to discover Salzburg culinary sides

The mill in Anthering

Salzburg Food and drink at the eat & meet festival

Salzburg in Austria is not only worth a visit because of its location. It's worth taking a closer look behind the scenes of the city of Mozart. You have to know Salzburg food and drink. That's why we were guests in Salzburg on the occasion of the eat and meet festival. This takes place in March. During these weeks, the restaurateurs and restaurants in the old town of Salzburg offer a series of experiences in the restaurants, cafés and bistros, where you can not only eat, but also learn a lot of interesting things about eating, drinking and enjoyment in general.



Flour grind as in grandfather times in the fox mill in Anthering near Salzburg
Grind flour like you did at Grandfather's time in the Fuchsmühle in Anthering - discover Salzburg's culinary delights

This festival is not just about eating and drinking in Salzburg, but above all about meeting like-minded people. It offers an opportunity to meet the people of Salzburg, their city, that Salzburg country - and of course their kitchen - to get to know better. Let's discover Salzburg together.


Austrian vinegars
Austrian vinegars

Discover Salzburg food and drink

We take two days to explore Salzburg's culinary insider tips. We don't just limit ourselves to the events of the festival. With our tips you can experience Salzburg and its highlights all year round. First, let's go for one Discovery tour through the shops, Cafes and markets of the old town. We start in Linzerstrasse, where we can't resist the Mozartkugeln in Café Habakuk.

In the Café Classic in Mozart's birthplace at Makartplatz 8, we enjoy the spring sun with a cup of coffee and a cardinal slice. Then we try the Venusbrüstchen at Kölbl in Theatergasse and the spice mixes, vinegars and oils from Austria's culinary regions in Getreidegasse. After a stroll through the food market, we try “Bosna”. It's a sausage with onions, with or without mustard, that an immigrant from Bosnia offers his customers in a side street. But be careful! The sausage is spicy. But it is good. It is therefore no wonder that the Salzburg lunchtime queues for a Bosna for lunch.


Two-toque chef Richard Brunnauer - Salzburg Food and drink
Two-toque chef Richard Brunnauer at work - discovering Salzburg's food and drink

Cooking like a gourmet chef at Brunnauer's in the magazine

One of the highlights of our stay in Salzburg is a cooking class with Richard Brunnauer, the award-winning chef at Brunnauer's. He offers these courses all year round. The topics of his cooking courses vary from seasonal cooking to a men's cooking course to erotic food.

We dedicate ourselves to the home-style cooking of Austria and learn, like a two-star chef, meat donuts with salad, beef roulade with herb dumplings and Kaiserschmarrn Recipe prepared with apple compote. Richard Brunnauer introduces us to his kitchen secrets. When we ask him what we can reveal about it, he says: “Everything. Cooking is not a secret, everyone should be able to do it. ”He's right! Because what we conjure up under his guidance is at the same time easy to cook and tastes delicious.

Brunn Auer's

Fürstenallee 5
5020 Salzburg

Tel. +43 662 251010


Fischhandel Grüll in Grödig - Salzburg Food and drink
Find caviar from Austria from the fishmonger Grüll in Grödig - Salzburg

Smoked fish, oysters and the most expensive caviar in the world

Our second day in Salzburg starts with a visit to Fish farmer Walter Grüll, a fishmonger who has made his passion for sturgeon his life's work. As Austria's only caviar producer, he has been breeding sturgeon in Grödig near Salzburg since 1993 and runs a fish trade with his son and daughter. The fish restaurant fills up in the morning with customers enjoying its products. We'll quickly find out why. Because Walter Grüll lets us taste his smoked tuna, butterfish, salmon, eel, oysters and above all the caviar.

Although I usually like to eat meat, the fish, oysters and caviar from the Grüll fish shop prove to me that seafood tastes delicious. Walter Grüll invites us to taste one of the most expensive foods in the world. White caviar. This is caviar from albino sturgeons, of which there are only about 12 kg per year worldwide. Walter Grüll is one of the breeders who produce this type of caviar. A gram of it costs between 25 and 30 euros, depending on the quality. We can confirm: it tastes simply delicious. Especially with a glass Champagne. That was probably the most exquisite breakfast of my life.

Fishmonger Grüll

New home ST. 13
5082 Grödig
Tel. +43 6246 75492


Eating and drinking in the Fuchsmühle - Salzburg
In the Fuchsmühle flour is milled like in grandfather's time - Salzburg food and drink

Milling flour in the Fuchsmühle in Anthering near Salzburg

First mentioned was the Fuchsmühle in Anthering near Salzburg in 1638. The mill building on the banks of the Achartinger torrent dates from 1948. With the exception of the roof, which was destroyed by a storm, the mill is still in its original condition. Manfred and Katharina Luginger grind the grain, which comes from Lower and Upper Austria, just like in the days of their grandparents.

Using air and sieving alone, they first separate the wheat from the chaff. Then they process the types of flour, semolina and bran in 12 courses. If you want to see the production process, you can see the work processes from grain to flour in the Fuchsmühle in Anthering. In the shop, which is decorated with pictures by Katharina Luginger, there are wheat flours, wheat semolina, rye flour, spelled, wholemeal spelled flour, ground spelled flour as well as spelled and wheat bran for sale.

Foxmill anthering

Manfred and Katharina Luginger
Schoenberg 8
5102 anthering
Tel. + 43 6223 2424 or 2422


Coffee at 220 degrees roasted coffee - Salzburg food and drink
Coffee at 220 degrees roasted coffee - Salzburg food and drink

“The journey to coffee” (eat & meet event) in a 220 degree roasted coffee

An eat & meet event is the “journey to coffee”: We meet with the other participants in the 220Grad roasted coffee in the Chiemseegasse 5 in Salzburg, We are welcomed with a cup of Ethiopian Arabica espressos, which puts us in the mood for an experience all about coffee. The Macheiner family takes us by taxi to their roastery in Maxglan, where they introduce us to the path that the coffee bean puts back from the bush into the cup.

We learn to distinguish Arabica from Robusta beans, learn that coffee originally comes from the highlands of Ethiopia and from there began its triumphal march through the tropics. We learn what to look for when growing coffee. After all, we are allowed to roast our coffee ourselves. This is a process in which it is important to pay attention to the temperature and the duration of the roasting process. Only if everything works out will you get a top-quality coffee, like the one that was served to us in a 220-degree roasted coffee. I will definitely pay attention to one thing when buying coffee in the future: where my coffee beans come from and that they are Arabica Fully Washed.

220Grad roasted coffee

Chiemseegasse 5
5020 Salzburg
Tel. +43 662 827881


Stay overnight in the historic rooms of the boutique hotel Hotel am Mirabellplatz
Hotel am Mirabellplatz - our starting point for testing Salzburg's food and drink

The hotel at Mirabellplatz

We stayed at the Hotel am Mirabellplatz, a hotel that is one of the palace hotels and mansions in Europe. From there you can easily reach the destinations in the old town on foot. However, you need a car to get to Grödig and Anthering.

The hotel is located in the Palais of Archbishop Paris Lodron, which dates back to 1653. We are accommodated in the archbishop's house chapel, the cross vault of which rises above our bed. We feel very comfortable in this boutique hotel. He succeeds in combining history with comfort. From here you can easily discover Salzburg.

Hotel am Mirabellplatz

Paris Lodron Street 1
5020 Salzburg
Tel. +43 662 881688
Information, availability query and online booking *
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to discover Salzburg culinary sides
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