Underwater World of St. Lawrence River in Quebec: Explorative


The Exploramer on the Sankt Lorenz Strom

Do you feel the same way: when I travel, do I always want to know much more about the region than what is described in the guidebooks? And here I come to topics that I usually seldom think about. That's what happened to me on our last Quebec trip. This led us along the St. Lawrence River, which dominates the eastern part of the province. If you drive east from Quebec City, the stream becomes wider and wider until it is so wide at Baie Comeau on its north shore and Matane on its south side that you can barely see the opposite shore on the horizon. We took about two hours on the ferry to get from one bank to the other. In stormy swell we took the evening ferry to the south bank of the river. While I was almost rocked to sleep in my comfortable chair by the rough waves, I wondered what lives in the waters among us? Certainly different types of fish. But what else?


St. Lawrence River


The underwater world in the St. Lorenz Stream

The question did not let me go. And so we left for Ste the next morning. Anne-des-Monts, a small town on the coast of the stream that was still shaken by windswept waves. White crests on the wave crests testified to the strength of the storm. Above it, the sun was shining intensely from a deep blue sky. No sign of rain clouds! The little wind should not bother us. On the Rue du Quai, where the Route du Parc from the Parc de la Gaspésie reaches the riverbank, there is the aquarium Exploramerwhere visitors can learn about the flora and fauna of the great river. Actually, we planned to take the boat out to the river. On this tour, the experts on board show the wildlife in their natural habitat. However, the swell on this day was so stormy that the boat trip had to be canceled. The effects of the storm became apparent. Therefore, we had to settle for the tanks in the aquarium.


sea ​​animals


A guided tour through the aquarium

No bad exchange, as it turned out - I escaped with my otherwise expected seasickness. The naturalist, who was originally there to accompany us on board the ship, introduced us to the underwater world very vividly in the aquarium: sea bass, pike, clams, starfish, crab, lobster, shrimp and krill populate the depths of the St. Lawrence River. We learned how they eat, how they defend themselves against attackers, how they hunt themselves, and how they multiply. There are fascinating adaptations to the depths of the stream. What particularly struck me is that the underwater world of St. Lawrence is less colorful than that on the west coast of Canada. While a true color spectacle of colorful fish, brightly lit plants and colored starfish populate the habitat, the colors in the waters of the St. Lorenz are rather subdued.




Exploramer is located at 1 Rue du Quai in Ste. Anne-des-Monts in Quebec, Tel. (418) 763-2500.

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Underwater World of St. Lawrence River in Quebec: Explorative
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