Simple recipes for cookies – quick and delicious Christmas baking

Simple cookie recipes

Simple cookie recipes make baking cookies fun

Christmas is approaching and with it the time for baking cookies. This tradition brings us every year in the Pre-christmas time together. Petar and I like to use the time to bake together. Small works of art are then created in the kitchen. At least sometimes. Other times they look less beautiful. But we always like them. Every cookie tells a story, from success to less good results. So we usually bake simple cookie recipes. We share some of them with you here. You can try out classic recipes or try new creations.

International recipes for everyone

In addition to German classics, we also bake international recipes. However, we haven't tried all of them ourselves yet. Some are still on our to-do list. But we collect them here. Maybe you like baking them? How about Italian biscotti, for example? Or American cookies? The latter are easy to make and bring back memories of our travels. We have these almost every Christmas. They show how diverse cookies can be.


Simple and delicious

Our recipes are kept simple. Baking is almost always a success. You don't need any special ingredients or tools. Wonderful cookies are created with basic ingredients such as flour, sugar and butter. We also really like macarons. They are quick to make with fresh egg white. Plus, they always succeed.

Baking together is fun

At my mother's or grandmother's house, the kitchen was always full of family members when it came time to bake cookies. Today it's Petar and I who bake our cookies together in the run-up to Christmas. It doesn't matter that they are particularly beautiful or sophisticated. Instead, it's the memories of times together that make baking cookies fun.

Our collection of easy cookie recipes


Easy cookie recipes: quick and delicious

Are you looking for simple recipes? You will definitely find a selection of them here. Ideal for beginners and for baking with children. Our recipes are simply explained and quick to make.

Tips for successful cookies

A few tips will help you bake perfect cookies. For example, pay attention to the right dough consistency. It should not be too firm and not too sticky. Be sure to take time to prepare. Let the dough rest a bit before rolling out. This makes it more supple.

Diversity that inspires

Our recipe collection offers something for every taste. From classic butter cookies to new and international creations. Discover recipes that are quick and taste delicious. We don't spend weeks in the kitchen baking cookies for Christmas. We usually don't have the time for that. That's why we value simple cookie recipes.

Link to our easy cookie recipes

For detailed instructions, click on the linked recipes. There you will find everything you need. This makes baking child's play.


Simple cookie recipes
Simple cookie recipes


Baking tips and tricks for simple cookie recipes: How to make every cookie a success

Do you want your cookies to turn out perfectly? Here are practical tips and tricks to help you. We tested these ourselves.

1. Dough preparation: The first step to success

Good success starts with the dough. Mix the dry ingredients first. Then add butter and eggs. This way you avoid lumps. Then let the dough rest before rolling it out. That makes him more supple. We also like to make all kinds of macarons. To do this, beat the egg whites into a solid mass. Then they are easy to prepare and taste delicious.

2. The right baking utensils and ingredients

Good baking utensils are important. A rolling pin, cookie cutters and baking paper are essential. When it comes to ingredients, focus on quality. Fresh butter and eggs make all the difference. We always get the eggs for cookies directly from the farm shop. Vanilla and cinnamon also give a great taste.

3. Baking: Keep an eye on temperature and time

Make sure you use the right baking temperature. Too hot and the cookies will burn. I can sing a song about that. Too cold and they won't be crispy. You should definitely know your oven. Is it the right temperature? Or do you need to vary the baking time a little? Stick to the baking time. A Kitchen timer* helps you with that.

4. Creative decorations: The fun of decorating

Now it's getting creative! Use icing, sprinkles or chocolate to decorate. You can achieve great effects with food coloring. Be creative and have fun baking our easy cookie recipes.

5. Packaging: Present cookies beautifully

Are your cookies ready? Then present them in beautiful cans* or bags. Homemade labels also add a personal touch. They also make a great gift.

Conclusion on our simple cookie recipes

Now it's your turn! We would love to hear about your baking experiences. Have you tried any of our easy cookie recipes? How did you manage it? Do you have your own tips or creative ideas? Share with us and the community on our social media Facebook, X/Twitter or bluesky.



Simple cookie recipes
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Source of simple cookie recipes: own research and family recipes

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Simple recipes for cookies – quick and delicious Christmas baking

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