only guests in this elegant lounge and choose a two-table by the window overlooking the tower and lake. Shawn Chisholm, the helpful concierge of the lounge, who helped us so well the day beforeFinding out the best route for our sightseeing tour greets us like two old friends and gives us a cup of coffee without being asked, although that is not one of his tasks. As we walk around the table on which the breakfast buffet is set up, he comes to me again and holds out his business card. "The next time you come to Toronto, get in touch. I am happy to help you plan your stay, even if you are not staying in our hotel. Just call me, “with these words he says goodbye to us and leaves me, completely perplexed by so much willingness to help.


My breakfast at the Ritz-Carlton Club Lounge © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
My breakfast in the Club Lounge at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto


The breakfast buffet matches the impressions we have gathered so far at the Ritz-Carlton: the "Continental Breakfast", the part without hot dishes, is so rich that we cannot try everything: croissants, bagels, toast, raisin rolls and cakes are available in addition to a selection of fresh berries, pineapples, apples or bananas. There are various types of spreads and plates with sausage, cheese or smoked salmon. There is also a table with hot dishes: eggs of all kinds - we can even find boiled eggs that are not common in Canada - and sausages or bacon, oatmeal or porridge and much, much more.

In the afternoon we return from our sightseeing tour of Toronto to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel to collect our bags and to have a look at the “Cheese Cave”, the cheese cave. The Maître d'Hotel first leads us to the wine store, which restaurant guests can see through glass doors, and shows us its wine treasures from all over the world. These include wines that cost several hundred dollars a bottle. On the other side of the restaurant is the mysterious "Cheese-Cave", a storage room, also encased in glass and at a perfect temperature, in which excellent cheeses from Ontario, Quebec or Europe ripen on decorative wooden shelves until they can be consumed. Among them is a loaf of Parmesan cheese from Italy, which alone is worth $ 1.200. We can only estimate the value of the other cheeses: in any case it is worth closing the cheese cave again after our visit.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel proves itself during our stay as a modern, extremely hospitable hotel, in which each guest must feel comfortable. Service of this quality has its price, but this is worth every penny.


The Ritz-Carlton Toronto *****
181 Wellington St. West
Toronto, ON, M5V 3G7
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